News Burst 15 November 2019

News Burst 15 November 2019

News Burst 15 November 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 15 November 2019

  • Brutal Arctic fronts have engulfed Scandinavia over the past few weeks. The record for Finland’s lowest-ever Autumn temp has just been smashed (for the second time this week), as has Sodankylä’s all-time snow-depth record (for early Nov). The temperature in Enontekiö, in the Finnish part of Lapland, plunged to a Santa-freezing –28.2C(-18.8F), beating-out the nation’s previous all-time autumnal low.
  • France Police are having difficulty warding off adventurous ‘beach combers’, some of whom reportedly traveled for miles to try and snatch a kilo or two of raw blow right off the beach. On Monday, police caught a 17 yo carrying five kilos of washed-up cocaine at Lacanau, a surfing beach near the city of Bordeaux that police had ordered closed because of the cocaine.
  • Four men were jailed on Thursday, 14 November, after being convicted in London of being part of a “sophisticated” conspiracy to smuggle or produce £40 million worth of anabolic steroids.
  • Investigators have completed the inquiry into the criminal case opened over a Boeing 737-500 passenger liner’s crash at Kazan airport in 2013, which claimed 50 lives. The investigation found that the air crash was due to mistakes made by the plane’s captain and co-pilot, Cpt. Salikhov (dead) lacked flying skills and had been allowed to run a passenger liner on the basis of false certificates. Salikhov in the process of the landing maneuver steered the plane into a precarious position. The co-pilot, Viktor Gutsul, did not intervene. In the emergency that followed Salikhov violated flying rules, thus causing the crash.
  • Almost two million Syrian refugees have already returned to their homes, Head of Russia’s National Defense Control Center Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev said on Thursday at a joint meeting of the Russian and Syrian inter-agency coordination headquarters on the issue of resettling the refugees in Syria.


  • Fifty Beluga Whales from Srednyaya Bay that were released this month in the Primorsky Region in Russia have migrated across the region’s coast in a 40-km radius from their point of release and are getting used to their new habitat.
  • Ecologists from the “Free Russian Whales” coalition have raised the issue of releasing walruses kept in Srednyaya Bay in the Primorsky Region, from where Beluga Whales and Orcas had been released last week.
  • Robots will outperform humans, we’re told – but Boeing engineers aren’t that convinced. After years of struggle with a robotic system that flubbed the assembly of its giant 777X jet, they’ve gone back to human labor again. America’s biggest aerospace corporation has finally dumped the robots that were used to assemble two main fuselage sections on the Boeing 777 and 777X long-haul airliners.
  • Judges at the International Criminal Court on Thursday approved a prosecution request to investigate crimes against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, the court said in a statement.
  • Lack of forecast rains to prolong Australian bushfires threat. Official weather forecasts for Australia out on Thursday showed no substantial rains for at least three months, providing grim news as firefighters battle to get more than 100 bushfires raging across the east coast under control.


  • An M7.2 quake occurred in Indonesia this afternoon, the epicenter is at sea but there were no tsunamis. In the days before we had seen a series of very deep shocks in the Western Pacific and a superficial shock of this magnitude, but also higher, was expected.
  • New figures from a US military watchdog group have tallied the incredible costs of the US war on terror since September 11, 2001, finding that well over $6 trillion have been dropped on dozens of conflicts in which some 800,000 people have died.
  • Indian Army asks officers to deactivate Facebook accounts, stay away from WhatsApp. According to the advisory issued by the Indian army, there have been numerous instances of information being lost through social media, which though inadvertent, suggest that despite multiple directives issued, army personnel have not been attentive to the existing threats and negative implications of using the online medium.
  • The president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations demanded that Fox News ban former federal prosecutor and Trump ally Joe diGenova for claiming that the Hungarian-American billionaire “controls a very large part of the career foreign service of the United States State Department.”


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Strongest EQ in US M2.8 Oklahoma
Strongest EQ on the Planet M7.1 Indonesia
Deepest EQ M4.5 599 km Fiji

News Burst 15 November 2019

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