Oldest Trees in The World Beth Moon

Oldest Trees in The World

Beth Moon

Oldest Trees in The World. By Beth Moon.

Our planet is a host to a countless variety of trees and other plant life, some have been around for hundreds of years and some have been here for multiple thousands of years.

There are still trees living today that predate Christianity.

The year was 1999 when Beth Moon’s interest in the beauty of these ancient trees inspired her to begin documenting the unique and seasoned trees that she could discover.

For each of them, Beth chose a name just as beautiful and majestic.

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Beth Moon is a talented photographer born in 1955 Neenah Wisconsin.

Today she lives primarily in San Francisco California.

Beth is a person who has actually traveled all over the globe; capturing some of the world’s eldest ancient trees that are still standing alive today.

She searched for aged trees that were “unique in their exceptional size, heredity, or folklore.”

Ancient Trees Portaits of Time

Ancient Trees Portaits of Time

Oldest Trees in The World

Oldest Trees in The World Ficus


Oldest Trees in The World

In an interview, Beth is quoted as saying:

“Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment.”

Beth has been an author to a book containing many astounding photos containing some of her work.

The book “Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time” gives us a slight peek into her everyday work.

Beth has said:

“So many of our old trees have been cut down, that without a concerted effort you are not likely to run across one.”

Ancient Skies Ancient Trees Beth Moon

Ancient Skies Ancient Trees Beth Moon

Oldest Trees in The World

Beth has discovered many of her findings through research, travelers, tips given by friends, hikers and fans of her work. She explains:

“I am always amazed at the way trees have the ability to endure and adapt to severe conditions.

Some ancient trees hollow out as they age as a survival technique. The tree will send an aerial root down the center of the trunk, which will continue to grow from the inside out.”

In her book “Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time”, Beth Moon explains that these ancient Trees “contain superior genes that have enabled them to survive through the ages, resistant to disease and other uncertainties.

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