The Flock The Pack and The Dreamers

The Flock The Pack and The Dreamers

The Flock The Pack and The Dreamers. By Zero.

I have a feeling of a certain amount of downturn in the part of the population that we identify with. I must admit that it is understandable.

Although there are many etheric signs that the situation is changing, for the beginning of the change on the physical palne these signals are not evident to the masses, nor to the dreamers.

More than a change, it seems that the population of the Light has begun a steeply climb toward the New Earth, facing the mountain to climb wearing the flipflops, and so becoming aware that it will not be simple, and they are discovering it one step at a time.

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Afghanistan Mountains

Afghanistan Mountains

The Flock The Pack and The Dreamers

As we approached the moment of the Liberation and the Event, more and more people began to dream, interpreting the various messages, etheric and on the web, as a hope to wake up one day and find the New Earth ready, beautiful and readymade.

But every morning they wake up and the New Earth is not ready… Yalda is still there, there are plasma worms and maybe then there will be the plasma bugs, we could finally break the veil and we could eventually find, as someone says, that the veils are 4.

We might also find that so many have never begun, despite the exhortations, to travel to their interior, something that has to be done if we really want to go toward the 4D.

In short, everyone has his convictions to the point that this awakening, and the Event, is becoming a new belief system.


Getting Lost

Go beyonf the Third Dimension - Elevate the Vibrations

Go beyonf the Third Dimension – Elevate the Vibrations

The Flock The Pack and The Dreamers

If by chance you use critical thinking you will be unimaginably attacked, I had to stop commenting on Cobra’s blog, incredible, was like to scream blaspheme words during a religious service.

I think this is the path we have to walk, obviously … once again confirming that the process of awakening and ascension are a “solitary” thing, you and yourself, the one inside, the one you have to look for.

And here we are with the dreamers who get lost, the big risk of the Lightworker, getting lost …

Here we are again, close to hear that “if all the Lightworkers would have done their job, the Event would have happened years ago” but it is clearly too demanding to understand what each of us task is, better stay in the belief system of the Light, and hope that what others do in our place, is enough.

Well, what the others do in our place is NOT SUFFICIENT, make it a reason! Use critical thinking, also called discernment, and not be fooled by what theoretically resonates nicely because it is a beautiful dream, reality is what we are creating, without doubt, but if we are creating a dream reality based on impossible things, beliefs, we will live that.

There are no saviors, there are not those who will do the work in our place, there is no reset of the DNA (and in case, it will be the etheric, not the physical one, in my opinion) while waiting on the couch, this is a system of Archontic beliefs, and they work efficiently, they know how to do it, so many have told us already.

Connect to Higher Self - The Climb

Connect to Higher Self – The Climb

The Flock The Pack and The Dreamers

We are the ones we have been called to do the job, and we have to go all the way, so it is enough with this downturn, enough of dreams.

What to do? Travel in the interior, connect with Source (I know it’s big words and we’re still far away but this is the target), conveying and reverberating positive energy (which does not mean dreaming roses, flowers and lil hearts), and push!

When Christ came to earth after about 24,000 years of submission, the Event was not yet in the plans, he left his message of Unconditional Love and here we are, after 2,000 years … I leave to you the reflections.

I know that for this last sentence I will be attacked and crumpled but I wrote it a few years ago in Cobra’s comments and unfortunately I still think it, I hope to see the true Planetary Liberation at least in my next life, the Event in this one, maybe in a little while, and on this I corrected my hope, years ago I was hoping for the Event in my next life.

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