Silver Trigger Cobra Interview Notes

Silver Trigger Cobra Interview Notes

Silver Trigger Cobra Interview Notes. By Golden Age Group.

There are many reasons to buy silver exactly on the 11th of November. The first reason for people to buy silver is that it has a very specific energy and is connected with Goddess energy. This is one of the reasons.

The other reason is that the price of silver is not so high so more people can join these excavations much easier to people buying silver than buying gold or platinum.

Silver bars are pure silver and there are also some other energetic are reasons but basically it’s better to buy bars or coins. Only silver, no  gold or platinum, 3-5 grams at minimum.

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There has to be conscious intent behind the purchase

You can buy those objects like silver houseware such as silver spoon, teapot or comb. It will be good as long as the objects made of pure silver.

The light forces start to count the number of people buying silver when the first time zone on Earth enters Nov 11th, I would say the peak of activation would be the afternoon of UTC, it will it be more energetically beneficial if silver is bought near or in the time frame of Mercury Transit.

It doesn’t matter how you buy it, the only thing that needs to happen is to become your property. You need to be the owner of that silver, you can buy silver with credit card, cryptocurrency or borrowed money.

Silver Trigger Cobra - Silver Rooster Coin

Silver Rooster Coin – Australia (Approx price 20 €)

Silver Trigger Cobra

DNit Telegram Channel

It is not necessary to avoid buying any type of silver coins on that day, such as coins with Queen Elizabeth portrait. What counts is the silver inside the coin.

Occulticly speaking, such design will give her control over all that silver. But if we buy silver portrait on 1111, we will actually take silver out of her control. So it is actually a good thing.

The silver bought on 11/11 will have special energy because it will be infused with the energy of the 11/11 portal. But if you feel guided at any point to sell it, of course you can.

There is absolutely no possibility for Cabal to install fake silver specifically for this purpose. But there are some fake silver coins around. If you buy it from reliable sources there is almost zero possibility that you will buy fake silver.

Silver Trigger Meditation

Mercury Transit is on the day of 11/11 portal activation. Actually Mercury transits are quite rare.

Whenever they happen, they bring a very strong flash of energy that brings new ideas new understanding in the mental sphere of humanity.

This particular Transit is very specific because Mercury will transit very close to the center of Sun surface as seen from the Earth, so it will be our almost perfect alignment and that it would be very strong.

Monday, November 11th at 15:15 pm UTC

The Silver Trigger Meditation – 11-11-2019

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process.

Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Mercury transit on November 11th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy of the worldwide financial system.

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People as a group can create a print of flower of life mandala and put silver coins in each intersection of mandala. You can use that model with a group meditation and visualize the success of the activation on 11/11.

For a large group, you can create a big printed flower of life mandala and put silver coins in each intersection. Then visualize the success of activation and meditate near the mandala each day before 11/11 to build up the energy.

Many positive ET races use silver to connect with the Goddess energy. There are also certain races which have not yet reached the highest level of technological development. They would use silver as parts of some of their technological devices. But more advanced races do not need silver in their technology. For them, silver is a metal that connects to spirituality rather than technology.

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