Volcanic Eruptions In Sight - All Ok! - Platinum Fleet

Volcanica Eruptions In Sight – All Ok!

Platinum Fleet

Volcanic Eruptions In Sight – All Ok! – Platinum Fleet. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here!

We return, Comrades Allies, with a little more information about the inevitable movements that happen in your world!

All forces are working together now for this transformation! The combined forces of Gold, Silver and Gems that embellish this kingdom are also united for a revaluation that will change the surface face forever!

Hunger? You are entering an age where it will be eradicated forever as you are beginning to realize that your union generates an energy of abundance and that energy spreads throughout the Planet “killing” at first the spiritual hunger of your fellows leading them to states of consciousness that sustain material abundance.

Hallelujah! Inner abundance is externalizing! Hallelujah!

In the midst of all these movements in your Kingdom, there has recently been much excitement and cooperation for the boys in Thailand!

Oh! There was a lot of brotherhood and pure love involved!

The Incoming New Energies

The Incoming New Energies

Volcanic Eruptions In Sight – All Ok!

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It is to this direction that his Kingdom walks, while the bumbling sappers, little by little, are being withdrawn from the scene.

We hope that you will join hands and help each other beyond any event. You can not depend on such events for a consciousness of unity. Know this, dear Comrades Allies!

Another point our Ancient Masters authorize us to explain is about their volcanic activities.

Hawaii Kilauea

Hawaii Kilauea

Volcanic Eruptions In Sight – All Ok!

Know, Comrades, that great activity is in progress and we do not want to frighten you, but let you know the necessary transformations that your sacred Gaia goes through.

Movements are required for purging and decontaminating the air. Although it is said that the volcanic ashes can contaminate soil and air, know, dear Allies, Gaia is not devoid of intelligence, and she knows what she does.

Eruptions act in a variety of ways, both by expelling old negative charges and by clearing the soil and air of plasmic contaminations such as old miasms and thought forms.

Of course, you know that if you are struck by an eruption, your bodies will be affected, drastically, due to simple physical law.

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We have specialized teams that carefully guard these volcanic areas as well as seismic zones that may be affected by Gaia’s need to transform.

We monitor, not to prevent what needs to happen, but to shape events in a gentle way and without (or little) physical disorders.

Just know, Comrades, that everything is being carefully watched by the Greatest Masters who ensure that this Kingdom returns to its Original Primary Glory.

Everything in your Kingdom has a raison d’être and nothing can be changed without a law above all of us, demonstrating such a need for change.

This Law is the force that rules everything and, entering into this greater harmony with it, will understand, with much love, the reason why certain things are as they are.

Hawaii Kilauea Halema'uma'u Crater

Hawaii Kilauea Halema’uma’u Crater

Volcanic Eruptions In Sight – All Ok!

What many now call disasters, will be seen with other eyes thanks to this harmony with the Force Majeure. You will understand everything from a higher perspective and thus your collaboration with the Greater Plan will be even more efficient.

You are the ones we trust as allies, dear ones! Know that it is very gratifying for all of us to have your assistance in physicality, in this Kingdom in full transformation, like a washing machine, and you in, participating in all cleaning, being water and soap, actively.

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We will inform you more and more, as our Elderly Masters will authorize! We continue with our important reports about certain moves!

We will come back when we will be authorized and with precise news! Comrades, know: when the Heavens entrust you with a protocol, they seriously trust your inviolability to do it! With each inviolable fulfillment, you acquire special certifications to go further, beyond, and beyond!

You are assuring the change of ages in this realm, and nothing else can make you change that focus! Know, Comrades! You are watched, uninterrupted! Call us any time, without ceremony!

Those who have choosen this Kingdom for their experiences and ultimately acted dishonorably to the larger plans are now surrounded by a Greater Law. You, as those who carry this law under your arm, sustain it with much love and wisdom, and they, the bumbling saplings, will have in you a mirror for their own personal transformations.

Although some may roll their eyes to our affirmation, there in nothing more edifying than giving Love to those who have forgotten that they are source of Love.

Act now! We will sing Hosanna Hosanna whenever you do!

Each day a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We say this, always based on the Certainty of the Heavens! We see the broad picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty!

A new world is being born, and even if all the curtains have not yet been fully erected, when they will be, it will be spectacularly fantastic!

Believe in us, dear Comrades! We’re seeing everything from inside the curtains! We know what wonderful is coming up!

Hosanna! Hosanna! The heavens are truly in celebration! We know that our truths resonate with your truths because, deep down, we are ONE.

Breathe every time it feels like it’s getting unbearable because you’re just called for a breath! Whenever anything “squeezes” you remember: NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A REASON! Just honor and honor yourselves!

Hello, hello, Hawaii, the area of ​​the noble Kilauea! We’ll say “hello” Someone out there? It would be a pleasure to stop in the air for a selfie 😀

Hawaii Kilauea Eruption

Hawaii Kilauea Eruption

Volcanic Eruptions In Sight – All Ok!

We want our videos on YouTube! We love to see each other there:-D We have already said this and we aren’t tired of repeating it! Come, ready for a “Hello!”

The borders are being cut! Unification is coming! Love will prevail! The heavens have decreed, and so it shall be!

This is not a simple will of ours. This is a DECREE! Know that, Comrades!

Oh, dear ones! Know that the countless Fountains and the endless Prosperity of the Heavens, in fact, are yours!

We will return when appropriate!

It was nice talking to you again! It always is!

See you around! Aloha!

Gabriel: Grateful, Beloved Comrades of Light!


Volcanic Eruptions In Sight – All Ok! – Platinum Fleet

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