Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening Kelly Ashley

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening. By Kelly Ashley.

Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.

Carl Gustav Jung

There may be a multitude of varying signs or symptoms that anyone could have during awakening – and no two would ever be the same – but one common symptom is loneliness.

Ironically, we are united in that. We spent our awakening cursing that loneliness, reflecting on the complexity of our experience and wondering how anyone could ever possibly understand what we are going through.

But until long after the intensity of our awakening had calmed we begin to see how this loneliness had served us. We begin to recognize that the loneliness had a purpose, and it had benefited us in numerous ways (however, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer it, but more on that later).

Let’s take a look at the spiritual purpose of Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening, and how it is actually assisting us further along the path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

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Loneliness Shifts Our Relationships

In a weird way, loneliness starts it all.

In fact, it is this sense of loneliness, and feeling that no one else could possibly understand that adjusts our social circles and life conditions. It is that pervading sense of loneliness and not fitting in that calls for us to examine our relationships with friends, lovers, or work mates and recognize who no longer resonates with us.

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Loneliness Shifts Our Relationships

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening

This empowers us to move away from negative influences and toxic relationship patterns to make room for supportive, loving, compassionate people in our lives.

It creates the space for the universe to fill the vacuum with someone much more compatible and in alignment with who we truly are.

It brings our relationships into the 5D Reality.

If those kind of folks haven’t turned up in your life just yet, don’t lose hope, as you clear your vibration and become more aligned, they’ll start showing up.

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Loneliness Brings Our Focus Inward

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening

Loneliness Brings Our Focus Inward

Generally, we’ve spent most of our lives looking outward.

Initially we may have lived from ego with focus on more physical things – how we look, how much money we have, social status etc. but these things all fade eventually (or uncontrollably crumble as is sometimes the case during spiritual awakening).

We’ve also been raised to look outward for guidance on which path to take, or to consistently look to others for our decision making.

That all changes when we experience loneliness.

All of the crutches we have clung to throughout our lives get whipped away from us – be it the big house, your job, or the people in your life who you’ve become emotionally dependent on.

It might sound cruel, but it really has a wonderful purpose. When we can no longer rely on sources outside of ourselves, and when there really is nowhere else to turn, we finally turn inward.

And that, my friends, is where the real transformation begins.

That is what takes us from meek and mild mannered to fully independent, standing in our power, fully expressing our gifts and fulfilling our greatest passion and purpose.

That can’t happen unless you search inward enough to find yourself and unearth all the amazing strengths you have within you (don’t worry, if those virtues haven’t shown up yet, they will!)

La Solitudine Risveglia la Verità della Nostra Divinità

Loneliness Awakens The Truth of Our Divinity

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening

Loneliness Awakens The Truth of Our Divinity

How ironic that this all-consuming sense of loneliness is actually the very thing that awakens us most.

You see, when you finally release all of these ‘crutches’ that you used to lean on, you finally go inward, and when you go inward, you begin to remember the truth of who you really are.

That in itself can unearth a different sense of loneliness – a Loneliness of The Soul.

This is where we begin to realize that earth is not our true home.

We get a sense that home is somewhere else.

Sometimes we get a feeling, or we may just be lucky enough to experience remembrance of where home is, and who we were with.

We begin to miss ‘home’ purely because our souls have awakened enough to come to consciousness on THIS physical level.

This awareness has our soul questioning, ‘why did I come here’ and ‘how can I get home’. We might even get a sense of a mission or life purpose that we just don’t want anymore. This longing makes us more aware that we are not of this world at all, and it can bring up some real soul level pain or grief – and it really does hurt but it is that very awareness that should enlighten you to the fact that your soul is awake now.

You are accessing other, much deeper parts of YOU.

In order to be fully awakened you need to fully know you, and you cannot fully know you without becoming aware of all of those wonderful divine parts that make up the whole.

Rest assured that the pain will dissipate and eventually be replaced by a strong sense of purpose, wisdom and empowerment here on earth.

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Loneliness Reconnects Us to Spirit

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening

Loneliness Reconnects Us to Spirit

Like I mentioned before, after you’re left feeling lonely, misunderstood, and unable to connect with the people around you, you start to go inward, and when you go inward you find connections on an entirely different plane.

It is this very loneliness that withdraws you from the physical world and forces you to awaken your intuition and reconnect to spirit.

Sometimes when life is too comfortable we are reluctant to change. If we have plenty of resources in the physical world, we tend not to feel the NEED to connect so much to the spiritual world.

But when it begins to feel that no one here in the physical world can help us, we start searching for help on other planes.

This happens automatically and is often the time when we begin noticing meaningful synchronicities, getting signs and messages, feeling presences, connecting to spirit guides or simply that feeling of Oneness.

Loneliness Releases Limiting Belief Systems and Past Life Issues

Lastly, it helps us to release limiting 3D belief systems (which is exactly what we need to let go of in order to experience 5D reality).

Naturally, being present on earth throughout the ages, the energy has been extremely dense. We have been traumatized through lifetimes where we came to conclusions like ‘I’ll be cast out for my gifts’, ‘I’ll be killed for being a healer’ or ‘I need to be alone in order to embrace my gifts’.

These are common belief systems that are a result of lifetimes when using our psychic gifts or healing abilities really was truly dangerous.

La Solitudine Rilascia Tutti i Sistemi di Credenze Limitanti

Loneliness Releases Limiting Belief Systems and Past Life Issues

Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening

We learned that we would be rejected (or killed) for showing them, sharing them, or helping others with them. Its natural that we should come to those conclusions, and they absolutely were relevant – back then.

But they are no longer our reality, and they often perpetuate issues like being afraid to be a healer, being unable to access our gifts, or isolating ourselves in order to keep ourselves safe.

The good news is that these limiting belief systems are being released.

Simply by being aware of these feelings or thoughts we are in the process of acknowledging, realizing and releasing them once and for all.

Eventually they will be replaced with our 5D truths – that our abilities truly are a gift, and that it is safe to share them for the benefit of those around us.

Is Loneliness Necessary in Order to Awaken?

Ok, so now we know the purpose of loneliness as part of Ascension.

We can all see the specific ways that it benefits us and catalyses vital changes that transform us internally. However, now comes the secret truth that most people don’t realize until they are out the other end of awakening fully,

But lonliness Its not actually necessary.

Loneliness is just a perception.

In itself, it is a belief system, and it is one that we all inherently carry (otherwise we’d breeze through awakening feeling connected and united – but of course, then there wouldn’t be any need for awakening anyway).

The reason we are experiencing loneliness (or any other awful feeling) is because somewhere deep down in our souls, we believe in it.

And we believe in it because we’ve experienced it in past lives.

It is the accumulation of all of the times we’ve been rejected, cast out or ridiculed, and it is the fact that we are still carrying those past life wounds that keep it in our vibration now.

We feel lonely because we felt lonely back then, and we are still carrying that loneliness with us now, everywhere we go, and in everything we do.

Fortunately, the very fact that you are experiencing loneliness at all means you are healing it. It means that old issues are rising to the surface to be felt.

It means that you are tapping into your past lives.

It means, (although it hurts) that you are healing your soul.

It means that you are right on track in your awakening journey, no matter how lonely or challenging it may be.

It means you’re doing just fine. 

Kelly Ashley, author of Loneliness in Spiritual Awakening, is an intuitive therapist assisting others with their spiritual awakening process. Get your FREE 5-day eCourse to transform your ascension here: www.spiritualawakeningsigns.com

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