The Experiences Of Elevation

The Experiences Of Elevation

Intermingling Of Dimensions

The Experiences Of Elevation – Intermingling Of Dimensions. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Many people wonder why there is continual chaos and confusion on Earth/Gaia if indeed “She” is receiving pulsations of SOURCE LIGHT and elevating to higher places in the cosmos where vibrational frequencies are faster (such as journeying thru the Photon Belt), and therefore, if “She” is being cleansed of denseness and disharmony.

The answer is that there is an organized process to clearing, cleansing, and illumination.

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​While earthly humanity is being transformed in its DNA from carbon to crystalline and while cellular memory is being cleared, consciousness of what is often termed the “third dimension” (3d) is still prevalent.

In other words, even though we are steadily becoming more spiritually-attuned to the “Divine Symphony” and advancing to the “Fifth Dimension” (5D) and beyond, we are still hearing and seeing the discordant “out-of-tune” political, sociological, philosophical, economical, etc. conditions of “3D”.

The first aspect of a human being that changes or transforms at this time of an astounding evolutionary process is the consciousness which begins to connect more avidly to the super-consciousness which is the Higher Self or the Soul.

The physical vessel levels up later to be in alignment with the super-consciousness.

Divine Symphony

The Experiences Of Elevation

DNit Telegram Channel

“Prana” (“Life force” [Sanskrit] which is also called “Chi” [Chinese] or “Ki” [Japanese], etc–all languages have a word for this) exists in every aspect of being an entity on whatever planet, in whatever galaxy, in whatever universe is inhabited.

At the Soul (Higher Self) level, it is consciousness, intellect, and immortality.

At the mental level, it is the ability to analyze and theorize about one’s experiences.

In the physical vessel, it is the breath which sends forth oxygenation to the brain which governs the movements and other actions of each muscle, gland, organ, tissue, cell, atom, and sub-atomic particle.

The Experiences Of Elevation DNA Cosmic Activation

DNA Is Being Transformed

The Experiences Of Elevation

​Even each element –earth, air, fire, water, ether–contains powerful “Life Force”– all of which are receiving enormously potent SOURCE LIGHT in larger forms according to how well we are acclimating to and anchoring into the LIGHT that has already been administered.

Because of free will capability, however, there are some people who insist on a material focus only, whose philosophy is hatred, accusations, criticisms, oppression, suppression, greed, toxic experimentations, war, and all of the other “out-of-tune” disharmonies which interfere with the re-birth into the “New Golden Age”.

Those who are leveling-up to the new galactic space/time continuum or timeline witness these situations but do not have to be involved with them.

As one of the earthly world’s greatest prophets and teachers once stated: “Be ye in the world but not of it” (Yeshua Ha Messiah).

A very simplistic example is this: Perhaps there is a thunder storm raging–lightning is flashing; thunder is booming; rain is pouring forth torrentially from the skies; winds are howling.

You can either venture outside and endure the harsh weather and be pummeled and soaked with rain; pushed about by the winds; and experience many other challenges of the storm, or you can remain safely inside your home watching the weather from a window while drinking a warm cup of delicious tea.

You have, thus, made a wise choice with your free will.

So, the shopping trip or the social engagement or the meeting can wait.

Even if you have a job to go to, if the weather conditions are too dangerous to venture out into, this should be realized by you as well as your supervisors.

If the supervisors still expect you to venture out anyway, you have to be strong enough to refuse.

The above example is how higher dimensions work. The “3D” chaos and confusion may be happening, but our “5D” and beyond super-conscious alignments are the shores of safety.

This is why it is so important to meditate daily and to employ spiritual and natural modalities.

Such actions steer us higher and away from stormy “3D” seas.

We attract others who are steering in our direction and who are elevating as we are doing to higher Vibrational Frequencies.

Maneuvering the “Ship of Transformation” may be challenging too with its physical, mental and emotional symptoms or activations or upgrades from carbon to crystalline, but SOURCE LIGHT is our “Captain” and will make the journey easy for us to navigate if we follow the direction towards illumination.

The Experiences Of Elevation  Cristalli

Quartz Crystals

The Experiences Of Elevation

As we “read” the navigation manual of DIVINE ORDER, and we learn of the COSMIC HOLY BOOK, we will understand more clearly how Earth’s/Gaia’s and our elevation is assured while, as earlier mentioned, the clearing, cleansing, and illuminating SOURCE LIGHT process continues.

