Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier. By Alexa Erickson.

With the measles outbreak in America being traced back to unvaccinated children, there has been an uproar of ridicule over parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

But a piece of the puzzle is going overlooked in this argument, and that is how and why we vaccinate altogether. Are we over-vaccinating? Are we using safe practices?

In 1992, the Immunization Awareness Society (IAS) performed a survey to better understand the health of New Zealand’s children. The researchers received 495 completed questionnaires, revealing 226 vaccinated children and 269 unvaccinated children. The ages ranged from 2 weeks to 46 years of age.

Immunization Awareness Society New Zealand Survey

Table showing the percentage of vaccinated and unvaccinated children to suffer from each of six chronic conditions in both the IAS and Godfrey surveys.

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

According to the Researchers

Respondents were asked to provide the year of birth, gender, vaccinations received, whether or not the child suffered from a range of chronic conditions (asthma, eczema, ear infections/glue ear, recurring tonsillitis, hyperactivity, diabetes and epilepsy) whether or not he or she had needed grommets, had had a tonsillectomy, or were slow to develop motor skills (walking, crawling, sitting-up, etc.). Parents also provided information on breastfeeding and bottle feeding and when the child was weaned if breastfed.

Fast forward to 2017

A new first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated American homeschooled children reveals worrisome details.

With allergies, autism, asthma, anxiety, autoimmunity, autism, and attention and hyperactive deficits now commonplace, the question must be asked: What is happening? There are 32 million American children suffering from 1 of 20 chronic illnesses not including obesity. Rare paediatric disorders like autism and ADD are skyrocketing. And compared to their parents, kids today are four times as likely to have a chronic illness.

Today’s children are Big Pharma’s dream come true, with more than a million American children under the age of 5 taking a psychiatric drug, and in any given month, one in four is taking at least one prescription drug for something.

While environmental factors have certainly attributed to the surge of sickness, from what children eat to how much time they spend being sedentary both in the classroom and at home, there is great concern that vaccines are playing a massive part.

Big Pharma

Big Pharma

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

With 50 doses of 14 vaccines received by age 6, and 69 doses of 16 pharmaceutical vaccines containing powerfully immune-altering ingredients by age 18, it’s hard to ignore the gluttony of such modern medicine.

Smallpox Vaccine

Smallpox Vaccine

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

The New Study

A pilot study released on April 27th published in the Journal of Translational Sciences involving 666 homeschooled 6- to 12-year-olds from four American states compared 261 unvaccinated children with 405 partially or fully vaccinated children, taking into consideration their overall health based on records of vaccinations and physician-diagnosed illnesses.

The study found some alarming information:

As reported by Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI):

  • Vaccinated children were more than three times as likely to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (OR 4.3)
  • Vaccinated children were 30-foldmore likely to be diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) than non-vaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 22-foldmore likely to require an allergy medication than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children had more than quadruple the risk of being diagnosed with a learning disability than unvaccinated children (OR 5.2)
  • Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than unvaccinated children (OR 4.3)
  • Vaccinated children were 340 percent (OR 4.4) more likely to have been diagnosedwithpneumonia than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with an earinfection than unvaccinated children (OR 4.0)
  • Vaccinated children were 700 percent more likely to have surgery to insert ear drainage tubes than unvaccinated children (OR 8.01)
  • Vaccinated children were 2.5-fold more likely to be diagnosed with any chronic illness than unvaccinated children
Vaccines New Study Report 2017

Vaccines New Study Report 2017 – Guess who’s sicker!

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

Circling back to the hysteria over the measles outbreak, like the one that recently occurred at Disneyland, there was no evidence that vaccinated children were more protected from what is thought to be vaccine-preventable diseases.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated children revealed to have the same rates of infection with measles, mumps, Hepatitis A and B, influenza, rotavirus, and meningitis (both viral and bacterial).

Autism Rising in America

Autism Rising in America

Unvaccinated Probably Healthier

There has been a history of measles outbreaks in highly/fully vaccinated populations.

The 2017 study revealed that it was actually unvaccinated children who were better protected against diseases thought to be preventable with vaccines, and that the risk of being diagnosed on the autism spectrum was more than four-fold higher among vaccinated children.

The study also found that the number of vaccinated children having a learning disability was five-fold that of unvaccinated children, four-fold for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and more than three-fold for any neurodevelopmental disorder.

The list goes on, as you will read in the study, from allergies to ear infections to the health effects of toxic metals like aluminum and mercury in vaccines.

But no matter the study’s results, it seems obvious the mainstream medical establishment doesn’t want to acknowledge the reality. As it continues to tout vaccines as modern medicine’s greatest gift, the fine print lurking beneath the surface, save for studies much of the media is avoiding, tells a different story.


Unvaccinated Probably Healthier was published on Collective Evolution.



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