News Burst 10 February 2020

News Burst 10 February 2020

News Burst 10 February 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 10 February 2020

  • Britain’s “prince” Andrew is to “defer” an honorary Royal Navy promotion after he “stepped” back from full royal duties over his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Buckingham Palace said Friday.
  • [Preparing The Flock] Blood taken from a young person could be the key to maintaining long-lasting health in old age, scientists claim. Blood factors obtained from young beings can improve late-life health in animals, the study published in Nature journal revealed. It could also help reduce the chances of developing age-related diseases, the scientists at University College London (UCL) said.
  • Thousands of people stranded aboard a cruise ship in Hong Kong for five days were allowed to disembark on Feb 9 after its 1,800 crew tested negative for the deadly new coronavirus. Health authorities in the Asian financial hub said the crew and a similar number of passengers had been released from a quarantine imposed due to fears that some staff could have contracted the deadly virus on a previous voyage and passed it on.
  • Japanese doctors have registered seven more cases of the novel coronavirus among those onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined off the coast of Japan
  • Iran’s reformists will mostly stay out of the parliamentary elections on February 21, leaving little incentive for voters to go to polls, as no alternative is offered except hardliners to choose from. Although twelve small reformist parties have decided to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections for seats in the capital, few see this as reason enough to take the elections a bit more seriously. Prominent reformists in dozens were barred by the hardliner election watchdog controlled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from running in the elections.


  • [Religion] Pakistan: Hindu girl Mehak, 15, tells court she doesn’t want to live with Muslim man Ali Raza Machi, whom she married, and she didn’t want to be a Muslim. She asked to be sent back to her parents and be allowed to practise Hinduism.
  • [Religion] A scandal over the forced marriage of a 14-year-old Christian Pakistani girl, Huma Younus, has taken a new turn after the girl’s parents appealed to the international community, saying that they would seek justice in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Earlier, the lower Sindh High Court had ruled that the girl’s marriage to her abductor, Abdul Jabbar, was valid, as the teen has already had her first period, Independent Catholic News reported. Huma Younus was kidnapped, raped, converted to Islam and forced to marry her rapist.
  • Members of a cult-like sect tried everything to prevent officers from bringing to custody a controversial Israeli rabbi thought to have taken advantage of gravely ill people and convicted of sexual assaults on women. Israeli police have arrested Rabbi Eliezer Berland early on Sunday morning, along with his wife and other top members of his ultra-Orthodox Shuvu Bonim sect. Shortly afterwards, the sect’s followers thronged the nearby street, trying to seal it off and stop the vehicle carrying Berland. Stunning footage from the arrest shows them hurling stones at officers and banging fists on the passing car. Riot police shielded the vehicle as it passed by and tried to stand ground; two of them were injured, local media reported. The stand-off saw officers fire stun grenades to disperse the crowd.
  • [Activation?] A soldier who went on a deadly 30 killed shooting spree at a mall in northeastern Thailand was disgruntled over a land deal, the country’s prime minister said. The gunman was killed by special forces after an overnight siege.
  • A device capable of ‘printing’ sheets of artificial skin onto burns has performed strongly in recent trials, bringing it one step closer to use in burn clinics. The handheld 3D skin printer was developed by engineers at the University in Toronto in 2018. The innovative technology passed a major milestone earlier this month, after the team reported promising results following its latest trial of the device on pigs in the journal of ‘Biofabrication’.


  • [Soft Disclosure] Researchers have discovered the existence of life encased in tiny bubbles within sheets of ‘flammable ice’ in a potential breakthrough that could reveal how aliens exist on other planets. Flammable ice occurs when ice traps methane in its molecular structure. An international team of researchers studying the phenomenon in the Sea of Japan made the startling discovery of life within the microscopic bubbles.
  • Forbes published a bombshell about the power of a blacklist for “climate misinformers.” If, as an academic, you come out and tell the truth about the lack of evidence for man-made climate change, you are added to a blacklist that will destroy your career and livelihood. A climate advocacy group called Skeptical Science hosts a list of academics that it has labeled “climate misinformers.” The list includes 17 academics and is intended as a blacklist.



Weekely Asteroid

2020 BK10 2020-Feb-10 1.9 LD 11.5 km/s 21 m.
2020 CY1 2020-Feb-10 5.9 LD 40.3 km/s 63 m.
2020 BC10 2020-Feb-10 15.2 LD 7.5 km/s 33 m.

2020 CH 2020-Feb-12 11.6 LD 9.5 km/s 31 m.
2020 CF 2020-Feb-12 14.8 LD 5.3 km/s 12 m.

LD > Lunar Distance = 384,401 km



Sun Activity

The sun is blank, no sunspots.
Spotless Days
Current Stretch: 7 days
2020 total: 23 days (58%)



Strongest EQ in Europe M5.0 North of Svalbard
Strongest EQ in US M3.5 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M6.2 Papua New Guinea
Deepest EQ M5.4 564 km Papua New Guinea

News Burst 10 February 2020

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3D Skin Printer

Patients suffering from severe burns often undergo skin grafts, which involves removing damaged tissue and replacing it with healthy skin taken from another part of the body. But this treatment is not always a viable option, as victims of severe burns sometimes have no healthy skin left to use.

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