The Soul Revolution - Kryon

The Soul Revolution


The Soul Revolution – Kryon. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, my dears! I am Kryon, of the Magnetic Service.

Here I am, next to my young partner, once again. It is appropriate. This is a good time. I ask my young partner to take a deep breath. I’ll wait …

Here we go again, my dears! The energy of the family is making itself present here, now, as you read this message. Can you feel it? How many of you allow yourself to feel the love of the family?

Lightworker, you know you’re being watched. Worker of Light, you know the support you have. Do you know. Use this support. I know you know what I’m talking about and who I’m talking to. I know you do.

In front of all your support, do you still believe there will be a third war? Oh … There are those who still doubt Kryon! My dear ones, I know what I’m talking about! I know … I saw the potentials! I saw what you did! I saw you changing the timeline! No, there will not be a third war! Oh! – You say! “But the Korean…” My dear, no, no, no… Do not be afraid. Do not you see? Do not you see everything that is happening? I will tell you.

My dear ones, do you realize the revolution being made? Do you see? Have you seen how your life is? It seems like everything is turning inside out! There are so many things happening, so many changes, so many changes, so many called! Oh yeah!

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The New Earth

The New Earth

The Soul Revolution

I know you know, Lightworker! This is your moment, and that is why all this is happening, all at once! I know you know, you do not need to fear. I know that, but I also know that the old is attractive to some. I know it does. It is seductive.

I hear some say, “Kryon, I’d better stay where I am. I’d better go my own way. That’s good. I’ll follow the synchronicities and stay the same.

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Well, my dear, do not confuse “following synchronicities” with a lack of energy to go after what you want. Synchronicity also happens to support the sameness, the old. Do not forget.

What do you really want for you, Lightworker? Move to that. “Oh, Kryon, but the old is as comfortable as he is!” Well… You will be supported by it. If this is what you want, you will have an energy supporting it.

Now let me tell you: your soul does not want this. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. It is bringing a movement, and the synchronicities to support it are far more powerful than those of the old. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Lightworker, look at your side… You will see change. Look forward, you will see change. Look back, you will see what change has already happened.



The Soul Revolution

Change of 3D Timeline

Change of 3D Timeline

The Soul Revolution

My dear ones, there is nothing you can do but actively participate in it. Here is a good title for my message: The Soul Revolution.She already knows what she wants. She already knows where she wants to go. She woke up and, you know, my dear, the old man you have no control over this revolution.

Do not you want to believe in anything? She’ll make you believe. Do not you want to go out to watch the sunset? She will. Do not you want to meditate? She will. Do not you want to take a walk and breathe the fresh air? She will.

Do not want to channel, if you’re a messenger channeler? She will.

Know, you will have no control. It will revolutionize this Planet. To the old you… Well… Lovingly say goodbye.

For a long time, you have been following old patterns, over and over, old patterns. But now, just as you crossed the 2012 scorecard, something very powerful was unleashed: your soul would express itself more freely, not caring about the spasms of the old personalities.

The soul knew that it was time, and no one would stop her from manifesting. Do you see how they can not stand the old anymore? Do you see something that, for so long been accustomed to, is no longer attractive to you, and when you see someone acting that way, does you turn your eyes?

Well, you do not necessarily have to roll your eyes, but do you understand what we mean? At the same time some fear revolution, they deny the old who has been very much alive in you. Yes, there is conflict. Kryon knows. But it will be clear. Everything will be very clear. You, the YOU connected to the soul knows that change will come. It’s already here.

And at the same time that this is cognized in you, the old will still call. Like I said, it’s seductive. It will call. But don’t worry.

Free Will

Free Will

The Soul Revolution

As I said, nothing will stop this revolution. Nothing you fear of will prevent your soul from expressing itself, let it be free, let it show who it is. Nothing! Do you understand? 🙂

My dear ones, take the control. Put the child in the back seat. It is safer, so you he not get hurt 🙂 If he cries, tell her, “My dear child, you can not get the wheel. You can not take the control. Do not worry. You’ll be safe in the backseat. Do not be afraid. I’m a specialist in management. I am empowered now. “Listen to the good music and follow the road, while enjoying the scenery and all the moments you will have along the way. It will be a wonderful time. Now everything is under control”. You can not change that, you were born, Lightworker, to be in control. To be in control of your life. That’s why you’re there.

That is why there will be no nuclear war. That is why nothing else will take you off the timeline where you ascended. You are in control. And that is all. That’s enough not to fear. It’s enough for fearful people to see you in control and they will say, “Well, they can, I can too.” And you will say: CERTAINLY YOU CAN!


Kryon Sementes Das Estrelas

Kryon Sementes Das Estrelas

The Soul Revolution

That’s enough for now. It’s a short message, but I believe it will make you think.

I am Kryon, I know who you are. And I love you infinitely for everything you’ve done and will do. It is comforting to know that you are incarnated now and producing a revolution. Knowing that nothing will change your focus. It is what a Lightworker does: have focus. I know…

You said you would not leave without first seeing this Planet shining like a beautiful polished diamond, and guess what? Me neither! Get your flannels! I’ll get mine, too.

And so it is.

Gabriel: Thankful, beloved Kryon! Excited and happy.

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