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Universe and Anomaly

Universe and Anomaly. By Metatron Archangel.

A Message From Archangel Metatron

This universe, when created, it was created with an Anomaly in it, a quantum uncertainty principle.

Which made it impossible for the Universe to be perfect because there were unexpected outcomes.

So, some Archangels decided to tackle the problem and confronted the anomaly physically and directly.

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As any smart person would guess the result was unexpected!

And like a swamp or spider web, the more they tried to break free, the more they sank into it.

Thus the fallen angels’ story started.

Universe and Anomaly - Dragon Cloud

Dragon Cloud

Universe and Anomaly

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According to this story, the fallen angels became evil and started to infect regions of space-time with negativity.

Galactic Forces of Light one by one began to clean the small pieces of these negative pockets in the Universe, and the Primary Anomaly retreated to Earth as the last location of defense.

All the evil that was created because of it retreated here too.

The liberation of Earth was a catch-22 because it was a hostage situation, it was possible to clean the anomaly thoroughly by planetary ascension but all beings would parish since the planet typically goes supernova during the ascension process.

Thus the never before attempted human beings and planet ascension directly from 3D to 5D in physicality was decided as the only way to clean the anomaly for the Universal Ascension, because the Divine decreed that no soul should experience any unnecessary sorrow from that point forward.

The reason all the negativity is fighting even though they have lost is that instinctively it is fighting for its life.

This theory also proves the hypothesis that evil does not need to exist for good to exist.

Duality was a product of this quantum uncertainty which originally was intended to create more experience for the Source pieces to experience.

As I explained, duality was not planned.

Remaining questions; why isn’t this story not told as straightforward as this and why are we always talking about only this galaxy whereas many galaxies do exist in this universe thus not Universal Forces of Light but Galactic Forces of Light.

My guesses are, people at this level of evolution could panic, and unexpected outcomes could occur thus playing into the strong hand of the anomaly is the reason why this story is not told straightforward as I did (did I? Haha!) .

All of this together explains my biggest question which is: why now, why wait all this time to help humanity?

Simple answer is, war happens.

This planet ended up being the last stronghold of evil that could have liberated.

Well, as the assigned Scribe of my Lord God Christ, how did I do to explain this whole situation dare I call it a bit messy one?

I hope I did a good one, so I can keep my job!

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