Higher Self vs Ego

Higher Self vs Ego

Higher Self vs Ego. By Teri Wade.

Our Higher Self always has our best interest at heart but sometimes it’s drowned out by the voice of the ego.

The ego is very concerned with material things, success and how others perceive us.

But the Higher Self is not interested in any of that.

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Your Higher Self wants you to remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

The mistakes you have made were just lessons to get you to where you’re supposed to be.

Those mistakes were vital steps and were necessary.

Your Higher Self wants you to remember that the present moment is the only moment you can change. The ego often dwells on the past and what’s happened there.

The ego also likes to spend time contemplating what might happen in the future.

Higher Self vs Ego - Rise


Higher Self vs Ego

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But, in either of those places you cannot make real change. You need to Move On.

Your Higher Self wants you to remember you have everything you need within you.

Learning about yourself and your value is so important to your awareness. You are the only true judge of your self worth.

The ego is very concerned with outward appearances, it looks for validation from outward signs money, success, status and fame.

None of these things are a reflection of your true worth.

You will never achieve your true purpose if you’re constantly trying to please others.

Higher Self vs Ego - Rise

Self Awareness Is Key

Higher Self vs Ego

Your Higher Self wants you to remember to be guided by love not fear. The ego is guided by fear. The ego fears not having enough and not being enough.

The only Guide your Higher Self follows is love the highest of frequency.

The ego is guided by fear the lowest of frequency.

Your Higher Self wants you to remember that our security lies within acceptance, not control.

As humans beings we strive for security this means we like to control life but we really can’t control everything so learning to go with the flow helps us be more accepting instead of controlling.

Trust your plan…

An every day struggle within the human being is to think that things should be a certain way instead of just accepting reality as it is.

We are not here to judge others, we are here to do the best we can in this lifetime and within this incarnation.

Your mission, when you were born, is your individual mission, it’s up to you to fulfill it no one else’s.

Your Higher Self wants you to remember you do not need fixing.

You are good enough just as you are.

Spiritual growth does not come from improving yourself, it comes from accepting yourself.

When you accept yourself completely unhealthy patterns of thought begin to disappear.

When you tune into the guidance of your Higher Self you will remember what your true purpose is…again self awareness is key!

When you tune into that awareness around you meaning that communication you’ll be on your way.

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