Papal Bulls and Original Trusts

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts. By Burn Notice.

Fantastic research is emerging about ancient Trusts and who owned them.

These Trusts have somehow woven a form of spiritual control around the earth and we are just now waking up to its presence.

Let’s explore how this may have occurred.

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The earliest Trusts were not legal entities as they are today, they were powerful statements of claim. 

They were Express Trusts (Wikipedia).

These required little formality and could even be created orally. 

They were commonly used for property transfers.

The first Express Trust was Unam Sanctam decreed in 1302. 

With some egotistic distortions of biblical writing, Pope Boniface VIII became King of the World.

In celebration, he commissioned a gold-plated head-dress in the shape of a pine cone, with an elaborate crown at its base.

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts - Bonifacio VIII

Bonifacio VIII

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts - Unam Sanctam

Unam Sanctam

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts

The pine cone symbolized fertility traditionally associated with Ba’al. It also represents the Pineal Gland which allows access to Source or God.

The Unam Sanctam Express Trust took ownership of every soul on earth. 

A 4 meters tall pine cone sits today in Vatican Square.

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts - Pine Cone Vatican Square

Pine Cone Vatican Square

Papal Bulls and Original Trusts

Under this holding trust sat 3 Testamentary Trusts:

i) Romanus Pontifex (1455).

This Papal Bull (or public decree) conveyed the right-of-use of the land in Unam Sanctam (meaning all the earth) as Real Property.

These rights were given to the Pope and successors, forever!

ii) Aeterni Regis (1481)

This means “eternal crown”.

This is the realm of the Commonwealth and where birth certificates create a corporate version of ourselves that can interact with corporations and trade legally.

It is our legal person, rather than our divine self.

iii) Convocation (1537).

Set up to claim all the “lost souls”, which were lost to the See.

Baptismal certificates were held in the church archives to record the issued title over each soul.

While this is speculative, there is something to this.

Columbus’ return to Europe in 1494 saw the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas (Wikipedia) dividing the Americas between Portugal and Spain.

All authority for these decrees was done by Pope Alexander VI.

Pope Alexander issued more Papal Decrees to issue more ownership. They really did control the earth and everything in it.

More treaties would keep creating new controlling jurisdictions throughout the earth. Leaders petitioned the church for them.

Forget legalities for a moment and consider that Unam Sanctam represented a powerful idea or belief from which every law and territory flowed.

These “elite” people crafted tremendous spells which were energized by the belief and acceptance of all nations.

These spells act as a mind virus. With ongoing permission they will continue to rule us.

Rather than good ideas to manage the earth, they have now become curses that sit upon us. They curse us into debt and enslavement.

They take our children

Justice is an illusion.


We are now under the spell of Corporations. They are the ‘glamorous’ face of an ancient system that considers it ‘owns’ us all.

As we awaken into our magnificence we realize that ownership of a person is wrong.

Leadership is fine but it must be established with permission.

The Great Awakening is seeing our captivity and our true authority.

The spells that evil people have created can be “returned to sender”.

By not agreeing to their rule, their own spells will return to them as conflict.

The outworking will take a while, but we are moving.

This Is Not a R vs D Battle QAnon

QAnon Achive

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