News Burst 30 November 2019

News Burst 30 November 2019

News Burst 30 November 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 30 November 2019

  • Black Friday is undergoing a transformative period where consumers are ditching brick-and-mortar stores for online shopping.
  • China will further encourage meat imports, allowing the total to potentially exceed six million tonnes (!!!) this year, the Ministry of Commerce said.
  • While media outlets screamed “Hottest Ever” for the world in June and July and climate crusaders rallied their “Climate Crisis”, in USA, for most of 2019, temperatures have been below norma; in the past two months multi decade record cold temperatures were smashed.
  • Some 1,000 people were stranded without heat or power in a small Arizona town near the Grand Canyon on Friday during a major winter storm.
  • Sitio Pariahan village, about 17 km (10.5 miles) north of Manila, is sinking about 4 cm (1.5 inches) every year, owing largely to land subsidence from the population’s overuse of groundwater, according to experts. Img


  • Several people have been wounded in a stabbing on a shopping street in The Hague on Friday, media reported, citing Dutch police.
  • Hong Kong police have threatened to use wooden bullets to disperse protesters, according to comments made by Police Commissioner Chris Tang at a Thursday tea gathering.
  • A study published by the journal JAMA, found that life expectancy in America increased from 1959 to 2014 but that the number plateaued in 2011 and began decreasing in 2014. “The decline is mostly among MEN in “working-age”, ages 25 to 64, and risk of dying from drug abuse, suicide, hypertension and more than 30 other causes is increasing.”
  • Elections approaching, the London Bridge ‘activated’ attacker, dead, was Usman Khan 28 yo; was convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences and released from prison in December 2018.
  • Friday’s London attack came 25 days after authorities downgraded the country’ terrorism level from severe to substantial (meaning from ‘highly likely’ to only ‘likely’ to occur).

London Bridge Attack Summary:

  • Met Police are treating the incident as terror-related.
  • A person is believed to have attacked people with a knife.
  • A man has been detained by police, he was shot
  • There are up to five casualties, according to police, with 2 confirmed dead as of 1:30 pm ET.
  • Officers have cordoned off the bridge.
  • London Bridge Station is closed.
  • An explosion was heard at the south end of the bridge, near Borough Market.
  • Suspect shot dead at scene.
  • Police declare incident an ‘act of terror’.


Active Weather

  • Typhoon Kammuri 70 kts ↑ E of Philippines – Moving W


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News Burst 30 November 2019

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