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England And Scotland Operations - Part 1

England And Scotland Operations – Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Ops In England And Scotland – Part 1. By Lev.

The main targets of the Light Forces’ ground team’s first operation in England were the egregores and the Time Portal.

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Operation in London

The operation began in London. Already in Calais, France, the team encountered a powerful energy barrier. It was a real barrage of the karmic fence. Strong undulating injection of vibrations.

One of the team members was incarnated in England during the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This was a key factor in the entire operation. By the decision of the Karma Lords in our Local Universe, he was assigned to annihilate some of the negative energy of the English egregor accumulated at that time.

Karma was drained into the hearts of the team members at the entrance to Calais. The vibrations increased even more. It was necessary to burn toxic negativity on the move. This was accompanied by high blood pressure, unbearable aches throughout the body, blockage of the vocal cords, almost loss of consciousness…

The support of ground teams in other countries saved the group. They covered the participants of the operation with their vibrations, fed them with energy.

England And Scotland Operations - Horatio Nelson
Horatio Nelson – Trafalgar Square

England And Scotland Operations

England And Scotland Operations - Lady Diana
Lady Diana

England And Scotland Operations

They arrived in London at about 6 am in a semi-comatose state. Then there was a dream until the evening, and then until the morning of the next day. But the team fulfilled the first condition of the Karma Lords. The karmic negativity was burned in their hearts and the team managed to stay alive.

After that, the first operation started. What was its purpose?

Each state has its national egregore, which is formed at the time of the independence declaration. The national egregore provides energy and information exchange on the Subtle Plan.

One of the features of England is the coexistence of two-state egregores: the Royal and national. This information was reported to the Light Forces’ ground team through the channel of the Earth Unified Information Field at the point of the national egregore localization – Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar square.

DNit Telegram Channel

England And Scotland Operations - British Empire Game
British Empire Game

England And Scotland Operations

For several centuries, Great Britain was a colonial Empire, owning numerous colonies around the world. The captured egregors worked for the national egregor of England, supplying it with additional energy. The strength of the state depends, first of all, on the spirit of the people, their unity with a single idea, and the power of the egregore.

A combination of different factors ensured the prosperity of Great Britain. Over time, the situation in the world has changed. The colonies gained independence. After the loss of most of the British colonies, the egregore of England ceased to receive the energy supply to which it was accustomed.

Soon a solution was found. England was still a strong state. Every person who receives the citizenship of any country, at the same time receives a residence permit within the national egregore.

A flood of emigrants poured into London, which egregore at first resisted. He saw ethnic dilution as a disaster. The spirit of the egregore of England is very conservative. He could not tolerate the fact that people from other parts of the world, especially from the former colonies, were receiving registration there.

When it became clear that it was impossible to stop the flow of migrants, the national egregore made an unprecedented decision: divide itself in two. More precisely, – to create an additional egregore, which included representatives of the English lower classes and people from other countries.

The solution was immoral but brilliant. It reanimated the colonial-slave order on a Subtle Plane. And it made it so that no one noticed. The greatest changes are the ones that most people don’t notice.

So in Great Britain, a two-egregores structure was formed – national and Royal, in which one population layer lives and thrives at the expense of others. And the exploited part has to put up with it.

As for the Royal egregore, the independent but essentially vassal egregores of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland subjugate to him. This egregore also includes everything that has the word “royal” in its name – Royal Mail, Royal Air Force, and even Royal Stable…

The Royal egregore subdued also other sub-egregores, such as the UK currency – the pound sterling.

England And Scotland Operations - 10 Pounds Charles Darwin
10 Pounds Charles Darwin

England And Scotland Operations

It is noteworthy that the 10-pound note features a Sir Charles Darwin’s image – the author of the wacky theory about human beings’ origin from the apes. The promotion of this myth was a well-planned Dark Forces’ operation. Its goal is to make humanity forget about its Divine origin and its Creator powers.

Apes are a separate branch of evolution, in no way related to humans. There are the humanoid apes. But this is the result of the Dark Forces’ terrible genetic experiments to cross human and ape DNA in the past. Humanoid apes are a dead-end branch of evolution that degenerated a long time ago.

By placing on the banknotes an image of a person connected to the Dark Hierarchy’ channel, the Royal egregore received thru’ it a steady supply of negative energy. Everyone who comes into contact with the UK currency, especially the 10 pounds, interacts with this channel. A vicious circle has formed, by which the Dark Forces retain power that no one suspects.

