Solar Portals And Keys To Obtain!

Solar Portals And Keys To Obtain!

Solar Portals And Keys To Obtain! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Besides the New Moon and Full Moon portals, there are also Solar Portals.

Major solar activity can be expected on Earth/Gaia at these times due to the Sun of our galaxy moving thru strong electro-magnetic frequencies in space and receiving cosmic rays from outside of our solar system.

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Accordingly, there can be powerful solar winds which send out plasma waves of radiation which come into the planet’s magnetic (inner) and geomagnetic (outer) fields because of the depletion of Earth/Gaia’s protective shields due to disharmonious actions having been taken over many centuries upon “Mama Earth/Gaia” by low levels of human consciousness.

These portal energetics will also activate the frequency and amplitude of the planet.

Even though the shields of Earth/Gaia are being gradually strengthened by SOURCE LIGHT, they are still much less healed and sealed than they will be in the coming future when collective consciousness has leveled up sufficiently enough to be better illuminated with greater knowledge and empowerment.

Human beings are still quite carbon-based in a collective sense which means that that they are more electrically-infused.

Solar Portals - Human Consciousness

Rising Of Human Consciousness

Solar Portals

DNit Telegram Channel

However, as the molecular structure, cells, atoms, and total DNA are transformed in these evolutionary space/time continuums, the physical vessel will be much more capable of handling photonic waves of energy because of the Divinely-ordained illumination process of LIGHT reception.

As was pointed out at the “SHINE” conference in England in the year 2000, there is high energy in the galactic plain.

Solar Portals - DNA Recalibration

DNA Recalibration

Solar Portals

The energy from this area carries encoded messages.

The mitochondria in the human DNA (the part that receives information) is the energy-carrying portion of the cells.

Mitochondria is now accepting more photons (Light) which is changing the cells from carbon to crystalline.

Humanity is thus moving away from electro-magnetic frequencies being the main way of sending messages throughout the nervous system.

However, “grounding” is necessary in order to remove the excess stagnant energy from the physical vessel that could possibly impede the reception of necessary LIGHT.

“Grounding” processes “charge” one atom to the next. The process of removing the excess energy created by being so carbon-based, is so that photons can be better received in which to create the body of LIGHT.

Solar Portals - Grounding


Solar Portals

There are “keys” to doing this.

An excellent way in which to prepare the nervous system for the reception of increased LIGHT is by eating magnesium-rich foods.

Magnesium does the following: assists with better sleep, relaxes the nervous system, creates stronger muscles, re-mineralizes teeth, alkalizes the body, hydrates the cells, creates proper enzyme function within the cells, enhances insulin secretion which facilitates sugar metabolism and prevents diabetes, and stimulates the necessary hormone “calcitonin” and suppresses “parathyroid” toxicity ( which breaks down bones).

Magnesium-rich foods are those which are also most alkaline, and they are: apples, almonds, asparagus, lima beans, string beans, avocadoes, bananas, beets, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, chard, chicory, endive, dandelion greens, cherries, chestnuts, coconuts, currants, dates, figs, grapes, pumpkins, pineapple, radishes, raisins, raspberries, rutabagas, squash, kohlrabi, spinach, turnips, lemons, limes, watermelons, mushrooms, olives, onions, garlic, oranges, grapefruit, peaches, pears, and salmon.

Alkaline foods should comprise 90 percent of our meals and acid-forming foods only 10 percent.

Wearing certain “grounding” gemstones, which are actually hardened minerals, will also transfer magnesium into the cells via their vibrations.

The best ones are: Dravite (Brown Tourmaline), Rubellite (Pink and Red Tourmaline), Iolite, Nephrite (a type of Green Jade), Rhodonite, Olivine (also known as “Peridot”), Diopside, and Vesuvianite.

Other ways in which to “ground” are by

1.) consciously sending LIGHT from the crown into the entire physical vessel and envisioning this LIGHT soaring from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of our galaxy to Earth/Gaia and then into ourselves, and

2.) by chanting certain mantras. An excellent “grounding” mantra is “AUM SHAKTI AYEH NAMAHA”. (“Oh, Divine, I bow to Thy energy and strength”). Chant this several times throughout the day in as many rounds as possible (but at least 21 times each session).

Wearing a prayer mala in which this mantra has been chanted is also extremely powerful in its “grounding”, healing, and protective frequencies.

The following dates are when the Solar Portals will occur in this year of 2020:

  • June 8th thru to June 21st
  • July 4th to the 17th and another from July 17th to July 30th
  • August 12th to August 25th
  • September 7th to September 20th
  • October 3rd to the 16th and again from October 16th to October 29th

There was already a Solar Portal from May 13th to May 26th which most people on the planet felt in various ways based upon reports coming in from all over the planet.

What must also be realized about these portals is that their energy does not just come on certain dates and then leave on the closing dates.

