The Planetary Shift Jared Rand

The Planetary Shift – Jared Rand

The Planetary Shift – Jared Rand. Source The Real Truth Call.

I want to explain to everybody a couple of things so that they have some clarity, here’s the structure out there for everybody to understand.

This maybe it will fill in the blanks for a lot of people.

The Global Currency Reset that’s underway and the revaluation of different countries that have had their currencies destroyed by the dark agenda through the years and so on and so forth, some put into poverty for generations like Africa.

There is one Republic that is developed by the Rothschilds and the French, that’s one Republic for the US, Republic government for the United States, that’s not a good one.

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Then there is a another group that is a group of bankers that left the US and set up shop in China.

Now those bankers call themselves the elders, I’ll explain this so everybody gets a clear understanding they have a game or a deal that they want to put on the planet, in the human race.

What they want to do is basically just start up the same old thing, repackage, so that the human race will fall for it then hopefully play the greed factor on the human race and suck them back into slavery.

Then you have the defunct Washington DC garbage government which is a corporation that’s failed, basically playing the game for the masses to make the masses think that they have Authority which they never have so they stay there, so they can continually rape and pillage the American people.

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They’re not going to be around but that’s still an existing entity there.

Then you have the Republic for the United States who’s housed in Philadelphia and in Nevada.

Now that’s the government that is basically behind the scenes truly the rest of the countries have acknowledged as the true government of our country.

They’re in the background, you don’t hear about.

Now there’s a lot of work to be done in our country, those are key factions, you’ve got in the elder which are the bankers in China, then you have the families and the families are groups of families on the Planet, you’ve got Eastern Europe families, you’ve got these three European families, you’ve got the Chinese families that have code names the code names are the Golden Dragons, the Red Dragons the Green Dragons, the Butterflies, the Caterpillar.

Chinese Dragons

Chinese Dragons

Jared Rand – The Planetary Shift

A lot of different code names and they’re kind of like the overseers and the keepers.

And then you have the guy by that code named, the Grandfather, who basically looks like he’s 35 but he’s a lot older than that, he basically has his group hydrating the human race in the planet and taking planet Earth and the human race into a wellness and more of a meritocracy type of structure to help heal the planet, the human race and make everybody well through the release of this funding.

There are a lot of different accumulated wealth amounts here on the planet, they have accumulated over the past tens on hundreds of thousands of years… You got to understand that wealth, it has been accumulated on earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

Not all of it still here, some of it’s been taken off planet and used elsewhere but majority of it is here, golden cities, you know Solomon’s mine… You’ve got all of this wealth that’s accumulated and then other civilizations have come across it on earth that have taken it.

You had a ton of the Han raping and pillaging, Alexander the Great raping and pillaging, you had all of these things take place, the Germans, the Nazis raping and pillaging.

War after war, conflict after conflict… You come in, you take over a country, you rape and pillage the people and all of their wealth and take it over… This not including the mining aspect of it.

Now understand that these are all things that play into this entire shift.

The scope for the planet, for the human race, for the civilization… You look at all those factions going on bouncing around, each have his agenda.

That’s why I said there’s there’s multiple attempts to bring in a new system, it’s majority is not good, it just puts us back into the same slavery that we’ve been crawling out of

So understand that also gold can be made out of water, gold can be made out of iron.

They’ve made everybody believe that gold is so valuable and scarce and that’s how they do things on planet earth, that’s how they do it with the human race, you make things scarce, and again what we believe we create, so when we believe that something is scarce it’s going to be scarce.

So the rest of the population is going to believe that and can look at it as valuable and once that’s done then they can control things, you know gold could go to 10,000 an ounce, it could go to a hundred thousand an ounce, it just depends on how it’s gauged and measured with the civilization of the human race.

So when you take all this into consideration, human race is not going to accept another fiat system, period.

There’s too many awake Americans with the Fiat system we had here and the rest of the planet, we want something that has value and has teeth and it’s going to be a gold back system.

Planet Liberation

Planet Liberation

Jared Rand – The Planetary Shift

The doom and gloom thing that I keep warning everybody about, this doom and gloom, doom and gloom, doom and gloom, doom and gloom… Things are going to fall apart, there’s going to be rioting, raping, pillaging, destruction of the social, the social structure is going to break down bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Ain’t gonna happen… All of you that were around a y2k when they said… Oh well you know y2k is scared to live in bejesus out of people and they started buying stuff and stocking up and everything, they were all frightened that there’s something there… Nothing happened. it’s the same thing, they can whip the majority up into a frenzy of believing something is going to happen.

Then guess what, it will be created nine times out of ten… So that’s how they have controlled everybody for so very long.

If everybody believes they’re supposed to pay taxes or they’re going to face the consequences of death and dismemberment, then they’re going to pay taxes.

That’s how you control the populace, that’s how you can throw the masses and a lot of you probably already know that but it doesn’t hurt to keep repeating it.

So when you’re looking at this wealth distribution to the human race now you picture a people that have been raped and pillaged, robbed and stolen from forever, forever…

It has been that way forever, corrupt banking systems structures all designed to line the pockets of a select few of beings who oversee without control factors, without being a cowled accountable for the entire operation of this planet, literally control it all and oversee it.

