Q&A with Jared Rand Banking and Quantum Computer

Q&A with Jared Rand Banking and Quantum Computer

Q&A with Jared Rand Banking and Quantum Computer. By Interstellar. Source The Real Truth Call.

I heard from Yoseph on one of the Human Angel Services call that the world’s banking computers were now on the new Hercules quantum computing system and that apparently meant all deposits and transactions were safeguarded at the highest level with complete transparency in all activities so that a theft of funds that might be tried would not happen.

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Jared Rand

Problem is that you have corrupt personnel in wire rooms across the country in the larger banks.

You’ve probably seen certain groups having problems getting their funding because of repeated delays in the money.

Now you have a swift system, the Swift system everybody knows about is what the Fiat system ran on, the Swift system isn’t completely gone.

If you go into a bank and you ask do you use the Swift system or the SIP system they’re going to tell you they use a Swift system.

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When you have a wire that you send on a pure sip system, the wire takes maybe 30 seconds to a minute no matter where it’s at on the planet, maybe a couple, maybe two minutes, with a swift system it can take hours for that same wire transfer because of the corrupt banking system, because they use the monies across the planet on the private trading and they trade that money to make money, as long as it’s in the bank is their money, they don’t think it’s yours, they think it’s theirs, so they use it and they trade it and I’ll guarantee you, if you pin them to the wall they will not be able to deny that they trade that money every single day as long as they have possession of it.

So what they do is they try this to effect a change, now if you’ve got a transparent system going on those bankers are arrested, which is happening across the country and across the planet.

When they perpetrate a wrongdoing that they can no longer hide and come up with excuses, when you have a banking system that’s been so corrupted for so long and ran by a handful of beings in their favor.

It’s a matter of elimination of these people that have been perpetrating these crimes.

You just saw HSBC with some more problems, it’s not that they’re completely dirty, is just that these banks have been runned, it’s so corrupted for so long that these people are everywhere, they’re there they’re in every corner so they surface so and it doesn’t matter… One guy does something wrong and he gets 10:00 to 2:00 and he’s gone, the next guy will do the same thing.

If that computing system was fully functional and everything was transparent and everything was operating clean and out in broad daylight the RV would already be here and everybody would have exchanged, that’s the temperance, that’s the gauge right there, because everything is being controlled from a different direction on the monetary plan, the planet, monetarily, it’s no longer Western controlled, it’s Eastern controlled, obviously with the new gold backed Yuan.

So when you talk about the Hercules computer system and you talk about transparency, the transparency is in place, the people that are working the system they are not all good guys, so we have problems that arise and they’re being feted out now, but the actual system is operating clean, it’s not the system that’s in disarray or bad position, it’s actually in very healthy position, it’s the people that are involved in these banks that glitch it up, cause for the delays.

When we tried this in 2001 we were ready to release the global currency reset and revaluation of currencies and the juice era, the global Reformation Act and the National Reformation Act, here in the States, basically the new computer centers were in place at the Pentagon, underneath the the farm field out in Pennsylvania that was taken out or the big hole was there…

Why would the plane crash and to take that out?

It actually wasn’t a plane, it was a missile but when you you look at that, how that happened, how they were ahead of the game, how they had the moles on the Alliance side that are monitoring all this and do exactly what was going on they knew exactly where they had us.

On one of the Twin Towers, on the second floor, they had new computer system, they were going to make the announcement from that, those buildings, on 10 a.m. And on that on nine-one-one 2001 they were going to make that announcement, everything was in place, in fact that whole wing was taken out by that cruise missile.

It was a new computer installation to handle a lot of the new processing for the computer systems, for the new system, for the new financial system and the gold-backed currency on the planet.

It was all taken out so that set us back 16 years, during that time we learned things and we’re able to start all over again, put the new system in place, shift the monetary control to the east, have everything put in place, start engineer, getting rid of the corruption, get rid of the collusion with the banks, get rid of the bad guys challenging fighting war after war after battle after battle after battle.

Getting this thing clean and neat so it’s safe, and I emphasize the word safe, for the American people and for the world’s people so that you can finally walk into a bank do transactions and not have all these excuses and fumbling of words.

That part that transparency is in place but we still have people in the banks that aren’t good guys because they’ve been around a long time you know and you just can’t go in and shake down an entire banking structure and fire everybody, you know they have to surface, you have to set up sting routes, you got to make sure that they come to the surface and when they get to the service they’re chopped off.

Now I talk to people every day about the fact that they’re holding my money, they have no right to hold my money, I got people with thousands, I’ve got people with billions of dollars sitting in their banks because the banks are screwing with it, they’ve stolen money from people, literally.

I can name people that are experiencing this with attorneys for the last 10 years trying to get their money.

It’s funny when you’re told these things and you’re expressed these things and you have years and years and years in banking background and still not have the total story.

Banking is so compartmentalized in so many different directions because there’s so many people doing so many different things at so many different levels, it’s unreal, and it’s designed that way.

To give you an idea of the Hercules system, the fully functioning computerized system, when you have a new computer system like the one that they’ve installed for this new financial system and the tribution of funds on the planet does digitally, you put booby traps in.

Now the coders, the actual programmers that put the millions and millions of lines of code actually put booby traps in that code and they layer it and layer it and layer it and layer it so there’s booby traps upon booby traps.

So if someone tries to come in and extract or change or reroute or take a code, it blows up, they can’t access it, it’s like walking through a minefield where every square inch is covered by a mine and since your foot isn’t a square, ends, no matter where you’re stepping, you’re going to have a bomb go off, you’re going to be blown up.

There are other accounts, like the spiritual account, all these accounts holding all of these vast fortunes of money and currency and gems and gold and everything in underground caverns.

All kinds of stuff that’s accumulated, like I said earlier, on the planet, this is all being managed and it’s all being directed and it’s all being supported.

You have all the new currencies that have been printed, that have been structured in every different country, the public doesn’t know because they don’t want to have a mad rush and only those that know have been following this whole transaction, this whole entire thing, this whole new venue, this whole new banking, this whole new system that has been put in place.

Now they’re getting ready to release the system so are there bad guys? Yeah, there’s bad guys but every bad guy is going to be completely medically extracted and gone.

There will be challenges, there will be situations but this community has been so educated by some some caring people that they understand a lot of the the nuts and bolts of what’s going on.

Remember, you have the SIP system and you have the Swift system and the Swift system isn’t out of business yet, so they’ve got them running tandem because everything on the planet runs on the Swift system.

You can’t transfer that in the matter of a couple of years so it takes time, with that comes infiltrators and corrupt bankers that cause problems, that’s what they’ve been doing, they’ve been extracting, they’ve been arresting and they’ve been shutting down the culprits that cause these breaches, period.

I’m not talking about the breaches to the computer system because the computer system is so fail safe that you just can’t, you’re not going to be able to breach it, I mean it’s the people that has been the problem, it’s the people that we’re having to deal with, to extract them and get them out of the way, yeah.

It’s just like the old game, one pops up, bang it down another one pops up, bang it down, another one pops up and these people have been embedded for years and generations in the banking system, it’s not easy.

Unfortunately it does get frustrating at times but like I said, we are very close to end this chapter and then a new chapter began which is basically stewardship of the funds.

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