One More Saudi Prince Dead

One More Saudi Prince Dead

One More Saudi Prince Dead. Source Southfront.

Just hours after the death of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin in a helicopter “crash” in the Saudi province of Asir, the Saudi Royal Court announced the death of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd (image above).

The second prince was reportedly killed during a firefight with security forces, which were attempting to arrest him.

44-year-old Prince Aziz was the youngest son of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Fahd He died in 2005.

Mansour bin Muqrin dead in an elicopter "crash" on November 5

Mansour bin Muqrin dead in an elicopter “crash” on November 5

One More Saudi Prince Dead

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The death of Prince Aziz was the latest incident in a series of arrests and crackdowns started by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

According to “experts”, the Saudi economic and political elite is in a disarray as 32-year-old Bin Salman is destroying the vestiges internal stabiltiy in the country to supress the growing opposition to himself and his father.

Al-waleed bin Talal

Al-waleed bin Talal

One More Saudi Prince Dead

This arrests movement, according to many, is just the beginning of the mass arrests, it seems that after all that purge in the Saudi Kingdom all this will transfer in the United States and then, for the much-desired domino effect, will move to the United Kingdom (where perhaps Blair has already shaking) and then rest of Europe.

This event follows the helicopter accident on November 5 and the arrests the 8 princes, including the well-known al-Waleed bin Talal, arrested for money laundering.

A significant fact is that 3 of the arrested individuals a few days ago are the owners of the 3 major Saudi-TV networks widespread throughout the Middle East, Alwalid Bin Talal (Rotana), Walid Al Brahim (MBC), Saleh Kamel (ART).

Al-Waleed bin Talal Teewt to Trump before the US Elections

Al-Waleed bin Talal Teewt to Trump before the US Elections

One More Saudi Prince Dead

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