The Lightworker and The Cat

The Lightworker and The Cat

The Lightworker and The Cat. By Interstellar.

After Cobra’s latest update we have received several reactions, from distressed to the opposite of extreme satisfaction for the imminent Yalda transmutation.

This has fuelled to discussions and confrontations on how and when the Event might take place, what is going to happen, in what shape it will take place, what effects it will have on the surface population and a bunch of other issues.

Even here, beliefs, ideas and hopes range widely, without much chances of being in agreement, as obvious.

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But there has been also extreme reactions, convictions rooted in the consciousness that for some reason cannot be “questioned”.

It may also happen that in a simple discussion, you can end up in a total closure in attitudes towards other opinions expressed by the parties.

The extreme of the extreme might also be, paraphrasing, that the cat leaving his human companion for a new one is an ungrateful animal, without realizing that it is not exactly so.

In the following piece we will use the cat and its relationship with humans to make an example of how beliefs or even unconscious beliefs can lead to negation of obvious and basic facts only for the convenience of maintaining certain convictions and false security.

Plasmatic Worm by Vokun

Plasmatic Worm by Vokun

The Lightworker and The Cat


You Are The One You Believe It’s The Cat

The cat is an animal of solitary origins, with a strong instinct of survival and for this reason it can live without a human reference.

For this very reason they seek the company of humans in a free way, succeeding in getting in touch and in profound relationship, while maintaining its autonomy.

Ceramic Stellar Cat

Ceramic Stellar Cat

The Lightworker and The Cat


To establish a relationship with the cat, based on mutual and equal trust, we need a deep respect for its nature and its timing, the need of understanding the signals that it launches to get in touch with us.

Not all people are really aware of this aspect and relate to the animal with the conviction that it is enough to offer him food to gain his trust.

Nothing can be more superficial.

The same people who live in this belief are astonished when their four-legged friend decides to change its environment by moving away from home.

This is because feeding is not the same as taking care or getting into deep relationship.

The reaction to such a situation is interesting and it is here that comes into play the mechanism defined as Psychological Projection.

According to this concept, one’s own characteristic is experienced as belonging to another.”

It is a defense mechanism that has the function of managing anxiety and maintaining self-esteem.

This concept helps us to better understand and analyze the degree of people’s awareness of unforeseen phenomena in the immediate but only with a greater degree of reflection

Stellar Cat

Stellar Cat

The Lightworker and The Cat


In the case of a cat that decides to live elsewhere, for example, the reaction of the abandoned “master” may be of disbelief, but also of hostility or aggression.

This reaction ends up attributing to the cat the characteristics (ingratitude, anaffective, unappreciative) that are actually of the own person.

Often the things that happen to us are much more complex than they appear.

The evolution of consciousness and the rise of awareness are the only paths to go beyond what it seems to be, what we hoped for, and it offers us an interesting opportunity to understand something more of what belongs to us and not to others.

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