Trump And Putin Trolling The World

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

Trump And Putin Trolling The World. By Jordan Sather. Why I think Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are absolutely trolling the world right now?

I know it’s probably not a popular opinion right now.

I think what I think and if I’m wrong I’m wrong, I’m not attached to being correct but the reason I want to lay these things out to you is because first and foremost, dude, I don’t know what it is with people…

Everybody and their mother has their negative fancy pants on lately and people are just absolutely expecting the worst…

Understand the power of your co-creative consciousness, if you focus on a negative outcome of a situation that is so much more likely to happen rather than if you focus on the positive route, to the optimal time line…

Understand what you’re doing with your emotions and your thoughts.

I’m going to try to show you what I see in things right now and first Trump and Putin trolling the world.

Focus on the positive route

Focus on the positive route

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

I want to begin with about 10 days ago with that false flag attack so I’m just going to run through all of my bullet points here for you guys.

April 4th Syria gas false flag happens and right off it was obvious that it was a false flag, Ron Paul called it out, everybody called it out, super easy.

Trump calls Putin and Assad and two days later 59 missiles are shot at that airbase, only 23 of these missiles hit that Syrian Air Base.

Syria False Flag White Helmets

Syria False Flag White Helmets

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

There’s been no word on Syrian end or American end as to where those missiles went. Now some people say okay you know Russia has their defense set up, Syrians how their air defense set up but why haven’t they said anything about it?

I don’t think a lot or enough people are putting themselves in the situation to understand what’s going on.

There’s not enough empathy going on, it’s all emotional reactions even in the alternative media.

Imagine Donald Trump in this situation, what are you gonna do? You call up Putin, you call up Assad you say, dude, Assad, give me an air base, you need an empty air base so that you could hit right?

Donald Trump’s not an idiot he knows this is a false flag he knows very well one of his arch enemies John McCain and company probably pulled this attack so he called them and he finds an empty air base, one out of the way with minimal casualties.

He bombs that air base with 23 missiles, there’s eyewitness reports of people taking stuff out of this base because they know.

So he has this plan with Putin and Assad, he hits the airbase but where do the other 36 missiles go?

An educated guess would be that they went to hit Daesh because Trump very well knew who pulled that gas attack.

Now here’s the thing, when he called up Putin and Assad what they did is they formulated a plan, they outlined a general quick framework in which this plan would go and they understood that they’ll be scripts they’ll each stick to, but what they’re going to do with this plan is kind of a multifold operation and they’re going to fool freaking everybody with it.

Where have gone 36 of the 59 missiles?

Where have gone 36 of the 59 missiles?

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

So these missiles went to hit Daesh and what happens on April 10th and 11th just a couple days after those missiles? We see some serious Daesh retaliation in Syria, not only did the Russians suffer a couple casualties and some backlash from Daesh forces but a coalition base that was near the Jordanian Syrian border was hit hard by Daesh.

So Russians, two people died in a mortar attack by Daesh, Coalition base sustains heavy fire because these proxy target were probably the ones that got hit.

Now, since then, right after all of this is going on mainstream media and alternative media is like what the flying shit is going on?

Even John McCain was on record saying we should join forces with the Russians against Isis… after all this he’s still trying to defend his proxy army.

Syria Scenery Number 2

Syria Scenery Number 2

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

Now here’s the thing, everybody has this script to stick to and this is what I don’t think a lot of people are seeing, but when you do see it it’s obvious and it plays out like a really freaking bad B movie.

So Spicer’s up there talking like comparing Assad to Hitler and given the media, the mainstream media, so many talking points to distract them.

Mattis on his live conference about Syria, he’s a real bad actor, he goes… it was no doubt to saw, it was no doubt of saw, it was no doubt, I thought… that was his line and then when the corporate media asked him, well what about Russia? he goes… don’t worry we got it all handled… this was his attitude.

Trump and Mattis they know their lines. Putin and Assad they’re calling out as a false flag because they can, they’re waking everybody up there, like the obvious false flag.

Halafian Pottery

Halafian Pottery

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

Trump and the rest they’re all sticking to their script.

