News Burst 13 November 2019

News Burst 13 November 2019

News Burst 13 November 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 13 November 2019

  • October was brutal in Norway. Cold northerly winds prevailed driving the low pressure systems which usually linger over the nation during Autumn unusually-far-south. Norway’s October average temperature, for the entire country, was 1.4C below normal. To find a colder October you have to go back to 2009 (solar minimum of cycle 23 — the sun’s deepest minimum of the past 100+ years).
  • The French law enforcement on Tuesday used batons and fired pepper spray to disperse protesters from the busy highway that connects France to Spain and has been blocked for already over 24 hours by a radical Catalan pro-independence group.
    US soldiers may one day detect buried explosive by first dispersing modified bacteria in a suspect area and observing the ground with drones using a dual-microbe system, Raytheon disclosed in a press release on Tuesday.
  • The river Nile is one of the longest rivers on Earth, with the mystery behind its actual age at the heart of a scientific debate. The debate centred on whether it formed from a river redirecting around 5 million years ago or whether a proto-Nile has flowed through the area for 30 million years. Accordingly, two rival models attempt to explain the history of the Nile: The Nile formed when a drainage basin changed its course from westward to northward around 6 million years ago (Edgar Cayce Readings, the Nile was falling into the Atlantic Ocean); The river formed 30 mil years ago as a result of long-running geological processes in the earth’s mantle that have been pushing ground upward in Ethiopia and downward closer to the Mediterranean.
  • More Asteroids! Several asteroids zooming towards planet Earth at breakneck speed are expected to make “close approaches” to Earth on 12 November, NASA confirmed. They are 4 about 40 m. diameter at a speed about 20k kts, 194 million km away.


  • Following the three historic snowstorms which buried parts of the U.S. last month, sub-zero temperatures are now blasting hundreds of millions of Americans. Winter has arrived early, as predicted by low solar activity, and a meridional (wavy) jet stream flow. Lows throughout the week will be more like January temperatures, readings below zero are forecast for many U.S. states, and temps down into the teens are even forecast as far south as Texas.
  • AT least 115 elephants have died at the vast Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe since September this year due to the shortage of food and water. Hwange National Park, with the biggest population of elephants in the country, is overpopulated. Zimbabwe is experiencing the worst drought since 1981 and there is no more food for them in the park, and water can be scarce.
  • Hanoi, Vietnam: The capital city choked on unprecedentedly poisonous air throughout Tuesday with the air quality index monitored at most sensor stations reaching hazardous levels from early in the morning. Hà Nội enjoyed a precious few good days in late October before suffering the extreme pollution.
  • Ecuador officials denied the Gulfstream 550 plane belonging to the Mexican Air Force with former Bolivian President Evo Morales on board the opportunity to fly over its territory or to land for refueling, they had to make their way around Ecuador.
  • A synchronized global slowdown, with no end in sight, has spooked some of the wealthiest investors around the world, according to a new survey from UBS Wealth Management, seen by Bloomberg. UBS polled wealthy investors, who are preparing for a significant stock market correction by the end of next year.


  • Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s much anticipated report on his investigation into the FBI’s probe into President Trump’s campaign is expected to be made public before Thanksgiving and the outcome is alleged to contain several criminal referrals, according to sources who spoke with
  • The plane the US Air Force hopes will soon become its aerial refueler of the future, the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus, has encountered its fourth major problem prior to entering service. Boeing promises that the tendency of cargo to come loose and slide around will be fixed within “months.” “The issue with the cargo locks was identified. We’re working options currently with Boeing and their supplier,”

Blind Items

  1. You can ask the celebrity CEO a year from now if he donated what he said he would donate today. He won’t have done it. He likes the attention of making announcements, but never follows through. (Elon Musk / donating $1M worth of trees)
  2. It looks like a second John Doe is about to be exposed in the aftermath of the billionaire pedophile. Apparently it is the ex of this permanent A+ list model. (Flavio Briatore / Heidi Klum)
  3. After years and years of the photos being out, the royal is just now saying that photos with him and the underage girl and also even one with the pedophile are fake. He must know a world of hurt is coming from that European country. (Prince Andrew / Virginia Roberts Giuffre / Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell / France)


Strongest EQ in Europe M3.3 Germany
Strongest EQ in US M3.6 California
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.1 El Salvador
Deepest EQ M4.3 604 km Banda Sea

News Burst 13 November 2019

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