Kani Kanuuu Silver Army Silver Surfer

Kani Kanuuu Silver Army

Pleiades 1

Kani Kanuuu Silver Army

Uodate 8 February 2017

Gabriel informs:

The Silver Army established it’s base on Earth surface. The Base is located in the northern part of saudi Arabia,

Here the pictures of the place taken from Google Earth

Gabriel Raio Lunar

Kani Kanuuu Silver Army – Pleiades 1. The Kani are the beings that form the Silver Army, they have been announced by Pleiades 1. They are coming from a Magnetic Universe called Vitrol-X, the Third Superimposed Universe.

Their works, or objective, in our Galaxy are:

  • Removal of the Ashoris3 Group
  • Bring the Christic Consciousness from the deep space beyond the Kuiper Belt in the inner space of our Local Solar System, wrapping all this internal space.

Christic Consciousness

The Christic Consciousness is the Third Level of Consciousness. Actually we are at the second level. These levels of consciousness seems to be connected to the number of chromosomes in our genetic scheme.

According to some teachings on Earth we can reach no more than the 5th Level of Consciousness, the levels above develop on different existential plans.

Disclosure News

  • Create a magnetic barrier that encloses the Kuiper Belt and the Local Solar System.
Kani Kanuuu Silver Army Kuiper Belt

Kuiper Belt

Kani Kanuuu Silver Army

Grabriel Raio Lunar visualized these silvery beings in the act of establishing this barrier. They held hands side by side forming a magnetic layer that surrounded all the space mentioned above.

When Sirius was in his evolutionary process, similar to what happened on Earth, it was them, the Kani, who helped the Sirian Ascension progress.

Some of them have incarnated among the Kumara on Venus, others on Mars. Some have also incarnated on Earth as wise elders to spread the Christic Consciousness to other wise elders who were at the same level of consciousness.

Kani Kanuu Silver Army Sirio Stellar System

Sirius Stellar System

Kani Kanuuu Silver Army

One of these was Joseph of Arimathea, who helped Christ in his way and removed him from the cross after his crucifixion.

The Kani have a certain resemblance to the Marvel comix character Silver Surfer but their color is much brighter. Their hight is about 2.2 to 2.5 meters.

They do not travel using space ships but using their Merkaba.

Kani Kanuu Esercito d'Argento Merkaba


Kani Kanuuu Silver Army


Merkabah, or Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle.

The Merkaba were allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with, and reach, those in tune in the higher realms.

The word Mer means light while Ka is the Spirit. The Ba is the body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit / body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in the DNA, carrying the spirit / body from one dimension to another.

Disclosure News

Their greeting signal is the left hand behind the back with the bent elbow and the right hand making a positive sign at chest height.

Durante la visualizzazione e la ricezione di queste informazioni Gabriel ha chiesto a Kanuuu, uno dei membri del Gruppo Kani presenti, se avrebbero contattato l’umanità tramite lui. Kanuuu ha risposto di si, lui può essere il loro portavoce, se necessario.

While visualizing and receiving these informations Gabriel asked Kanuuu, one of the Kani Group members present, if he would contact humanity through him. Kanuuu said yes, he can be their spokesperson, if necessary.

Kani Kanuuu Siver Army

Images of earth Base location – Saudi Arabia – Lat 29°17’54.70″N – Lon 43°39’34.19″E

Kani Base Saudi Arabia 1
Kani Base Saudi Arabia 2
Kani Base Saudi Arabia 3
Base Kani Arabia Saudita 5
Kani Base Saudi Arabia 6
Kani Base Saudi Arabia 4

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