One guy put it this way… it was a reverse multinational false flag, a really good way to put it.

All these guys are completely trolling the neo-cons.

Right after the missiles go off, on CNN Brian Williams it’s like oh my god beautiful missiles, and now just a couple days later they’re like completely slam it in for being a war hawk so they don’t know what to do.

The mainstream scripts is for everybody whose mind is plugged in to the corporate media who thinks it was actually Assad. And that’s why Trump, Mattis and Spicer they’re all saying no doubt it was Assad, no doubt it’s the mainstream script they gotta stick to.

The behind-the-scenes script is for the people that know it was a false flag but who are still trying to understand what’s going on so what Spicer did is mention Ivanka Trump, and this is really interesting because a lot of people are thinking it was Ivanka Trump that pulled daddy’s heart strings and got him to send the missiles… this isn’t high school, that’s just ridiculous to think. Trump is way smarter than that, and you know that, just seems absolutely ridiculous to me but that’s the behind-the-scenes script for people in the alt media.

Trump, Putin and Assad are in, China as well, along with North Korea because that’s just another distraction, they are distracting the world with war while a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes.

The take down of the neocon, the pedo elites in the deep state… following along the line with that script that show that Assad and Putin have to put on, Putin kept Tillerson waiting, that’s ridiculous they’re playing a show right now.

Trump doublespeak, when you listen to what he says there’s so much given behind the words, for instance when he was addressing the 59 missiles being sent off he said no child of God shall suffer the wrath of chemical attacks, well because Trump knows who really put off the chemical attacks, the neo-cons, and that’s who he’s fighting right now.

He talked about children quite a bit and he also talks about secretive technologies and military issues quite a bit, very interesting, anyway that brings us to th US bombs on Daesh chemical depot, that happened in Syria, let me specify airstrike, what does that mean is Russians and the Americans are working together in the air to take out Daesh targets because that’s really what’s going on.

John McCain & Co.

John McCain & Co.

Trump And Putin Trolling The World

This is a big huge distraction to absolutely destroy Daesh, that MOAB was just dropped in Afghanistan, again that’s Trump talent as neo cons boom screw your proxy.

And then we have that North Korea distraction

Now where does that fit into the picture? North Korea is a Chinese puppet, North Korea is always like shooting weird things and they’re always doing their thing over there.

You got to understand, Trump was eating dinner with the president of China when he sent off the missiles and what happened a couple days later China was like: we want peace, we won’t, yeah, we don’t want to, we’re not going to mess with these guys.

Well China probably got brought along with this game that Russia and America are playing and China is instructing their puppet state North Korea to play along this.

Trump and company distract the world with Syria war, they’ll distract the world with North Korea war, they’ll distract the world with everything while the pieces are set behind the scenes.

What those pieces are is what’s really important, this is what a lot of people don’t fit into the picture because they’re so hyper-focused with holistic thinking.

Take a step back, connect all the dots while the pieces are aligned, to take out the pedos.

I want to bring in the three pieces of legislation that were passed by the House Judiciary Committee the day before that false flag attacks, three pieces of anti pedophile, anti child exploitation legislation passed by the House Judiciary Committee.

While the world is distracted with all this play they are disclosing of future space program projects so we actually had, again the day before that happened, the false flag, the Air Force Space Command restructured a lot of their enterprises and the Air Force was given nearly a four billion dollar contract to run drones out of area 51 that’s some pretty important stuff.

And then a revaluation of the currency, which is imminent, which bricks are setting up right there, getting on, hopping onto the gold standard, and Trump even made a mention about a weakening of the dollar, that is too strong and now people are questioning on why are you changing your position on that? Well, because Trump knows that the currency revaluation will happen very soon.

He’s blowing all this shit up because he knows that… who cares if this is all unconstitutional and all that jazz, we’re about to arrest all the frickin pedo elites… anyway Trump’s is probably not even worried about a next election or getting an office again because he is there to freaking destabilize, he’s there just to set it all on fire and that is exactly what he’s doing and while the world is completely distracted by all this war talk, he’s just throwing a Molotov cocktail to the pedo palaces.

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