Ransomware Flase Flag or Beta Test?

Ransomware Flase Flag or Beta Test?

Ransomware Flase Flag or Beta Test? By now we know all about this Ransomware, who, where and when it was attacked.

There is, however, the possibility that all this, which was quite unlikely to be stopped by a twenty-two-year-old Englishman, is actually a False Flag, or, if we do not want to think of it as a conspiracy theorist, a Beta Test for something bigger yet to come.

We know that this Ransomware, a mod of WannaCry, was created by the NSA which allegedly used it to finance their black operations, from which it was robbed and then sold.

At this juncture things get a bit confused, opinions are discordant and it is becoming difficult to understand.

Payment Screen

Payment Screen

Ransomware Flase Flag or Beta Test?

Apparently the software was stolen, and this in the minds of people exonerate the NSA, giving a great example of how misinformation works, diverting the attention to something else, in this case who stole it.

It seems as well that the United States wasn’t hit hard because the kill-switch was triggered by the Brit blogger, who even bought the domain, and still the misinformation technique, the domain cost only 10 euros.

NSA - Yes We Scan

NSA – Yes We Scan

Ransomware Flase Flag or Beta Test?

Then comes the ransom to be paid in Bitcoin, whose internet transactions appear to be seemingly untraceable, although it is still very difficult to believe it, the fact that the banks are not involved in this transactions or depisit is not even cited in the reports of the MSM, another distraction for the masses. It seems as if this attack wants to hit Bitcoin.

In the corporate media, it quickly emerged Russia, or Russian hackers, might be behind this attack.

And here we are, once Russia is named, the red light of the False Flag turns on and we start to connect the dots, analyze the unlikely things and draw the sums.

If you the anlisys by adding all the information on the web it turns out that the authors of everything are always the same, the Cabal, aided by the NSA who built this hellish ransomware, hit out of their house to test it, blamed the Russians or the Chinese or Koreans, as always, and then they invented this hoax of the blogger that saves the World with 10 euros. Probably they will also, later on, chase Bitcoin and somebody else.

And the mainstream media, to put the cherry on the cake, have fired to spread the fear, who knows how many today have updated their operating system!

And should we believe it? DIFFICULT …

NSA Surveillance

Probably Ended?

Khazarian Mafia

Ben Fulford

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