News Burst 1 December 2019

News Burst 1 December 2019

News Burst 1 December 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 1 December 2019

  • United States prosecutors announced the arrest of Virgil Griffith, who allegedly traveled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to deliver a presentation on how to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to circumvent sanctions.
  • Italian police made several arrests and seized a cache of weapons amid a nearly two-year, nationwide investigation of Nazi groups sparked by the participation of Italian fighters in Ukraine’s armed conflict in the Donbass region.
  • French police recently cleared more than 2,000 migrants from one part of Paris, they were put on buses and taken to accommodations in other parts of Paris.
  • Bolsonaro: The WWF paid the firefighting NGO to take pictures of forest fires in the Amazon. “So what did the NGO do? What is the easiest thing? Set fire to the forest. Take pictures, make a video”. “(WWF) makes a campaign against Brazil, it contacts Leonardo DiCaprio, he donates $500,000.”
  • The family of a journalist who was killed by a car bomb in Malta is urging Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to resign, after his former chief aide was released from jail in a probe aimed at finding the mastermind of the 2017 murder.


  • Nothing to See Here: A 25-year-old man stabbed to death by terrorist Usman Khan has been named as Cambridge graduate Jack Merritt, who worked to rehabilitate criminals like his killer. On the day of his death, Merritt was coordinating a ‘Learning Together’ conference organized by Cambridge University academics. The conference aimed to bring together convicts and criminology students, to learn more about “stigma, marginalization and the role of intergroup contact in reducing prejudice.”
  • Human Domain Solutions LLC is now hiring Casualty Role Players (CRP) / Actors to participate in a National Guard Disaster Response Training Exercise, taking place near Round Rock, TX on Dec 3-7, 2019.


Blind Items Revealed #12 – Anniversary Month
July 21, 2018 – By CDAN

Over the past few months I wrote about the wife of this infamous A+ list drug dealer and her connections to the celebrity world in NYC who think it is all fun and games and cocktail parties when they see her or interact with her. She is treated almost like a party favor rather than someone who has the ability/connections to kill. That all changed this week. One of her relatives, who is now a very big deal in the drug world needed some surgery a few months ago. Life saving surgery. Our wife reached out to those in the know and this A list anchor who is the offspring of someone possibly even higher on the list gave her a name of someone who could help.

The relative used a fake name and came into the office with a security detachment of about a dozen people. The doctor was freaked out but the next day performed the surgery with several security in scrubs also in the room. After the surgery, the doctor called a law enforcement friend and told him what was going on. The friend was on vacation but said when he got back, he would look into it for the doctor. After a couple days, the patient was discharged and flew back to his own country. Several days after that, the friend of the doctor came back from vacation and went to the office of the doctor. He saw pictures of the patient and knew who it was right away. A very wanted man. They tried to get the doctor to get the patient back in the States for a followup visit several times but it never happened. A month later, the doctor was killed.

Emma Coronel Aispuro/Huma Abedin/Anderson Cooper (Gloria Vanderbilt)/Dr. Mark Hausknecht

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  • Typhoon Kammuri 65 kts ↓- 997 hPa E of Philippines – Moving W


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Strongest EQ in US M4.5 Oregon
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.5 Fiji
Deepest EQ M5.5 607 km Fiji

News Burst 1 December 2019

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