We do not have to experience darkness. We may see it, but we can choose to live by LIGHT knowing that the darkness is being dissolved.

There is a lesson even in the darkness, even if it is no more than realizing what NOT to align or associate with any longer.

Let us come aboard our “Star Ship Galactic Light” and soar throughout the cosmos! Say daily: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT!”.

This brief affirmation is very protective. Affirmations such as this were known in ancient times and still so today in certain cultures as reciting a “Sankalpa”.

The Experiences Of Elevation Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension

The Experiences Of Elevation

After saying it, envision LIGHT soaring down thru your crown and throughout and around your physical vessel.

It also helps to carry a Rainbow Clear Quartz Crystal as a reminder of LIGHT frequencies.

The rainbow is a reflection of ancient sunlight upon water. Quartz Crystals are the oldest of the other crystals and gemstones of the planet Earth/Gaia.

They are billions of years of age. They are being made more powerful as cosmic energetics (solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, super-novas, etc.) send forth energy currents to the magnetic and geomagnetic fields of the planet.

Prayers, mantras, and affirmations can be recited into them, and thus, they can be programmed for healing, protection, attraction of necessary circumstances, etc. However, they can only be programmed for good.

Otherwise, any dark agendas that are attempted to be programmed into them will have a boomerang effect. SOURCE will not allow them to be ill used.

The weeks, months, and years ahead will be filled with various kinds of happenings on the dense “3D” level as well as on the higher spiritual levels of LIGHT as the “New Golden Age” spoken of so much opens in its fullness.

Remember that all is well.

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The Morning Star Rises!

The Morning Star Rises!

Every 18 months, the planet Venus makes a lovely swirling dance around Earth/Gaia which looks like a couple of petals of a sweet rose. It will make this movement in a cycle of five times before it comes to exactly conjunct the Sun of our galaxy. On June 3rd, 2020, Venus has come to that alignment with our Sun, and thus, it has been 90 years, almost a century, since this conjunction has occurred.

Setting Intentions In Eclipse Season

Setting Intentions In Eclipse Season

As mentioned in earlier articles, “Eclipse Season” is going to be energetically intense, especially with Mercury also going into its retrograde. May 29th was the entrance into the Mercury Retrograde “pre-shadow” which indicates what the focus will be for the retrograde itself which, as a reminder, is from June 17th or 18th until July 11th or 12th according to where you live on the planet and the individual time zones.

Ascension Elevator – Get Ready For A Powerful 2020 Mid-Point

Ascension Elevator – Get Ready For A Powerful 2020 Mid-Point

Get Ready For A Powerful 2020 Mid-Point: June Is An Elevator Ride To Ascension! There is a famous song called “June is Bustin’ Out All Over”, and indeed, this is exactly what is occurring this coming June of 2020. There will be three eclipses in a row which will not happen again until 2029!

Solar Portals And Keys To Obtain!

Solar Portals And Keys To Obtain!

Besides the New Moon and Full Moon portals, there are also Solar Portals. Major solar activity can be expected on Earth/Gaia at these times due to the Sun of our galaxy moving thru strong electro-magnetic frequencies in space and receiving cosmic rays from outside of our solar system. Accordingly, there can be powerful solar winds which send out plasma waves of radiation which come into the planet’s magnetic (inner) and geomagnetic (outer) fields because of the depletion of Earth/Gaia’s protective shields due to disharmonious actions having been taken over many centuries upon “Mama Earth/Gaia” by low levels of Human Consciousness.

Overlapping Portals – Increased Light Activations

Overlapping Portals – Increased Light Activations

We are continuing to experience the “Pleiades Portal” (see earlier article on this), and we have now entered as of today, Tuesday, May 19, 2020, the “New Moon Portal”–a “Galactic Activation Portal”. The Magnetic Field of Earth/Gaia (inner core) has accelerated earlier this morning to “110”, decreased to “77”, but has been up and down at higher frequencies for several days.

The Healing Portal: The Pleiades!

The Healing Portal: The Pleiades!

Each year from approximately May 16th to May 24th with a peak on the 20th (and these are indeed the exact dates for this year), the star system known as the “Pleiades” comes into exact alignment with the Sun of our galaxy. This star system is also called “The Seven Sisters”. It derived this name from Greek mythology whereby Pleione and Atlas had seven daughters: Alcyone, Maia, Asterope, Taygeta, Calaeno, Electra, and Merope.

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