Solar Portals - Energetics

Energy And Strength

Solar Portals

Instead, their energies still activate spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional “symptoms” of transformation and reception of potent LIGHT even after the portal has closed. Shortly after, another portal opens.

This means, therefore, that we are constantly being adjusted, acclimated, and upgraded by cosmic occurrences.

This is certainly challenging but vital so that humanity can realize its “Divine Design”.

As more of Earth/Gaia’s inhabitants voluntarily increase their vibrations and elevate to super-conscious levels and use the gift of free will righteously, the more that SOURCE LIGHT can repair and protect the planet’s shields.

Then, the easier we can deal with increased illuminating photonic LIGHT. Certainly SOURCE could perform an immediate complete LIGHT transference into us and thus make us total “bodies of LIGHT”.

However, SOURCE is desirous of our consciously understanding how we must actualize LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, and APPRECIATION FOR ALL OF CREATION. In other words, lessons must be learned.

Parents, for example, do not just give a child a brand new shiny automobile if he or she is bringing home poor grades! When the grades improve, then perhaps this type of gift is possible if the economic picture allows.

Also, a Professor will not give a student a letter grade of “A” if he or she never comes to class, submits poorly done homework, does not pay attention during lectures, and generally behaves in inappropriate ways.

Instead, the student will receive a poor grade or even fail the course.

Likewise, a person who cannot properly play a musical instrument will not be selected as a member of an orchestra.

These examples are to illustrate that SOURCE is allowing humanity to turn towards the LIGHT on its own (with some cosmic mystical inspiration, of course).

And then SOURCE will eventually say to individuals and eventually to the collective: “Well done!”

Solar Portals - Harmonic Convergence

Harmonic Convergence

Solar Portals

There are other galaxies which have been thru the “initiations” that earthly humanity is currently moving thru, and they are cheering us on.

One day they will appear more clearly in this planetary field of energetics for all, rather than just for some, to communicate with easily.

For now, however, there is more studying to do, a more spiritual orientation to focus upon, and more LIGHT to adjust to receiving as crystallization continues to occur.

The coming Solar Portals are times for these activities, especially since so many planets in our solar system are retrograde.

Welcome the Portals!

More by Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Dna Enhancement Thru Sound And Light

Dna Enhancement Thru Sound And Light

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a transmitter and receiver of SOUND AND LIGHT just as is “Mama Earth/Gaia”, and thus, DNA contains codes of information which do not just deal with our earthly physiological, mental, and emotional make-up as received from our ancestors and current parents; rather, it also contains HIGHER KNOWLEDGE of the celestial realms which allow us to connect with our HIGHER SELVES, our SOULS, which is our Divine heritage.

Powerful Blasts Of Light – A Reminder Of The Transformative Times!

Powerful Blasts Of Light – A Reminder Of The Transformative Times!

As of this report, we are just a few days from the Lunar Eclipse of July 4th or 5th of 2020 according to individual time zones, and we have reached the mid-point of the year. We have had two other eclipses already: a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and a Solar Eclipse on June 21st which also established a new “Galactic Time Sequence”.

Understanding The Original Yogas

Understanding The Original Yogas

The Sanskrit word “Yoga” translates into English as “Divine Union” which refers to being yoked to the ABSOLUTE, to SOURCE, to which we are always attuned via our Higher Self, the Soul. Endeavoring in adherence to the “Yogas” is a lifestyle–not a periodic ritualistic practice during a special time or for a quick fix during the course of a day. The original “Yogas” are the root from which many other “Yoga” systems have been created in modern times.

Time To Focus On Illumination

Time To Focus On Illumination

Prepare for much to occur in the weeks and months ahead. Be leveled-up along with Earth/Gaia. “She” is expressing lots of elevated frequencies and amplitudes. Sometimes “She” has a quiet few moments, but most of the time, “She” is very active with higher energetics in the inner and outer fields–the magnetics and geo-magnetics. These are amazing times!

Could History Repeat Itself? Let Us Turn Up The Source Light!

Could History Repeat Itself? Let Us Turn Up The Source Light!

The magnetic (inner field) and geomagnetic (outer field) of the planet receives energy currents from many types of cosmic events (solar flares, solar winds, plasma waves, solar sector boundary crossings, etc.). Some of these events are more potentially potent than others as is the case with the Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020. The world is already fraught with pandemic trauma, racial strife, and economic turmoil–all causing sociological and political discord.

Centering In The Light – More On The Coming Solar Eclipse!

Centering In The Light – More On The Coming Solar Eclipse!

The Solar Eclipse occurring on June 21st at 0 degrees and 21 minutes of Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac requires that collective humanity recognizes its “one-ness” with SOURCE and with each other. As has been verified by scientific and spiritual teachings, and as I have, therefore, often stated, we are comprised of the same substances as the stars in the cosmos! Stars and planets also have vibrational sounds, and thus, we are “notes” within a “Divine Symphony”.

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