Lightworkers Getting Lost

Lightworkers Getting Lost


Lightworkers Getting Lost . Jeshua Channeling by Pamela Kribbe.

Lightworkers can be caught up in the same states of ignorance and illusion as anyone else. Although they start from a different point of departure, their capacity to break through fear and illusion in order to attain enlightenment may be blocked by many factors. (By enlightenment, we mean the state of being in which you realize that you are essentially of the Light, capable of choosing light at any time.)

One of the factors blocking the road to enlightenment for lightworkers is the fact that they carry a heavy karmic burden which may lead them astray for quite some time.

As we stated before, this karmic burden is related to decisions they once made with regard to humanity in its infant stages.

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These decisions were essentially disrespectful of life (we will speak of this later in this chapter). All lightworkers now living wish to set right some of their past mistakes and to restore and cherish what was destroyed because of those mistakes.

When lightworkers have made their way through the karmic burden, which means to release the need for power in any way, they will realize that they are essentially beings of light.

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Fardello Karmico

Karmic Burden

Lightworkers Getting Lost

This will enable them to help others in finding their own true selves.

But first they have to go through that process themselves.

This generally demands great determination and perseverance on the inner level.

Because society feeds them values and judgments which often go against their own natural impulses, many lightworkers have gotten lost, ending up in states of self-doubt, self-denial and even depression and hopelessness.

This is because they cannot fit into the established order of things and they conclude there must be something terribly wrong with them.

Liberazione dai Detriti Karmici

Liberation from the Karmic Debris

Lightworkers Getting Lost

What lightworkers have to do at this point is to stop looking for validation from the outside – from parents, friends or society.

At some point in time, you who are reading this will have to take the momentous leap to true empowerment, which means to really believe in yourself and to truly honor and act upon your natural inclinations and your inner knowing.

We invite you to do so and we assure you that we will be with you every step of the way – just like you will be there for others on their way in the not too distant future.


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