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Monetization. By Jared Rand.

DNI Note: In this part of the call Jared talks about getting the currencies in possession monetized, paid by a bank. We are talking about the Iraqi Dinars, the Zims, possibly some Collateral Accounts Bonds and eventually other currencies. In another part of the call we have not transcripted, Jared says that this monetization is not far away, we are talking of months. The monetization have some gates, part of that has to be used for humanitarian purposes.

One person with a hundred T note and has some tremendous impactful projects they want to make sure that, not only is the project going to be covered in their lifetime, but even by those people they have lined up to take their place in case something happens to them.

That’s another thing, everybody on this call who is carrying currency, which i would expect most are, you want to make sure you have lined up at least two people that will be able to take your place in case something happens to you. People that you trust, that are on the same page, wavelength, as you are, that are informed and they really want to carry on things, period.



Monetization – Jared Rand

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The people aren’t thinking about those things, a lot of people aren’t, some are but not a lot, so you’ve got to have an A plan, a B plan and a C plan.

You have to have those three plans in place way before you’re monetized, because when your currency becomes monetized you don’t have time to do any of that, because you’re going to be so running around.

Within a week you’ll take care of your financial needs, buy what you want to buy, houses, cars, boats, yachts, planes, whatever, it is okay but you’ll find the more that you own the less you’ll use it.

That’ll happen, guarantee you, the more you own the less you’ll use it, it’ll just become a burden, what the heck am i doing with all this stuff i hardly ever use it just because i have it, as i wanted it, so i got it.

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Monetization – Jared Rand

So there’ll be a lot of thought process going on because those who have never really had a lot, are going to have a lot or they’re going to have the opportunity to have a lot, so there’s so much involved within it.

It’s a good thing, because people became more astute from the fact of saying… “You know what. I’m going to plan this out, man, this thing’s getting really close here and i’ve got to be prepared for this.

What would i need to do? I’m not a project queen or king, I’ve never really worked on projects, I’ve never really hired people, I’ve never really had to do in municipalities and governments or anything, I’ve never had to deal with, well, in most cases crooks on a large scale, i never had to worry about security, how am I going to do all this stuff?

You write it all down, you say… Okay here’s my plan a, i got to get in touch with people like this, this and this.

What i usually do is, they say, look, financially, most people are straps, you go, it’s free, go to your local community college or college area and contact the Small Business Association Department where you’ve got a bunch of retired people.

You go in there and you talk with them. There’s also nonprofit organizations within almost all communities that will help you with projects, you can just go to and say… hey, look, here are my cards… and laying them on the table.

I am a philanthropist humanitarian, I’m expecting a whole change of a life pattern here for myself and i need your help because this is what i plan on doing, can you help me with, what areas can you help me with.

You have a notepad you start taking notes or a recorder or whatever and start putting that information together so that before you’re in the monetization of your currency you will be in a situation where you’ll say… you know, i feel good because I’m ready.

You know, there’s going to be people shaking in their boots because they just never took the time to prepare themselves to set these things up.

You hear a lot of people talk about projects, i think that’s a wonderful thing, that’s a good step in the right direction but when you really get down and the nitty gritty, how ready are you?

No one’s going to do it for you, you’ve got to go out there and ask for it, and there’ll be tons of that, we’ll try that, we’ll want to help you but you got to do it.

They’re not going to come knocking on your front door, well if they find out what you have you might get some undesirable knocks on the door, but for the most part it’s a good idea plan A plan B a plan C.

You got time lags, you’ve got holdups, you know, when to hire people, who do you want in your core group, in your nucleus, as far as management staff, so on and so forth.

Where do you want to live, do you want to live where you’re currently living or do you want to go out and get a different place and live somewhere else?

I mean, all these things play into each other.

There is a shortage of people that can get out there and get in front of people, no matter if they roll their eyes or shake their heads after you’ve talked with them, which I’ve experienced many times through the years.

We aren’t out to save people, we’re just out to be informants, inform, educate, it’s like, I’ll guarantee you, you walk up to somebody that you don’t know and say… guess what, i know where I can get my hands on a technology that can make you 35 years old or 30 years old or 25 years old, a young man again.

Now most people would look at you and think you were off your rocker, but every once in a while someone would say… really, where can I go to get that done?

And then there’s here’s another one for you, imagine being able to take two pills, two pills, and being 25 years old, wake up the next morning you’re 25.

This technology exists today, well, an oral consumption of these two pills reverse your aging overnight.

We cannot riatomize the brain, yet.

Alzheimer’s can be cured, dementia, brain disorders as long as you don’t have a situation where there’s something that interferes with the electrical field, when you do the reautomization with the brain.

In your mental attitude you’re seventy but you’re 35, your experience is still contained in the brain so you don’t lose any of that.

We we know that we can extend the life of the body to a thousand years the problem you get is degradation of the brain so after about a thousand years you’re pretty much in physical form but the brain is almost done unless you upload your essence into a biomechanical device.

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