News Burst 23 September 2019

News Burst 23 September 2019

News Burst 23 September 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 23 September 2019

  • North America’s bird population: Nearly 3 billion wiped out since 1970.
  • 12 tons of cocaine worth $575 million seized in Malaysia’s largest drug bust.
  • Pompeo accuses Biden of covering up son’s corruption amid calls for Ukraine probe.
  • This is the 16th straight week of massive anti-government protests started in June in HKG.
  • Thomas Cook Travel Agent on brink of collapse.
  • Remains of ‘Largest Flying Creature’ found in UK.
  • Rouhani to present Persian Gulf ‘peace plan’ at UN.
  • Huawei rolls out new flagship phones without Google apps.
  • Hotel evacuated & streets closed as fire breaks out near NYC Times Square.
  • Pakistan Airlines (PIA), country’s natl airline, operated dozens of flights from Islamabad without any passengers for 2 years.
  • UK: 240 primary schools introduced lessons on “self-stimulation” for children as young as six.
  • Mysterious magnetic pulses & evidence of groundwater discovered on Mars. Crust is far more powerfully magnetic than expected.
  • Ed Buck’s bail set at $4 million after his arrest in connection with man’s overdose at West Hollywood home.
  • Lindsey Graham Calls on DOJ to probe potential criminal acts by Biden family in Ukraine.
  • Department of Homeland Security forced China’s state-owned Cosco to sell the Port of Long Beach over security concerns.
  • Solar wind intensification is due within 36 hours. Could produce enhanced geomagnetic activity.
  • Occasional Cortex: Democrats’ failure to impeach Trump is a ‘Big National Scandal’.
  • Defiant Hong Kong protesters face off with police, denouncing police’s power abuse.

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EQ più forte negli Stati Uniti M3.1 Oklahoma
EQ più forte del pianeta M5.6 Tonga

News Burst 23 September 2019

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