Med Bed Production and Delivery

Med Bed Production and Delivery

Jared Rand

Med Bed Production and Delivery – Jared Rand. Source The Real Truth Call.


We receive a lot of e-mails, everyone wants to know the timing of implementation and distribution of Med Beds.

Jared Rand

Well that’s a loaded question because first we have to have site selection for manufacturing facilities and the quickest way to do that is to find it across the country.

We have to find a couple of things, existing factories that have been shut down, if they’re inline… and the recess fees basically they’re an empty slate, usually.

If there’s a shutdown factor they’ve been gutted and all the parts have either been relocated or sold off so there’s nothing really in them, they’re just an empty slate.

When I talk about inline… is in the front door and out at the back, it’s just the quickest way on the manufacturing format, to get it done you have a clean room, you have research and development, you have QA QC and then you have parts assembly which has to be medical, no dust or anything.

You run it from the beginning of the assembly process, you have so many assembly lines as the parts are added as we go down the line and then it’s kicked out the back after it’s been quality tested, bench test and check, to make sure that everything is working properly and then it’s approved for distribution.

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Then we have to have distribution which has to be done, I don’t know the timing on the anti-gravity transports, if we have those that would solve everything because boom, you know, anywhere. We could be anywhere on the planet within 15 minutes and as delivery we have the cargo anti-gravity delivery units which are much larger, we can put up to 50 Med Beds in it and like Santa Claus zapping all over the country and all over the planet .

Then of course we have to have the staff so we have the coordination of the staffs, the best way to do that, and I’m trying to give you a time element rolling that in, is that to speed up that process we can find existing structures, we can bring in security teams, we can bring in manufacturing specialists, engineering specialists and then they can look it over, review everything and look at the layout, get a concept layout of the manufacturing facility on how we could do that on 3d modeling, that’s not a big deal, we have it all ready to go.

Then we bring in the teams and lay it out, put in the proper parts assembly lines and manufacturing facility and a lot of the parts we can replicate so and that’s another incorporating thing to speed up the process.

Some of those, most of the parts we’ll be able to replicate but the manufacturing process is the most time-consuming, from the concept phase to the actual production phase.

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Then here’s where the security is so important, you’re not so flexible on this thing, where you can shop out different parts to different manufacturers because of the delicacy of the beginning situation, because we’re not going to have a clean slate completely, in the beginning, there will be some disruptive people in certain areas, you just can’t snap your fingers and everything go poof and everything is wonderful all at once but it’ll take some time.

The idea is is to get a few of them manufactured so that we can get them out to people in different groups, we can coordinate the groups that have people that need to have the application, that need to be in the Med Bed and make those appointments and set them up and then get them the bed out there and have it set up and start using it.

It doesn’t take a long time, it only takes a few minutes for this reatomization process so it’s not a long duration where you come back like in the Tachyon Bed, come back and do another session in, this is just a one-time deal, period.

I think maybe two to five years, I would say four, and I’m just rough guesstimate. I’ll just say that to really get it, to have it for the whole the human race it’s going to take half a dozen years.

I thought that was an important question to ask because so many people are emailing saiying I need it, I need it now, they need it now.

I want you to understand that it’s not right here on the planet, where you can get it at, access it right now, you got to go through the process to get it.

What we’re trying to do is to get one from the Secret Space Program, from the Alliance so that we can take one of them and duplicate it so that we can expedite the whole thing.

It is probably going to take a half a dozen years to have it all over the places but in the beginning we’re still going to be able to build some and get it out to certain key areas so that people can start affecting a change.

There’s people that send me emails that have facilities, somewhat they’ve established through the years that we can incorporate a Met Bed in their operation, they’re set up, they can take the Med Bed and put it in there.

We bring a team in, we sit down with them, we go over everything and then there they’re on from there, period.

It’s like teaching everybody how to fish, we’ve got just actual setups all over the planet and people working, and they’ve got facilities where they’ve incorporated the Med Bed. They’ve got holistic healing, they’ve got ayurvedic, they’ve got naturopathic, they’ve got herbology, they’ve got crystalology.

All of these different ancient applications and health and mental well-being it’s just a massive amount of things that have long been forgotten.

So in the beginning that will be sparse but we’ll be able to get beds out to certain locations, in areas with a specified format and then as time goes on we branch out with manufacturing facilities and we’re going to have quite a few manufacturing facilities in order to get as many of those out as we can.

Basically everybody has one, that’s the idea, everybody will end up having one.

The human race benefits from all of these technologies and see with the redistribution of wealth eventually the idea is is to eliminate profit, that’s not going to happen overnight but we will eliminate profit, this profit loss situation where everybody’s vying for the bottom line and profit and gain and loss that won’t be there anymore.

We’re really basically one of the few civilizations in this galaxy that use a monetary system, it’s crazy, it’s crazy madness of reprogramming people.

The only way to get there, to get us headed in the right direction, is to saturate the planet with wealth. Lord knows there’s so much of it anyway. That’s been kept from the human race and made everybody believe that it’s scarce money, that’s a joke that’s a joke.

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