England And Scotland Operations - Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

England And Scotland Operations

The real power is the egregore’s management plus the power of the Royal elite. The power that lurks in the shadows.

The Royal egregore includes, first of all, the Royal dynasty, the aristocracy, and the rest of the elite, who live at the expense of the population.

The point of the Royal Egregore’s localization is Big Ben. A Subtle Material cable runs from it to the point of the national egregore localization – the Nelson Column. Both egregores are in the line of sight of each other.

Over time, representatives of the Royal egregore began to wallow in sin, vice, and hypocrisy. And then there was a person whose spirituality, intransigence, wisdom, and unparalleled courage decided to challenge the existing rotten order and change it.

England And Scotland Operations - Princess Diana
Princess Diana

England And Scotland Operations

England And Scotland Operations - Big Ben
Big Ben

England And Scotland Operations

The Princess of Wales Spirit, even before the incarnation on Earth, voluntarily assumed the high mission of changing the Royal egregor in the UK and combining it with the national egregore, as well as with the egregores of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland on an equal basis.

Diana attempted to return British society to the ideals of goodness, humanity, equality, and spirituality. An attempt to revive Great Britain and eventually save this part of the Earth during the change of Poles and the Great Quantum Transition.

This is the truth that humanity now has a right to know.

The Earthly history of this great woman is dramatic and tragic. She had to sacrifice everything to fulfill her high mission. Even marry an unloved person to gain access to the Royal egregore. If her mission had been successful, she could have become a Queen and been able to control the Royal egregore.

Of course, the Royal court couldn’t help but feel it. The opposing forces were not equal. The chances of Diana’s mission success during her incarnation were slim. Nevertheless, she was bold.

After the entry of Princess Diana into the Royal family, she began to gain fame and popularity around the world. At the expense of a sincere, Loving-Hearted charity, which she contrasted with the hypocritical generosity of the Royal entourage. All people carry a part of God in their Hearts and always feel hypocrisy and sincerity.

The growth of her fame and popularity increased in an avalanche. The prestige of the court and the crown were threatened.

Everything else is known… The Paris tunnel… A car crash that, of course, is to blame for the paparazzi… funerals… grief and eternal memory…

Princess Diana’s killer is the Royal egregore of England. It didn’t let her complete her mission. It thought that by taking her life, It would protect himself. And It was wrong. Murder is a terrible crime against the Creator, especially when it stops the implementation of his plan. And sooner or later, the Cosmos Supreme Law will present the bill and pass judgment.

England And Scotland Operations - The Crash
The Crash

England And Scotland Operations

Diana is loved and will be loved all over the world. The British call her “Queen of Hearts”.

And yet justice was served, and Diana got her power over the Royal egregor!

Before the operation, the Light Forces ground crew had no idea that they were going to participate in this Grand Event, which took place on the Subtle and physical Planes and preceded the DIANA’S COSMIC CORONATION.

But of this – later…

By the plan of the Higher Light Hierarchy, the LFs’ground team was assigned to work at the localization point of the national egregore.

This did not bode well for the Royal egregore, so it tried to neutralize the team members. To do this, it used its power points located throughout the UK. They are Portals and through them, the egregore feeds on cosmic energy.

Just on the second day of their stay in London, the team members were hit by a powerful destabilizing energy strike simultaneously from six power places of the Royal egregore. As a result, it revealed its secret bases, which was highly undesirable for it. However, it saw too much danger in the ground team, so went all-in.

Incessant energy strikes allowed the LFs’ team to study the situation in detail, determine the tactics and strategy of counter-attacks.

Meanwhile, the Royal egregore, in addition to direct energy strikes, destroyed everything that was near the team and helped its mission. Including the people whose hospitality they enjoyed in London, as well as electronic means of communication.

All must pay tribute to these courageous people. They held on to the last and helped as best they could, never quite understanding what was happening. They held out to the last, even though each of them was also the target of the Royal egregore.

In such circumstances, it was decided to use the Light Space Forces to launch a counterattack and suppress the egregore’s power points. Initially, it was planned to eliminate these points separately. This would have scratched the plans and forced a change in tactics. At the last moment, the ground team decided to eliminate all the points at once.

To do this, they arrived at the point of the national egregore localization – Trafalgar Square, having previously visited Big Ben. The very point of localization is Nelson’s Column, surrounded by Lions on four sides. It was erected in honor of the victory of the British Navy under the command of Admiral Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar. Horatio Viscount Nelson himself died in this battle.