We’ve come to this transition of it, this major shift for all of us, that’s going on and we talk about.

The shifting of the plant, the earth and the oceans and everything, like I said, it’s not going to be a catastrophic happening with the shorelines flooding.

The shorelines are going to be flooding and they’ll know because water will start rising, things will start happening and then they’ll know that they should probably go somewhere else.

The rehydration, the financial aspect, will have already happened before that takes place so there’ll be a lot of wealth amongst a lot of good people who want to do a lot of good things and that makes my heart wonderful.

I feel wonderfully well that there are so many people from the emails coming in that I’m reading, what people have done and and I don’t care how old anybody is, you know, I don’t look at age factors, I never have.

I think that, especially in our country, we have a tendency to get carried away with the age factor where I think we’re almost obsessed with it, probably because of the brainwashing of the pharmacy.

If you’re 80 so what? If you can walk, you can talk and you can still see with glasses, then that’s great because we need every single person, every single human that we could possibly get to hold up to affect this change.

The fact is that, you know the rosy color glasses, we took those off a long time ago and we realize that we got a lot of work to do, and we have a lot of counties, a lot of cities, a lot of states to clean up.

You know we have projects, we have rehab projects, we have we have holistic healing, we have holographic healing, we have a just an absolute cornucopia of agents for from past lives, soldiers of Light that have been left here on planet earth who have come here to help with this transition.

There’s a lot of those people, it’s not not all of them are young, not all of them are middle-aged, some of them were some of the first that came in during this timeline, during this lifetime, they are in their 80s, 70s and are very capable, very aware of orchestrating a lot of things.

That’s the way this was designed for the time.

They came in, started building the runways so that eventually as the younger ones come in, they come into younger bodies and are able to take it from there.

They come in and pick it up from the architects so the architects build the runways, build the villages, build this, build that, the infrastructure and then the rest take it from there.

What always irritates me, we should have had these technologies 50 years ago, easy

But you know, that’s another challenge for all of us to not being angry.

It’s some of the things that we’re aware, that has happened, that has been perpetrated against the human civilization, and not just this generation but forever, it’s always been that way as long as we’ve existed.

We have been enslaved, we always have that slave structure, feeling like you’re almost locked up all the time even though you’re looking out at 20 acres but you don’t feel like you can explore 20 acres because you feel that you’ve been cordoned off and stopped from having the freedom.

So, when we look at the anger factor, because there’s going to be angry people when this information is finally let out and people start understanding, they start learning about religion, they start finding the truth out about several religions, they start finding the truth out about governments, they start learning about what’s been withheld from them…

Some people are going to be angry as an initial response, an emotional response…

That’s anger that sets in, we can’t afford any longer to have anger, we cannot afford as a civilization to have anger.

What can we do is, we become firm, strong and aggressive from the standpoint of rebuilding our planet and those that don’t want to work with us basically are gone, they aren’t going to be able to handle the vibrational frequency.

If you take a dark one that is knowingly intent on staying dark and you put them an environment of several Light energy beings they won’t be there long, they can’t take it, they can’t sustain being in that place for very long at all, they will leave.

Some stones and rocks, such as amber, amber keeps them at bay, amber keeps also negative influences and negative energies at bay.

I tell a lot of people, take an amber ring or amber earrings or just a little amber stone when you go out into public you’re going to be around a crowd of people because it absorbs negativity and you can cleanse it by putting it in the freezer or in the refrigerator for 24 hours and it’s just a way of recharging it

Learn about stone power and energies and how that affects us because, remember, everything has a vibrational frequency, everything, so people say… Well, you know, you look in the rock of.. Well rocks alive too in a way, because it’s plasma energy, light energy is plasma energy.

The creator has taken plasma and reshaped and reformed it into all shaped sized forms in existences throughout the universe’s, throughout the multiverses…

So getting back to the anger thing. We direct that energy into rebuilding our planet, period.

Now it’s not that Gaia can’t do that herself, period.

But it’s a way for us to reconnect to who we are with this planet which is essentia, earth is essentia being, so many humans have gotten away from that, they’ve gotten away from it.

And it’s not going out and fouling up the land and building structures and tearing down the arboreal forests of the planet and all of the destruction and disrespect for other life, that’s gone, we have to fix that, we have to correct it.

We have deforested this planet by over eight billion acres, you get to take a minute to think how large of an area that is… We have deforested planet Earth, it’s almost nine billion acres. and we are systematically destroying the lungs of the planet which are the rainforests.

If you don’t know this, we’ve only explored 3% of the rainforests, that’s all we’ve explored, all of the medicinal plants, the naturopathic benefits of different plants and fruits and herbs and roots that exist in the rainforests that we know nothing about, nothing, because the pharmacies have so much of a grip and control over the human race… To keep them drugged up all the time and to keep them sick and ill and constantly stressed and worried.

It’s like everybody is a dollar sign, this has to be fixed, we have to fix it, there’s a lot of damaged humans existing out there worrying if they go to bed at night are they going to wake up, a lot of them aren’t that old.

End of Part One

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