M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - News Burst Special Edition

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

News Burst Special Edition

Updated 26/7 10: 30 UTC

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska. By Disclosure News.

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M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

Evolving Thread

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 9 

29/7 19:30 UTC

As Expected the North Pole area with two M4 earthquakes.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - Area 28 July 2020

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 8 

28/7 09:30 UTC

A new earthquake struck the same area of the M7.8 on July 22 at 8:03 UTC, the depth is 41 km.

This new movement is an indication that the seismic force is still flowing strongly, due to the large amount of deep earthquakes pushing the Pacific Plate from below and the easy way to the surface in this area, it is possible we will see the transit along the North America coast of this seismic wave with earthquakes on the M4.

The area that did not see movements this last few days is the southwest Canda-US border, we could see a movement there quite soon. Another area that is under continuous push is the North Pole.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - Area 28 July 2020
M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - 28 July 2020

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 7 

26/7 10:30 UTC

This is the situation on July 26 at 8 am UTC for the last 48 hours, the dark red indicates older earthquakes, the white are the newest. Form the distribution of the shakes seems like from Alaska it went all down along the coast of the East Pacific to cross under once reached Chile and Argentina, to release the remaining seismic force in the South Sandwich Islands with a M6.3 happened at 00:53 UTC, together with a M5.2 3 hours later. This probably marks the end of the travel of the initial M7.8 force. +++

The earthquake of M4.4 in Nevada occurred at 2:06 UTC at a depth of 12 km. This movement was about 2 ours after the M6 at the South Sandwich.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - 26 July 2020 Nevada
M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - 26 July 2020

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 6 

25/7 14:00 UTC

Looking at this image seems like the seismic wave went down along the west coast of North America than found a fault line where to cross over the Caribbean and following the next “crack” on the earth plate reached the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. At the same time from the other side of the Planet an M6 was pushing the wave through China and Europe pressuring the other side… interesting times.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - 26 July 2020 -Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Peculiar shape, at the borrom of both these finger traces there is a ring of volcanoes and islands.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - 26 July 2020 - South America

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 5 

24/7 20:30 UTC

This is the situation at 23:30 UTC on July 24, the oldest Earthquakes are with the dark red circles and occurred on july 22. The push from the Kamchatka Peninsula is continuous and we see a strong swarm up to M5.5 at the Aleutian Islands, in Central America an M5.1 struck little south of Cuba. The silent area is again Mexico to Baja California, we shall see.

News Burst 24 July 2020 - Silent Area

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 4 

24/7 10:30 UTC

Here we can see the earthquakes of approximately the last 12 hours, starting from north west, the Aleutian Islands were struck by a new deep earthquake, M4.4 at 234 km. This movement pushed the shallow M5.0 few hours later, we can probably expect a new M4 in the area of Vancouver Island.

More south we can see that the initial wave from the M7.8 apparently reached Mexico with a shock twin of the one in Canada on the 22nd. The US West Coast in hammered by M3s, like it has been for quite some time already, no great difference here.

From all the movements we can also see a new silent midpoint in Baja California, probably here the magnitude could be high M3 to mid M4.

From the development seems like there won’t be any other large movement as the pressure is released in a large number of lesser shocks instead of few larger ones.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska 24 July 2020

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 3 

24/7 9:00 UTC

Watch the waves from the M7.8 Alaska earthquake roll across seismic stations in North America. This animation, called a Ground Motion Visualization (GMV), shows the motion of the ground as detected on seismometers across North America – each dot is a seismic station and when the ground moves up it turns red and when it moves down it turns blue.

Waves generated by an earthquake travel around and through the earth, but they get smaller (attenuate) as they move away from the earthquake location, just like ripples in a pond.

Once the earthquake waves are far enough away from the location where the earthquake occurred they can no longer be felt by people, BUT they can still be detected by sensitive seismic instruments. That’s what this animation is showing – the waves from the M7.8 earthquake traveling both through the earth and across earth’s surface – in the continental US the earthquake the waves are much too small to feel but not too small to measure.

The star shows the location of the earthquake. The green triangle is the station recording the seismogram shown along the bottom. The red line between the 2 is the “great circle path”.

*Some of the instruments look like they are experiencing shaking before the seismic waves arrive. This is due to the setting of the animation and the calibration of the seismic instrument.
**The video is not reflecting the actual speed of the waves; the actual wave speed is slower. The time is shown along the bottom.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska-Canada-USA

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 2 

23/7 20:00 UTC

All the earthquakes above M3 occurred in North America since the M7.8, we can see an M5 off Vancouver Island and an M4 in Nevada and M3 in Texas, the force is decreasing while it travels, but still early to say there is no danger for a lager one.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - Canada M5

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska – UPDATE 1 

22/7 12:00 UTC

As expected after the M7.8 a new m5.4 earthquake struck off the coast of Canada at 11:33 UTC.

The M7.8 Earthquake – July 22 2020


M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

A massive M7.8 earthquake struck Aleutian Island area in Alaska at 6:12 UTC today, if you remember few days ago we were talking about these islands for a possible strong shallow movement after the deep Earthquakes in the West Pacific.

Tsunami Warning Alaska 22-7-2020

This movement triggered a tsunami warning, seems like the wave height reached less than a meter at the maximum.

This shock was followed by several other movements ranging from the M4 to the M6.

It is possible that we will see this week the transfer of the seismic force toward south along the North American coast with the most prone areas like Utah, Idaho, Nevada, struck by an earthquake up to M6.

News Burst 20 July 2020 - Earthquake Eurasia 19 July 2020

The origin of this shock is likely the M4.1 in the Kamchatka Peninsula, at a depth of 490 km, happened on July 19; previously on July 16 southern Japan saw a M5.0 at 500 km depth; both these movement can add up to a full unit of magnitude to a shallow shock, they were practically able to cause a shallow M6. Probably all the following deep event since the Japanese and Russian ones have increased even more the push from below.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

As we can see the push from under the tectonic plates is continous with this new M6.0 in Fiji Islands, happended at 21 UTC on July 21, about 9 hours before the M7.8, at a depth of 602 km.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska
Earthquakes Last 24 Hours – M4 and Above

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