QAnon March 23 2019 – Rule Of Law

At what point is it mathematically impossible? Power is being returned to the PEOPLE. The RULE OF LAW is being returned to our GREAT LAND. WWG1WGA!!! Q

QAnon March 21 2019 – Child Hanldlers

Epstein island dungeon (beneath the temple).
Sex & torture rooms.
Openly flaunt across social media?

QAnon March 20 2019 – Number(s)

Number(s) do not always equate to days.
The face of a watch/clock has multiple versions.
Incorrect interpretations pushed as statements of fact often lead to pitfalls [stranglehold ‘choke’ tactic used by attackers].
Increase in attacks (de-platform, shill infiltration, MSM/Fake MAGA direct, link(s) to terrorism/acts of violence) only demonstrates validity and close proximity to JUSTICE [PAIN].

QAnon March 19 2019 – You Were Warned

UPDATED 09:09 UTC – You were warned, @Jack. The Strike Will Be Fast. Let’s Keep Playing… Q

QAnon March 18 2019 – Strike

Thanks for playing, @Jack. Showing your hand was the intended target. The ‘STRIKE’ will be FAST. Shall We Play A Game? Q

QAnon Archive

QAnon February 20 2019 – Do Not Let Personal Desires Take Over

UPDATED 20:20 UTC – The DECLASSIFICATION of all requested documents (+ more) will occur. This is not a game. Do not let personal (emotional) desires (“do it now””now””what is taking so long””NOW!”) take over. Logical thinking and strategy should always be applied. Game-Theory. WE ALL WANT TO SEE EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW.

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QAnon February 19 2019 – Look for Placeholder Updates

UPDATED 21:00 UTC – Indictments, arrests, and DECLAS will force WW coverage. Leaks, bribery, collusion re: media will force resignations w/ follow up criminal prosecution. [First Placeholders] OIG report, DECLAS, other released facts re: 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES. Q

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QAnon February 19 2019 – Trust Yourself

How can an entity known only as ‘Q’ (face-less, name-less, fame-less, etc.) begin to ask questions on 4ch (now 8ch) and build something of this magnitude?
How can this same ‘Q’ entity garner such a massive amount of WW MSM [FAKE NEWS] attention [attacks]?
How is it possible this ‘Q’ entity can ‘forecast’ future events or ‘know’ when the POTUS is about to Tweet?
How is it possible ‘FUTURE PROVES PAST’ re: information provided?
How is it possible this ‘Q’ entity, an entity who began by merely asking questions on 4ch/8ch, was able to ………(fill in the blank).

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QAnon February 17 2019 – You Are The News Now

UPDATED 11:11 UTC – How do you know when the media is biased and pushing a knowingly false (fake) narrative? Disinformation campaign designed to buy ‘them’ more time by attempting to ‘con’ enough people in order to remove the duly elected POTUS in order to ‘save’ themselves from prosecution. Enemy of the People. Q

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QAnon Be Careful Who You Follow – February 16 2019

UPDATED 23:23 UTC – Be careful who you follow. #GreatAwakening; it’s bigger than they would like known. Army Chief of Engineers? ALL ‘FUTURE’ CONSTRUCTION? How long have Anons known? FAKE NEWS attacking us daily? D’s are predictable (stupid). Nothing to See Here. Q

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We Are United QAnon Update February 12

UPDATED 18:18 UTC – POTUS “Did they get the clip?” Yes, Mr. President. POTUS “Did they catch all the references?” Yes, Mr. President. POTUS “Show me.” Thank you, Mr. John Vineyard. Thank you, Anons. (return publicly) Q

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