Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial structures

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures. A new study, based on an official investigation into a set of artificial structures found on a backside of the moon reports, have just hit the web.

A group of researchers and scientists recently published a paper in the Journal of Space Exploration regarding a set of certain features found on the backside of the Moon that appear in a crater called Paracelsus.

Original Apollo 15 image

Original Apollo 15 image – In red the Paracelsus Crater

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures

These features may be of an artificial origin meaning that someone built and put them there.

The original photographs that featured these anomalous structures, that shows what look like buildings or installationsn, were from Apollo 15.

When we start zooming in you almost immediately will be able to detect these things from their shadows and their shape they do not look like anything else we’ve seen before on the Moon.

Zoom in of Apollo 15 Image

Zoom in of Apollo 15 Image

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures

Max Zoom

Max Zoom In

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures

Some years later we got another photograph of these things this time captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which is the satellite probe that is mapping the Moon.

Once again we can see that these things were just as artificial as they looked in the original photograph from the 1960s.

Digital zoom of the structure

Digital zoom of the structure

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures

The researchers group have a software tool that has a special set of algorithms that are used to detect artificial structures.

They used this software and they were scanning lunar satellite images and Apollo images and that’s when this specific crater was flagged in the software as containing artificial or man-made structures.

What they found, and is presented in the abstract in the paper, is that after analysis of the Apollo 15 photograph and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images of the two unusual features in this crater, they appear to be walls or towers but by combining these multiple images they were able to see a much larger feature oriented in the Northeast a Southwest.

3D Ricostruction

3D Ricostruction

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures

This it’s not simply a wall but two walls on either side of a narrow valley or a “passageway” and using their 3d terrain visualization they were able to show what appears to be an entrance to this passageway.

The abstract of the paper then goes on to say “a reverse angle view looking Southwest shows the passageway ending at a rise of terrain at the other end, possibly leading underground. The terrain surrounding the two structures is not flat but appears “excavated” by some unknown mechanism natural or artificial.

Tunnels on the Moon and Artificial Structures – VIDEO

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