News Burst 13 September 2019

News Burst 13 September 2019

News Burst 13 September 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 13 September 2019

Boris Johnson’s rules out deal with Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage
Convair 440 cargo plane crash just east of Toledo Express Airport, Ohio. Two dead.
Canadian B737 flew into a flock of geese after take-off. Emergency landing ok.
9/11/16 The day Hillary’s clones replaced Hillary permanently.
FBI given evidence of Clinton-linked Libya scheme; Instead launched Trump-Russia quagmire.

“It’s like a death knell” – Merchants share Amazon stories with FTC as anti-trust probe begins.
60% of Americans believe a recession is coming – But continue to pile up debt.
Russian security forces granted permission to shoot down ‘unsafe’ drones.
California and Alabama only two states not participating in the antitrust investigation of Goog.
Pope says he prays U.S.-led schism can be thwarted.

More americans questioning official 9/11 story as new evidence contradicts official narrative.
US hemp farming quadruples this year, 511,442 acres.
“Storm Area 51” event has been cancelled.
YouTubers from the Netherlands arrested for allegedly trespassing the security zone near Area 51.
New York Times: ‘Some airplanes did something’.

Australians travel bloggers detained in Iran for flying drone without a proper permit.
Condoleeza Rice: US to stay in Afghanistan, for ‘the women’.
Mysterious object from interstellar space may have entered our Solar System.
Volcano Villarrica in Chile began rumbling and hurling lava, major eruption probable.
Scientists discover a ‘Super Earth’, 8 time bigger, that’s potentially habitable.

RT and Sputnik Editor’s page on Facebook has been suspended for three days.
Epstein: Interesting how all of these witnesses are coming forward now.
Google to pay $1 billion in fiscal fraud case in France.
281 arrested worldwide in coordinated operation targeting individuals in business email compromise schemes.
France vows to block development of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency on European soil.

Strongest EQ in Europe M3.1
Strongest EQ in US M4.1 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.1 Mid-Indian Ridge

News Burst 13 September 2019

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