Heightened Transformative Energetics

Heightened Transformative Energetics

Heightened Transformative Energetics. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

For several days, Earth/Gaia has been receiving doses of powerful photonic LIGHT as “Her” tectonic plates have been activated by daily coronal mass ejections which are also plasma waves which come from both inside and outside of our solar system driven thru the cosmos by solar wind streams.

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As has been already established, human levels of consciousness drive cosmic energetics. For example, all around the world, humanity is stirred-up by the pandemic as citizens are being guided to shelter-in-place in order to flatten the curve of infections.

Many people are weary of being bound to their homes and only venturing outside for exercise or to shop for groceries.

Medical staff in many places are frustrated by not having sufficient protective supplies, testing equipment, devices for patients, and by not having quality time with their families because of working long, stressful hours.

Compassionate people prepare meals for these hard workers and offer prayers for their safety.

Certain political leaders want a quick return to “business as usual” while other leaders caution against being too impulsive in opening-up national economies. In other words, there is a caution about being perhaps too materially greedy.

The key word during these recent days is “erraticism”.

Heightened Transformative Energetics - Erraticism


Heightened Transformative Energetics

DNit Telegram Channel

Thus, as humanity thinks with the “electromagnetic pulse” of anxiety because of the current situation and sends forth “magnetic emotive responses” that trigger others into worry, depression, anxiety, etc., Earth/Gaia is registering these impulses and is sending messages into the cosmic realm for assistance with human “erraticism” in mental and emotional states that are manifesting as earthly experiences.

Consequently, SOURCE, via the creation of COSMIC LAW that was established long ago, is allowing LIGHT to surge into the earthly spheres (ionosphere, stratosphere, atmosphere, etc.), and this powerful LIGHT, as has been discussed previously, is both cleansing and elevating.

Be aware that heightened transformative energetics in the form of strange weather patterns such as thunderstorms, snow storms, quakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and other cosmically-driven conditions, will occur as the out-picturing of human collective consciousness.

The fact that consciousness is the major key to our daily experiences cannot be discussed enough.

Repetition is an ancient art in terms of teaching important principles–especially the HIGHER LAWS OF THE DIVINE SACRED SOURCE.

Here are a few to ponder which come from the ancient teachings of Tehuti whom is known in the Greek language as “Thoth”:

  1. “As above, so below; as below, so above.”
  2. “There are three states: CREATION, CONTINUANCE, and TRANSFORMATION.”
  3. “The Soul has consciousness, intellect, and immortality.”
  4. “All upon Earth is alterable, but what is in Heaven is unalterable.”
  5. “God is Divine Order and Unalterable Good.”
  6. “God created all things from an infinite darkness, from chaos, a bottomless depth and water; and there went out LIGHT, and the elements were coagulated from Her moist substance.”
  7. “Everything in life is comprised of ENERGY, also called LIGHT.”
Heightened Transformative Energetics - Chaos Of Creation

Chaos Of Creation

Heightened Transformative Energetics

There are thousands of ancient teachings from Tehuti. He lived for 300 years and wrote 3000 books on subjects such as spiritual healing, Divine Law, science, and ethics.

There have been numerous other ancient Avatars, Sages, Prophets, Saints, and Ascended Masters who have, over millions (some say billions) of years, advised, warned, and taught humanity great knowledge.

Heightened Transformative Energetics - Planet Pluto

Chaos Of Creation

Heightened Transformative Energetics

It is time to re-visit these ancient teachings for they are the keys to the “Divine Throne Room” of wisdom.

As Sri Bhagavan Krishna taught: “The attainment of a spiritual consciousness is more important than worldly accoutrements and prestigious titles.”

The heightened transformative/re-birthing/regenerative energetics are encouraging us to level-up in understanding of how we are creating our future.

When Pluto, the planet of profound change (often in dramatic, uncomfortable, challenging ways), moves into Aquarius in 2024 (It has been in Capricorn since 2008), this will be the true signal that the “New Golden Age” is “crowning” and on its way down the birth canal.

We are being told by the “cosmic mid-wives” to “PUSH”!

High Solar Winds And Flares Send Spiritual Messages

High Solar Winds And Flares Send Spiritual Messages

As August of 2020 begins, and as the “Lion’s Gate Portal” is streaming its LIGHT from the star “Sirius”, and as we still experience the energy of three eclipses, solar winds are soaring into Earth/Gaia’s various spheres (stratosphere, atmosphere, etc.) which are causing deep-core vibrational pulses and amplitudes.

Solar Prominence Erupts Sending Increased Rays To Earth/Gaia

Solar Prominence Erupts Sending Increased Rays To Earth/Gaia

The LIGHT that we are receiving is VERY POTENT, and as we continue to shed our carbon-based systems and become crystalline, therefore elevating to super-conscious levels, this LIGHT comes into us like a powerful laser beam. It is Divinely orchestrated by SOURCE, but we must connect to it by being less externally focused and more internally oriented. We must, thus, become at this time more “YIn” than “Yang” as these feminine and masculine energies become more balanced over time. Respect the Cosmic Holy Book.

How To Gage The Frequency And Amplitude Experiences

How To Gage The Frequency And Amplitude Experiences

Many people around the world are experiencing major fatigue and total exhaustion as well as other challenging symptoms of the incredible shift of the ages–the re-birth– that is being made by Earth/Gaia, and which we, as creation upon “Her”, are making too. Hopefully, this article will assist in this and add to what I have already endeavored to explain in previous articles.

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