Shifting Mental Pain

Shifting Mental Pain

Shifting Mental Pain. By Lisa Renee.

In order to clear and shift mind control and negative thoughts from running one’s life, one must identify them as the symptoms of the planetary and personal consciousness evolution.

This time on earth, more than any other time in human history, is an incredible push towards consciousness participation for humanity to regain spiritual liberation.

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Liberation is free from the effects of negative thoughts and free from emotional suffering.

Each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy, gratitude, and acceptance, you are doing global service work at a personal level.

There is an attitude of interpreting life that will bring you inner peace, calmness, joy, happiness, unconditional love, and equanimity regardless of what is going on in your life and the outside world.

There is another attitude of interpreting life that will make you feel upset, angry, irritable, impatient, moody, emotional, unstable, and depressed.

These are two examples of choices one can make at every moment when interpreting our life experiences.

Shifting Mental Pain - Fear


Shifting Mental Pain

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Neither of these emotional states have anything to do with what is actually going on in your life or in the environment. It has everything to do with how one is interpreting one’s life.

Every chronic state of mental pain that is generated through anger, fear, or worry is an opportunity for one to see the places where love, forgiveness and self-acceptance are required to heal.

Shifting Mental Pain - Pain


Shifting Mental Pain

This pain or fear shows us the areas we need to transcend, in order to evolve from beyond the ego’s mental control over our lives and into being guided by the higher intelligence of our inner spirit.

As long as we resist the inner work necessary to clear fear attitudes and their pain responses, we remain spiritually stagnant.

When we hit cycles of spiritual stagnation, we will feel immense pain or discomfort that will force us to address that pain in order to be liberated from it.

Shifting Mental Pain - Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual Ascension

Shifting Mental Pain

Spiritual development is not always comfortable, and many of us are going beyond our comfort zone at this time, in order to progress to the next level that our spiritual self is demanding from us.

If there is spiritual stagnation present, one will be pushed hard to transform.

This is a byproduct of Spiritual Ascension on our planet and that discomfort shows the pathway to developing and refining the path of liberation, which is only found by following your Inner Spirit.

The Higher Spiritual Intelligence necessitates that we only have preferences, by releasing control to the outcome of events in lives.

This is a process of surrendering and known by the phrase, Let Go and Let God.

If we become attached to a person, place, thing, or the outcome, then manipulation and interference are a byproduct of that attachment.

Attachment is an ego control mechanism based in deep fear.

If we are attached to something and it is creating spiritual stagnation, that object will be removed from our lives so we can refocus ourselves back on the inner spirit.

This is also why practicing having “preferences” over ego attachment will be a much easier process, with less emotional pain.

If we get the lesson the first time, the lesson does not have to be repeated.

Shifting Mental Pain - Manipulation And Interference

Manipulation And Interference

Shifting Mental Pain

Inner peace is a state of mind that accepts the current state of circumstances as they are, without judgment.

When faced with adversity one looks for the opportunity to learn its lesson, in order to move past old recurring patterns.

This expands our consciousness as we transcend previous limitations.

When we move through our fears and perceived limitations we gain incredible amounts of personal power through enhanced self-esteem.

When we know we have the power of our spirit within us, we know we are cared for and that things in our life will work out.

We all have the power of our eternal spirit within us to guide us and keep us safe.

The 12D shield process is the beginning, which allows us to develop a deeper communication link with this aspect of ourselves.

However, we must learn to remove fear and mental bondage in order to be liberated from its control over the body.

The body must be prepared to embody the Spiritual Light, and with that fear programs and negative thoughts must be removed.

As one feels guided, if mental programs have been difficult to control, here is an exercise provided below to bring them to one’s surface awareness.

As we acknowledge these thoughts as stemming from negative ego, similar to facing the ghosts that have been haunting the shadows of our mind, we can see the ghost for what it is.

When we face it clearly, revealing it from its hidden shadows, its power is diminished and it ceases to have the ability to terrorize us.

Shadows are only powerful when they remain hidden and buried, as the shadow masquerades in falsity that uses fear to torment us with lies.

Be brave, to reveal them and place them to face your real spiritual self. The Eternal Self, as I am God I am Sovereign, I am Free!

Our personal sovereignty awaits us through the release of fears by applying personal responsibility to our thoughts and emotions. Choose your authority now, knowing that you are a God, Sovereign, Free Being.

12D Shield VIDEO – Shifting Mental Pain 

Describe your total responsibility for the Fear (and any of your physical imbalances):

Describe the addictions, obsessions and negative thoughts you will stop NOW:

Describe your spiritual connection to the universe:

Describe the Behaviors you will start:

Describe the Behaviors you will stop:

Describe your process of detachment:

When feeling mentally overwhelmed, return to read what you have written.

Review the responsibility you agreed to hold and the commitment you have made to your self to be liberated from the bondage of the mind.

Shifting Mental Pain - Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee

Shifting Mental Pain

Continue to practice now moment awareness and the many other tools available on our website.

During this time let the world unfold and reveal its pathway without pushing to attempt to figure it all out.

Allow things to be what they are, allow people to be where they are.

When personal expectations are shattered from having attachments, practice the skill of allowing.

Allow it to be the way that it is. Relax, Let Go and Allow.

May these times bring peace to reside deeply in your heart.



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