Quick Update On The East


Quick Update On The East. By Gabriel RL.

An important Mission to implement a special Light grid was completed in the Middle East. This fact will reinforce and allow more Agents of the Light to act in that region more freely and without major interference, reducing and neutralizing completely certain negative actions in that area of the planet.

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Halafian Pottery - Vortex

Halafian Pottery – Vortex

Quick Update On The East

The protocol of Light that was concluded there unobstructed the Ley Line passing in that area and consequently, a greater flow of Light will flow there.

Some ancient Egyptian beings of the Order of Akhenaten will begin to incarnate in this geographical region from the end of this year, 2018, until the end of 2020. They will anchor certain Forces of Light, and activate protocols that will liberate many souls from those regions.

A look from all of us to support them in this journey will be very important.


Gabriel RL

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