NSA Ends Mass Surveillance

NSA Ends Mass Surveillance

NSA Ends Mass Surveillance. By Justin Deschamps. According to mainstream news sources (Reuters), the NSA mass surveillance programs have ended. But given how much duplicity is legally sanctioned, can we trust the NSA’s word?

Recall that the government considers citizens enemies of the state, and have stated as much in various acts, bills and legal policies.

Furthermore, the use of deception to protect Unacknowledged Special Access programs is legally codified—government agents can lie to the public and make up cover stories—as the following excerpt from the Special Access Program Supplement to the National Industrial Security Program Manual states:

Program Cover Stories. (UNACKNOWLEDGED Program). Cover stories may be established for unacknowledged programs in order to protect the integrity of the program from individuals who do not have a need to know. Cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract. (Source)

Yes We Scan

Yes We Scan

NSA Ends Mass Surveillance


NSA All Your Data

All Your Data – But now we delete it!

NSA Ends Mass Surveillance


In other words, we probably can’t trust the media or government. They can legally deceive us for reasons of “national security,” and they often do just that.

But perhaps, in this case, there is a reason to suppose things have changed. However, in order for us to know, we must seek for confirmation in the world.

If the NSA has truly stopped their spying program, there should be signs that become apparent. Until then, we would do well not to assume an agency that has a history of deception is all of a sudden turning a new leaf.

The decision to stop the once-secret activity, which collected messages sent to or received from people believed to be living overseas, arrives as a sudden and unexpected triumph for privacy advocates who were long critical of the program, which U.S. officials had defended as both lawful and important to national security.

The halt is among the most substantial changes to U.S. surveillance policy in years and comes as issues of digital privacy remain contentious across the globe following the 2013 disclosures of broad NSA spying activity by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

NSA will no longer collect certain internet communications that merely mention a foreign intelligence target,” the agency said in a statement.

Instead, NSA will limit such collection to internet communications that are sent directly to or from a foreign target.

NSA also said it would delete the “vast majority” of internet data collected under the surveillance program “to further protect the privacy of U.S. person communications.


The NSA is not permitted to conduct surveillance within the United States. The so-called “about” collection went after messages that mentioned a surveillance target, even if the message was neither to nor from that person.

That type of collection sometimes resulted in surveillance of emails, texts and other communications that were wholly domestic. The NSA will continue to collect communications directly involving intelligence targets.

Friday’s announcement came as a surprise to privacy advocates who have long argued that “about” collection was overly broad and ran afoul of the U.S. Constitution’s protections against unreasonable searches.

NSA Ends Mass Surveillance

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