QAnon 28 May 2020 – Evil Surrounds Us – Updated 21:15 UTC

UPDATED 21:15 UTC – USA total pop: 328 million COVID-19 deaths: 100,000 [lockdown] Japan total pop: 126 million [condensed (island)] COVID-19 deaths: 850 [no lockdown] 2 + 2 = 5? Q

QAnon 27 May 2020 – We, The People – Updated 20 UTC

UPDATED 20:00 UTC – [D]s in coordination w/ [D]&[F] assets have launched [as known] a full-scale insurgency attack against the people of the United States in an effort to regain power by any means necessary. All assets deployed. [Current landscape] coordinated and deliberate events to impact [rig] P_election. WAR. The future of our Republic is at stake. Survival as a Nation. We Rise or We Die. We, the People. Q

QAnon 25 May 2020 – ILS Approach Looks Good

Only when information [truth] becomes free [uncontrolled] will people awaken to the levers of control placed upon them. Only then will people find the will to change. Only then will people regain control [power]. Q

QAnon 24 May 2020 – Shadow Presidency – Updated 24 UTC

Updated 24 UTC – The basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way. Q

QAnon 22 May 2020 – Worth Remembering

Worth remembering [soon]. Q

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