News Burst 13 October 2019

News Burst 13 October 2019

News Burst 13 October 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 13 October 2019

  • Italian University launch a 3 years graduation course to become influencer.
  • Typhoon Hagibis is one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, it has hit Japan with the wind speed of 180Kmph.
  • Earthquake M5.3 struck south of Tokyo at the same time of Typhoon Hagibis passing by.
  • Modi declares ‘start of new era’ in India-China relations in ‘heart-to-heart’ talks with Xi.
  • Boeing stripped chief executive Dennis Muilenburg of his chairmanship title in an unexpected strategy shift.
  • Protester spits in face of Trump supporter during Vice interview.
  • Londoners consume 23kg pure cocaine daily, more than in multiple European cities combined.
  • Elizabeth Warren buys Facebook ads claiming Mark Zuckerberg backs Trump.
  • Global air freight decline now worst since 2008 financial crisis.
  • Survey: Munich was deemed the city with the highest risk of a housing bubble developing.
  • Russia will pull out of Syria if Damascus decides troops have to leave – Putin.
  • US trying to convince Turkey to stop military operation in Syria.
  • Facebook’s Libra could be a flop after Visa, Mastercard & eBay abandon project ahead of launch.
  • Germany halts arms exports to Turkey following offensive in Syria.
  • Laser beams, an army of pacesetters & special shoes: Eliud Kipchoge ran the first sub 2-hour marathon.
  • Belgium’s Princess Esmeralda detained in London during Extinction Rebellion protests.
  • Trump announces ‘biggest deal ever’ with China for US farmers.
  • Anti-government demonstrations continue in Ecuador’s capital Quito.

Golden Oldies

  • Monsanto – Creator of DDT and Agent Orange, one the world’s largest pesticide and GMO seed manufacturers.
  • Apple – Deliberately slowing older iPhones and overcharging for its products to boot.
  • Nestlé admits possibility of slave labor in its coffee supply chain.
  • Philip Morris 1999 – Courted officials of the Czech Republic by explaining how smoking would in fact help their economy, due to the reduced healthcare costs from its citizens dying early.
  • Researchers have found that McDonald’s burgers cannot decompose on their own.

Strongest EQ in Europe M4.2 Greece
Strongest EQ in US M4.4 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.3 Japan

News Burst 13 October 2019

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