RM Agarthans and Cobra - Jared Rand

RM Agarthans and Cobra

Jared Rand

RM Agarthans and Cobra – Source Jared Rand.

I’m sure a lot of your know Cobra putting out the information about being contacted by the a Agarthans, some of the surface population will be contacted by plainclothes people that will approach them out of the clear blue and talk with them and give them 5 to 15 minutes to determine if they want to go.

If they want to go they’ve got they’ll have a bag and they’ll have about 10 or 15 minutes to put a few of their belongings in the bag and then they will not any longer have surface contact with their loved ones or anybody.

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That’s a lot, that’s a lot to decide in a short period of time, that’s why it will be people that are in a higher vibrational frequency which means they’ve moved into a higher vibrational frequency and they don’t have any fear.

A lot of people have fear and decline and basically it’s the beginning of the integration of Agartha, who are basically our relatives, and to start interacting and working together.

That signifies how close we are to, what Cobra says on his site… the breakthrough, Compression Breakthrough.

Is that is that a believable scenario?


Agartha Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen

Agartha Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen

RM Agarthans and Cobra

DNit Telegram Channel

And then you get the negative thought process thinking that well, maybe they’re all bad and they’re going to imprison us and they’re going to slave us… We’re already enslaved so you can’t be enslaved twice…

If they wanted to do that they could have done that a long time ago, you have to be clear minded, clear hearted and ready to make that commitment and there’s a lot of people that have close contacts and their family members, close context, they’re married, they have children so you can understand, it’s only going to be a select group of people that seem to be much more flexible and are able to make that transition a lot easier on themselves because of the connections they have on the surface of the planet.

You just got to think about that, you could be in a grocery store and be approached as you’re going out the door, I have been approached before by other non-humans, you’re walking out in the parking lot and someone comes up to you and then they start talking with you.

It’s a good thing for people to start thinking about the fact and connecting with your Higher Self and determining if that’s something you can do in the event that you may be approached, because you never know.


Shambhala – The Earth Inside The Earth

RM Agarthans and Cobra

That’s underway and that will be happening across the planet so better you think about it in advance rather than at the last minute because you’re going to have a lot of time and if you’re asked that you have to totally disconnect with a surface population, all your family and friends and relatives, everything, if you’re going to be able to make that commitment you should probably get it out of the way now, whether you’re approached or not.

A lot of times they’ll contact you telepathically, in between dream state, partial dream and non dream so you might be contacted by that way, but in person most likely, and then you know and taking a trip down a dark hole on a bin, a cellar, or a basement of a building.

You really have to be balanced with yourself and have confidence in that being that has asked you if you would like to go to the hollow earth and join them, even help with the transition and planet earth, so it’s something to think about to be aware of it ahead of time.

You can determine… could I honestly leave everything behind, pretty much my belongings, I could only take few things and my clothes will be disintegrated, I’ll have a whole different life, I won’t be able to communicate with the surface population… And then some people say… Well, why is that? Why won’t I be able to do that? That almost sounds like they’re going to put me in some kind of holding cell…

There’s different things that people’s minds are going to come up with and some are going to be negative questioning, wondering… Something doesn’t sound right, something doesn’t come together, why can’t I have contact with the surface population?

Through history there have been people who have gone to Inner Earth and never heard from them again because they like that social structure, so much better than what we have on the surface because you have no war, no disease, no aging, you’ve got peace and prosperity, they don’t use money, they don’t have banks, they don’t have greed and capitalization.

It’s a whole different society and I’m looking forward for humanity to start experiencing that type of living, all these burdens and all of this goop cleared away so that humanity can live and be happy.

We now have a question.


I listened to a video tonight, it was Tom Price from the Positive Side of 2012, I hadn’t heard the Cobra videos or any of this stuff but he wasn’t disparaging on Cobra or anything but he said this was a major trap.

He just went on about this, it really surprised me, I respect him and and his feelings but if you think about that, if you take it from the negative perspective it looks to be just a big trap.

That it’s just a way to get service population enslaved and for them to manipulate and use them however they want. He thought it was like an infiltration against the Lightworkers but it was kind of one of these last-ditch efforts… I don’t know, it resonated with me so I just want to throw it out there and I guess you know… Who knows… But it’s confusing.

Jared Rand

It depends on you, yeah, on how connected you are with yourself and it depends on the vibrational frequency that you pick up, it’s up to each individual because they are going to start contacting surface population humans and it’s best to be aware and to be clear with yourself, to determine for yourself.

Do I sense any negativity? There’s a lot of questions that each each human will have, they’ll have questions like why can’t I communicate with the surface population, why is that? If you want me to help then wouldn’t that be a good idea that once I get orientated down in Agartha that I can help you with the service population orientation since I’m a human?

There’s a lot of a lot of questions you’re going to hear, a lot of bleeding out of people, there’ll be the positives, there will be the intermediates and then they’ll be totally boogeyman.

There should be three different groups that are going to surface out of this, and they’re going to have videos and they’re going to have all kinds of things, they’re going to share with people and I my suggestion is, for each human to be clear with their Higher Self and to be focused on their energy and the actual energy waves that come from the Agarthan representative and to see what they feel.

That’s how we have to go, to be in touch with ourselves to determine how we feel and what we’re picking up on vibrational frequency.

If we feel through our heart center that you’re in an uncomfortable situation then you don’t follow through with it but if you feel unfretted and that Agarthan is sincere, in loving, that’s a different story, some will go some won’t, obviously.

A Team Response (via Tom Price)

No one gets on this planet without a contract. This is the 144,000. Of that we already have 130.000 online, which means they could communicate telepathically with the other side. The Purple Orb (Purple Crystal Communication Orb), which everyone has over their heads, enhances this communication ability.

Anyone coming “to get them”, if necessary at all, must come through a portal via permission. They could show up anywhere, including in your bedroom or mirror. Others may be contacted via a dream or a vision. Common sense tells you that the technique will be optimized to fit the individual.

The ignorant masses will be prevented from any harm.

Furthermore, the A.I. problem is so severe right now that even if Cobra’s blog was accurate, I would not do it. There is simply too much risk with A.I. I’d tell the other side to find another, safer, way to accomplish this.

Also we were clearly instructed by 5D Command to broadcast this information (to make the video, etc.)

Tom Price

Tom Price

RM Agarthans and Cobra, theplanetdailynews.com

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