Vibrational Clearances Come To The Fore

Vibrational Clearances Come To The Fore

Gaia Portal

Vibrational Clearances Come To The Fore. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal December 15 2017 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

Vibrational Clearances Come To The Fore

Clearance stands for distance, authorization or even space to move. It might seem as if the grip that tightens the soul of people in the lower vibrations is loosening by bringing out the true being that we are.

We could also say that the mass of the population is finally abandoning the old paradigms thanks to the inner sensation, the unconscious request to the controlled mind, but very conscious for the crushed Soul, to increase its vibration, to rise from the low densities of the Physical Plane and then come into looseness, getting rid of the Archontic control and giving room to the Heart.

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Formidables Dissipate

Difficult to interpret the word Formidables properly, generally it would be in the positive sense of the term but there is also another possibility of interpretation, namely that Formidables can be understood as tremendous, difficult.

In the latter case, which I consider the appropriate one, the phrase assumes the sense that the difficulties so far encountered by the Human Surface Race are dissipating, it becomes easier to increase the vibration and as mentioned in the previous sentence, to expand the Vibrational Clearances.

Stalls Of Higher BEings Are Filled

As we are also told by Pleiades 1 in the last messages, in this period Humanity is receiving gifts of various kinds but mainly concerning spirituality.

With the phrase in question the probable meaning is that these gifts, ready for us, are many, all exposed in a shimmering way on these imaginary Stalls of Heaven.

We could also expect “physical” gifts, that is, greater and clearer sightings of “flying saucers” that this time, due to the attempted process of Soft Disclosure, would no longer be shamelessly denied, as in the case of the cigar-shaped, rocky object (like a Mayan Mother Ship), which has reached the MSM.

Meritocracy Creations Are Enabled

With this sentence I think that we are talking about material things, the total inability of those who are recognized by the flock as the ruling class are increasingly showing their second goal and therefore, despite being doing a perfect job for Freemasonry, the Jesuits and the Cabal more generally, the service for the people make them appear incapable and therefore without merit.

Enabling meritocracy is not something that is given to us by the heavens, it is part of our decisions, using our free will. Although until today very few have actually made at least one single choice that can be called such, now, by the force of things, the flock is forced to do it. Ashtar has also told us recently, it is something that can not be run away from.

On the other hand, if we want to interpret this phrase at the metaphysical level we could say that those who have committed themselves to the Light, each in their own way, are recognized and given the opportunity to take further steps to co-create something that contributes further to expand the Vibrational Clearances.

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

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