News Burst 2 October 2019

News Burst 2 October 2019

News Burst 2 October 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 2 October 2019

  • Bannon: If Democrats vote to impeach, when all on the Dems is released then they signed their death warrant.
  • Hillary Clinton ‘running’ again in 2020, seeking a way to ‘fit in’, claims Steve Bannon.
  • Brexit 30 to go?
  • Brexit plan DONE – BoJo’s solution to EU for Irish backstop revealed.
  • 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.
  • India (among 70 countries): Political parties and gov use “cyber troops” of both humans and bots to manipulate people.
  • DR of Congo to use barcode for minerals to show they’re from mines that don’t use child labor or fund warlords.
  • Dutch farmers told to reduce their livestock to 50% in order to reduce nitrogen emission.
  • In 1975 the Clintons took their first trip to Haiti to dive into the world of voodoo.
  • HKG protester shot in chest during National Day demonstrations, unclear whether he survived.
  • Credit Suisse COO resigns over spying scandal.
  • Hurricane warning issued for the Azores as Lorenzo approaches.
  • Lorenzo 2nd larges hurricane of 2019, the largest ever recorded in the NE Atlantic Ocean.
  • Finland ‘sword’ college attack, 1 killed and 10 injured in Kuopio.
  • Vatican prosecutors conduct raid on Secretariat of State offices.
  • Rome, first capital city in the European Union, offers free metro travel for plastic recyclers.
  • Scientists warn of possible orbital alien probes spying on Earth.

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News Burst 2 October 2019

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 🙂

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