Meditation For Peace Infographic

Meditation For Peace Infographic

Meditation For Peace Infographic. We think it was a huge success! For us it was an unprecedented meditation, the Cintamani Stone has certainly helped to amplify the effect.

We have produced an infographic to share with you where we try to graphically describe the experience. It’s very difficult to give a graphical way to a meditation, we’ll try to use words to describe what we would like to express in the drawing.

The predominant part of this meditation was the constant presence of various star clusters, the Pleiades have opened the energy field remaining in view, in the right top of our Universal view, for the whole 20 minutes of meditation. The group of white stars that are seen in the upper right side represents this.

The two pillars of Light, clearly visible in the foreground, this time they have had a never-proven before power and sharpness, it was easy to see the two streams flowing in reverse and we would say the sense of this is almost certainly the proof of the overcoming of the critical mass. It has been really exciting to the point of jeopardizing the concentration …

I think I went a little too “off topic”, so to speak, because of the emotion of this energetic connection with the Pleiades and the Pleiadians, I can describe it by saying that I definitely tried to send energy and open a link, I assume that was not meant to be, after all I am not a channeler, and the great emotion that I felt is nothing but the energy that I received in return from this direct connection. This is why the hand, in designing this infographic, wanted to draw the top of the pillar surrounding the star cluster.

The left column is the energy from the Galactic Central Sun, this source has been constantly present, in various forms of floating light, white purple and pink waves.

In the upper right, highlighted with touches of white, the Syrian Goddess Vortex, this was a very sharp visualization and the graphical representation, if you look carefully, shows the Middle East region. This is exactly what I was able to see, with colorful waves of  purple and pink, waves coming and going from and to the area.

The energy that has been seen in this meditation was of an impressive amount, overwhelming, we went over the critical mass, surely, and we have done a lot for the healing of the Planet and for Peace.

It would be nice if everyone could share their experiences and we opened a specific discussion in the Forum, or if you want you can comment below. We should prepare for the Event, there is no exact date but judging from all this the Compression Breakthrough could really be very near.

We should create local  groups , form groups on this site or other website, we need to help those who are approaching now these experiences and the awakening, we can ensure there are many!


Let’s do our duty, Lightworkers!!

Immagine della Meditazione del 26 Febbraio

Image of Fenruary 26th Meditation

Meditation For Peace Infographic

Immagine della Meditazione del 26 Febbraio

Image of Fenruary 26th Meditation

Meditation For Peace Infographic

Meditation For Peace Infographic

Compression Breakthrouhg

We Are There!

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