Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017. By South Front.

Mosul – Iraq

Iraqi forces are close to full liberation of the city of Mosul. ISIS terrorists keep some resistance only in a small area of Old Mosul in the western part of the city. According to local sources, their defense will be destroyed soon.

On Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived Mosul city preparing to officially announce its liberation.

Last Clashes for the Complete Mosul Liberation

Last Clashes for the Complete Mosul Liberation

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017


This map provides a general look at the military situation in the Syrian city of Raqqah on July 10, 2017. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition, are advancing against ISIS terrorists in the Old Raqqah area.

Situation in Raqqah

Situation in Raqqah

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017

CIA and Al-Qaeda Affiliation

On Sunday, Faylaq al-Rahman published a video that shows the targeting a group of Syrian soldiers east of the capital Damascus using a US-made TOW missile. This was the first confirmation of the usage of US-made missiles in Eastern Ghouta.

Faylaq al-Rahman have used TOW missiles several times against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) armors in Aiyn Tarma area, but without announcing that.

On Sunday, Faylaq al-Rahman also targeted an SAA tank using a TOW missile.

TOW Missiles from the CIA Directly to Al-Qaeda - American War on Terror

TOW Missiles from the CIA Directly to Al-Qaeda – American War on Terror

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017

From its side, the SAA launched a large-scale attack from four directions on the positions of Faylaq al-Rahman and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS; formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in Aiyn Tarma. The SAA managed to advance and seize several buildings in the vicinity of the meat factory and the Al-Kheer markets deep inside Aiyn Tarma.

During its advance, the SAA killed and injured awhole group of Faylaq al-Rahman fighters, and also repelled a counter-attack by Faylaq al-Rahman fighters on its new positions.

Faylaq al-Rahman’s acquisition of TOW missiles in Eastern Ghouta is another case in which HTS allies have obtained US weapons. Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Islam that is hostile to HTS has not got TOW missiles. This leads some to allegation that the CIA support is limited to Al-Qaeda allies in Syria.


The Syrian Army and its allies have have captured a major part of the al-Haid gas fields near Palmyra and now are attempting to push ISIS from the rest of the area.


Situaztion in Homs Province

Situaztion in Homs Province

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017

Meanhile, reports appeared about reinforcements, including a notable number of artillery pieces and multiple rocket launcher systems, received by government forces operating in the area of Palmyra. According to local sources, the striking force is now concentrated near the Arak gas field.

If confirmed, this will mean that the army and its allies are going to launch a major push towards the Daesh-held town of Sukhna soon.

Situation in Palmyra and Arak

Situation in Palmyra and Arak

Siria Iraq Update July 10 2017

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