Sweden Bombing Crisis Continues

Sweden Bombing Crisis Continues

Sweden Bombing Crisis Continues. By The Gateway Pundit.

As reported in several Alternative Media, there has been an unprecedented number of bombings taking place in Sweden recently, something that is now continuing as yet again several explosions has taken place across the country.

This Sunday a young man died after reportedly blowing himself up after detonating a bomb in the Stockholm area. The incident took place in an apartment building and no-one else was injured.

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The Swedish police say that there are no connections to terrorism as of now, and write on their website that this is being treated as an isolated incident, saying “There is no reason for the public to be scared because of what happened.”

Later on in the day there was yet another explosion in the nearby area. Two buildings were damaged in the attack. Police say that as of now, there is no connection between the two explosions.

Bombing in Sweeden

Sweden Bombing Crisis

But these were not the only bombings to take place in Sweden during a 24 hour period. A powerful explosion took place in the district of Rosengård in Malmö. The blast took place in the stairwell of an apartment building, and was likely meant as a threat according to the police.

If it was aimed at someone who lives in that stairwell, it might have been meant to send a message or a signal,” said Fredrik Bratt, spokesperson for the police.

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Early Monday morning saw the 4th explosion take place in Sweden in just 24 hours. The target was a family apartment building in the city of Landskrona, with the explosion causing material damage to the building. Police received reports that the “house was shaking” after the attack.

Considering Sweden only has a population of 10 million people, this is a very substantial number of bombings per capita.

If this had taken place in the United States which has a population of 325 million people, it would equal 130 bombings in just 24 hours.

Yet there has been almost no reports of these attack in Sweden in the international mainstream media, coincidence?

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