England And Scotland Operations - Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Trafalgar

England And Scotland Operations

It turned out that the Thin-Material crystal of the national egregore is covered with a darknet connected to some black crystal. Later it turned out that the negative elements in the egregore are the result of the demonic cult’s followers from Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, etc.

After analyzing the situation, it became clear that the team will not manage on its own. The help came from the Higher Cosmic Civilizations in the Constellations of Leo, a Small Lion, and Aquarius. An action plan was developed and the joint operation began.

Moments before it began, an event occurred that shocked the members of the ground crew. Nelson’s Spirit came to them on a telepathic frequency and offered to help. The team did not object, and the Higher Light Hierarchs confirmed Spirit’s authenticity. Thus, Nelson took part in the Battle of Trafalgar for the second time.

United in a single Light beam, the team members entered through Nelson’s Column into the center of the national egregore, cleared it of the darknet, and removed the connection with the black crystal. Since the crystal served as the Royal egregore’s command and control console, all six of its power points were tracked and destroyed, as well as several backup points. Communication with the Royal egregore was also blocked.

According to the Higher Light Hierarchy decision, the national egregore was linked with the Logos of the Leo Constellation, and the four lions around Nelson’s Column (they act as guardians of the egregore) were linked with the Logos of the Little Lion Constellation. Four space channels from the four main Little Lion Stars were installed into the Earth’s Thin-Material Matrix and Nelson’s lions’ location.

Thus, the national egregore received new channels of cosmic energy support and new guardians from the Higher Light Hierarchy.

On both sides of Nelson’s Column are fountains. In these places, powerful channels of Light were formed in a Subtle Plane by the energy of the Aquarius Constellation Logos. The physical carrier of this energy is water flowing in fountains.

Thus, important sources of power of the Royal egregor were eliminated, the field infrastructure of the national egregore was cleared, and a powerful Portal of Light was created.

England And Scotland Operations - Trafalgar Lions
Trafalgar Lions

England And Scotland Operations

Then, together with the Higher Spiritual Cosmos representatives, the Portal activation ceremony was held. During it, powerful vibrations of Light descended on the Earth, which anchored at the point of the national egregore localization. The vibration was so strong and pure that the ground team members had tears in their eyes.

It was a victory, but not a final one. The Royal egregore, seeing the ground crew as a threat to its existence, unleashed new attacks.

It is difficult to imagine what would have happened to the team if it had not been for the protection of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the support of the LFs’ ground groups in other countries. They shielded the team members with the Thin Bodies from the energy attacks of the Dark Hierarchy and the Royal egregore with which it united.

Amid the events, a meeting of the Karmic Council of the Galaxy was held. The Karma Lords announced their decision: the Royal egregor will be deposed, its management destroyed if the ground team completes all planned operations in England and Scotland. Namely, to perform work in Greenwich (on the Zero Meridian), Stonehenge, and Glastonberry (Avalon Island). It also has to fulfill the main condition: to return home. ALIVE.

The Light Forces’ ground crew had no choice but to proceed to fulfill the terms of the Karma Lords.

A few days later, the team arrived at Tower Bridge and analyzed the state of its field. It was close to perfect due to two channels of Higher Light coming from the Sun. Someone had already performed a cosmo-energy cleanup here, and it was nothing to do there.

The next place of operation was Greenwich, one of the main Chronal Portals on the planet.

The Hierarchy of Light is currently working with the Time Lords to prepare the Earth for the transition to a new Stellar Time, which will take place during the Great Quantum Transition. This program is complex and consists of many parts. One of them was assigned to the LFs’ ground team.

The work at Greenwich was the culmination of a series of preparatory works. Partially conducted by the team earlier, namely:

  • The former chronal continuum of Earth has been torn apart and a transition continuum has been formed, allowing the energy of the New Galactic Time to be gradually wound up and preparing the Earth for a soft transition to the four-dimensional time of the New Epoch and the Sixth Race;


  • The Earth’s chronal orbit has been corrected. The ideal orbit is 360 degrees and the duration of the year is 360 days, respectively. The failure occurred after the Black Hierarchy infected the Earth Logos with a karmic virus. The LFs’ ground team restored the Earth’s Thin-Material solar-orbital Matrix to its former reference state;


  • A test synchronization of the Earth’s temporal chronal continuum with the reference Galactic Time was performed.
England And Scotland Operations - Royal Observatory
Royal Observatory Greenwich

England And Scotland Operations

All this work, together with the efforts of the Guardians and Time Lords, allowed the final correction to be made in Greenwich. For this purpose, the team was ordered to arrive at the Central Time Portal of Earth located there.

