Stargate Central Sun Jared Rand

Stargate Central Sun

Jared Rand

Stargate Central Sun Jared Rand. By Interstellar. Source The Real Truth Call.


Is there a Stargate system out there that they travel through to different parts of the galaxy?

Absolutely, absolutely, some of the stargates are destroyed, don’t work anymore but others are fully functional, in fact our sun is very unusual in our solar system because it happens to be a Jumpgate of a sort where a lot of civilizations jump into our solar system.

It’s actually a portal a gateway, not a lot of Suns have a gateway but ours does, that’s why they have filmed so many anomalies, as they call them.

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The jumpgates and the stargates, like in the movie with Kurt Russell, in the Stargate movie, most of that’s true, the military going through these jumpgates and stargates and traveling, and then the whole Stargate series, a lot of that is true, a lot of that went on and still goes on.

Like you said you were drawn to science fiction movies, some people think they’re stupid, and I’m not interested in, that’s just a bunch of poppycock…

The reason you’re drawn to those things is because you’re accustomed to advanced technologies for past lifetimes and you’re drawn to it because it’s familiar to you and it’s believable to you because you have in some way shape or form have probably used a Stargate.

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You gravitate or drawn to some of these technologies because it’s a familiarity, it’s almost like a comfort and you can’t get enough of it because you keep absorbing, you want to know more, you want more, but yeah, we definitely have Stargates, we have wormholes, we have the Gateway that zips you off to other galaxies.

We have really been kept in the dark on planet Earth, you literally have to call it a prison planet because people have been kept totally in the dark for such a very long time.

I mean you know when you’ve got over a thousand species of extraterrestrials traveling through our solar system on a daily basis.

They have really kept things from us big time, when we should have been interacting and meeting with them.

Most of them are benevolent, they aren’t lecherous destructive beings, they don’t need to be technologically advanced, they’ve gotten to a point in their existence and their evolution that blowing each other up just isn’t a thing to do, doesn’t accomplish anything.

And then of course there are a small portion that are violent and very territorial and destructive so it’s just like the Draco’s, some of the Draco’s are not good, they’re very bad.

I always call it the good the bad and the ugly like in the old Sergio Leone movie with Clint Eastwood.

Central Sun Flash

We talked about the Central Sun and the wave of energies coming in, we talked about the temperance of that wave, we talked about the fringe of the wave hitting everybody, it’s affecting everybody.

The wave will be tampered, the main wave is going to be tampered so that the human race can handle it so that we won’t blow a fuse and that’ll be in before the end of the year, that wave will be here.

We’ve talked about the earth changes and I talked about not to none fear mongering for people, I talked about those so that people are aware.

They can get on the Internet start looking other stuff, start for themselves, formulating and figuring out stuff, and there’s a things I like doing… Is to have people mobilized with certain things that I say so that they can capitalize on those things.

They have a launching pad so they say… You know what, I’m going to go check that out myself, I want to do this and I’m going to do this and I want to do that.

You’ll find that a lot of the things I talk about you’ve heard different way shapes or form through the years, some of you have been around for a long time and some of this jogs you’ve probably heard in one seminar, one group meeting or some place or somewhere.

But the intent here… We’re going to eliminate money on Planet Earth now.

You all know that and no, it’s not going to be in eight months… Two, three, four years but it will eventually take place.

What it’s about it’s gathering as many people together so that they can go out and start helping different groups of people, unifying those groups because unity is the power of the human race.

All know we do have a hard time with that because of all the different beliefs and all the mechanisms and all the social structures cultures on this planet.

We have a very difficult time… the human race, our civilization, and that that’s what we work on, try to humanize the human condition which means bringing people together of all walks of life so that they can cooperate without the egos.

The money disappearing, no monetary system, start thinking nonprofit, start thinking we’re not interested in profit, we’re interested in funding for the project so that we can launch these things and if it takes ten years to complete a project it takes ten years… If it’s ongoing it’s ongoing.

The key is is to get the wealth of the planet into the most responsible hands for distribution and that means a lot of these… A lot of people on this call are stewards of the wealth of planet Earth.

You’re literally stewards because the massive amount of wealth… There really isn’t any label for it.

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