The Wrong Today's Society

The Wrong Today’s Society in 10 Illustrations

The Wrong Today’s Society in 10 Illustrations. By Alexa Erickson.

When you hear bad news, when you witness people treating each other and the planet poorly, it can be overwhelming. You feel angry, defeated, depressed.

You may think that with one good deed, one motion to do the right thing, you can make a change, and then, everywhere you turn, it feels like more and more is coming in, working against you.

Others work actively to ignore some of society’s biggest flaws, refusing to listen to the news, to educate themselves on being a better environmental citizen, or to advocate against violence, racism, sexism, and so much more.

But if we choose to turn a blind eye, we are choosing to be a part of the problem.


You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Mahatma Gandhi

But to not lose faith means to not just be full of love. You cannot just be an innocent bystander when so many are suffering. You have to take action, both for your own health and for the health of all your human brethren. But where do you begin?

We begin with Awareness

And so while some people turn their heads, illustrator John Holocraft is looking at all the issues that devastate society right in the eye. Rather than just harping on all of these problems with words, however, he’s choosing to present them in a creative way.

Featuring a vintage feel reminiscent of 1950s advertising, Holocraft brings to light a variety of social issues and modern behaviour through his satirical illustrations that cover such issues as obesity, politics, society’s dependence on technology, the devaluation of the workforce, and more.

This brutally honest series will give you a lot to think about, and likely spark your desire to make a change.

Money Belly

The Wrong Today’s Society – Money Belly

Lego Man

The Wrong Today’s Society – Lego Man

Happiness Kit

The Wrong Today’s Society – Happiness Kit

People Vendor

The Wrong Today’s Society – People Vendor

Limiting Women

The Wrong Today’s Society – Limiting Women

Parental Control

The Wrong Today’s Society – Parental Control

Intensive Agriculture

The Wrong Today’s Society – Intensive Agriculture


The Wrong Today’s Society – Smoking


The Wrong Today’s Society – Literature

A Mask for Every Occasion

The Wrong Today’s Society – A Mask for Every Occasion

Pyramidal Command Line

The Wrong Today’s Society – Pyramidal Command Line


The Wrong Today’s Society – Justice

Trump CO2

The Wrong Today’s Society – CO2

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

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