News Burst 6 September 2019

News Burst 6 September 2019

News Burst 6 September 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 6 September 2019

Bitcoin miners are headed to Siberian town for cheap electricity.
Social Credit System: facial recognition cameras monitor Chinese students’ in class.
Many local Internet cafes in China aree running cryptojacking malware.
New Firefox browser blocks 3rd-party tracking cookies and cryptominers by default.
Chinese face-swapping app going crazily viral.
3rd 600 km deep EQ in Fiji Islands in 4 days: M6.7 M4.4 M4.7
Farage supports ‘non-aggression pact’ with BoJoh to ensure Brexit happens.
Woody Allen: ‘If I was caught in a love nest with 15 12yo girls people would think, yeah, I always knew that’.
Judge Jeanine [Epstein case]: ‘Setting the stage’ ‘Forces of darkness VS the forces of light’.
Decorated fmr Palm Beach detective who led Epstein investigation dies at 50.
Big Tech & Big Brother meet at Facebook HQ to discuss how to ‘secure’ US elections.
Swedish TV discussing cannibalism for the sake of climate.
Malaysian PM says no sufficient evidence to blame Russia for MH17.
India attempts to set a lander on the Moon on 7 September.
Strongest EQ in Europe M4.7 South of Svalbard.
Strongest EQ in US M3.3 Alaska.
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.7 Tonga.
Average daytime temperature of the Moon: 101 °C.
Hottest temperature on Earth: Lut Desert, Iran 2005 71 °C.
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News Burst 6 September 2019

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