The other two Time Portals are located at the North and South Poles. Through all three, the Energy of Time enters the Earth Crystal (Center) and supports our planet’s existence.

In the photo of the Zero Meridian, looking like a piece of a sextant, the rod of the metal structure in the form of a circle is oriented to the Polar Star – the Axis of the World.

Through this conduit, the Time Information Channel is broadcast from the Galaxy’s Central Time Portal. It passes through the intermediate Portal of the Polar Star, where the frequency of the Chronal Energy is synchronized and changed to the desired level. The North Star feeds us Time.

After the Great Quantum Transition, the planet’s Axis will shift, and under the Law of Axial Precession (not to be confused with the Zodiac Precession associated with the shift of the vernal equinox), the Earth will have a new Polar Star – Alpha Lyra – Vega.

Now the transition period is continuing and the current North Star is gradually transferring its powers and responsibilities to the new one. Our planet is not saying goodbye to Alpha Ursa Minor forever. In the future, when the Earth’s Axis makes a full circle, everything will repeat and our Polar Star will again be Alpha Ursa Minor for a while (see also DNI. The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2. 1st September 2020).

One of the functions transmitted by the Polar Star is the retransmission of Time Energy to Earth. Together with the Time Lords, the Light Forces’ ground team began connecting Earth to the new four-dimensional Time Energy. To this end, the Portal in Greenwich was linked to a New Time Ray through a new Polar Star – Vega.

So now two parallel information (service) Time Channels are being launched to the planet via Greenwich – the old three-dimensional Time of our Fifth Race (via alpha Ursa Minor) and the new four-dimensional Time of the Sixth Race (via Alpha Lyra).

The broadcast is made through the metal artifact (“sextant”), more precisely – through a point in the Earth Information Field Matrix, which corresponds to this installation. A backup Portal has been created nearby just in case.

Then work was carried out to synchronize the Earth’s chronal continuum with the reference Galactic Time. Part of the operation was performed through the Thin Bodies of the team members because otherwise, it was impossible to do it.

Each work of the team is associated with the assimilation of a particular cosmic energy or group of energies. At the same time, the sensations of the physical body are always different and unique. Each Cosmic energy causes an active body reaction, a sense of unity with the Larger Cosmos.

For example, working with Time Energy makes one sleepy. With Antahkarana -the feeling of Love and Flight. Burning the Earth karmic negativity causes a feeling of Hell and a desire for only one thing – to die immediately so that the painful nightmare ends.

As a result of synchronization, the four-dimensional Earth chronal framework broke in two for a few seconds. At that moment, the accumulated chronal tension in the center of the planet burst out with incredible force. The Time Lords immediately intervened and finished the rest of the work.

Later, the Higher Light Hierarchy explained that the accumulated chronal stress (as a result of the disparity between the reference and actual constants of our reality) threatened the Earth with a chronal earthquake. If it had happened, it is difficult to imagine all its devastating consequences.

The team felt the rift because all the work was done on the physical plane through it. There was great pain in the heart as if it had been torn in two. Then for a long time – the strongest heart vibration, the whole body burned, as if it was doused with gasoline and set on fire.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt

Despite this, the team found the strength to complete the operation. Correction of the transition constants of the Earth’s chronal continuum using the reference Matrix of the Great Quantum Transition was successful.

The next stage was Scotland. They didn’t know then that they would personally cross paths with Princess Diana…

(To be continued)


England And Scotland Operations – Part 1

More by Lev

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Truth Search Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Truth Search – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Truth Search – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

We came to this planet by our free will and choice freedom. We knew perfectly well that our memory of our multidimensional past would be completely disconnected, and we would have to survive, understand and make decisions on our own.

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Information about this event began to arrive about a month ago. It concerned the date of December 3, 2022. Several weeks before, intensive prep was conducted in near-terrestrial and Earth’s space. On the physical and Subtle Plane, it manifested in the form of Light Pillars, Aurora Borealis in areas much lower than northern latitudes, plasma jets, weather anomalies, increasing tectonic activity. Many of us have felt severe ailments and unusual sensations.

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Exhale And Inhale – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Erasing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Erasing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Today, coexist two Matrices – the high-frequency 5D, which is being completed in the sixth dimension, and the familiar to us, low-frequency 3D, in which we live now. Both are part of a single 3D/4D/5D eon where 4D is the gateway for our Transition to the fifth dimension.

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