Global Currency Reset Jared Rand

Global Currency Reset

Jared Rand

Global Currency Reset. By Interstellar. Source Jared Rand.

The human race has been so bamboozled and still lied to and so dumbed down for so very long. Why is that done, people say, why is that done to us?

Well, it’s because they fear the human race, and it’s a truth placed in the Universe.

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We’ve talked to people who have been abducted several times and family members that have been abducted several times and they’ve been experimented on, and had devices implanted in them.

Well, they’re doing genetic harvesting seeing different governments, they have made agreements with different groups of offworlders.

Let us take this many humans and we’ll exchange it for this type of technology, they said so, that governments say okay, that’s fine with us, all right we’ll keep it under wraps in the main pot.

This won’t be known, they won’t be aware of it, okay great good deal.

And now there are some there are some offworlders that feed off of the endocrine system of humans.



Global Currency Reset

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

They melt down the bodies and, like a straw in a milkshake, they drink the melted down system of the human body to sustain themselves at that location which we’ve talked to people who have been there, under the facility under the at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.

Hartsfield Airport Atlanta

Hartsfield Airport Atlanta

Global Currency Reset

Huge underground facility they’re, that’s a Luciferan location.

A lot of people would understand that, it’s time for humanity to wake up and some people won’t like it, others will just embrace it, the ones we call the awake, talented, we got a lot of skills, you can sense it and feel it.

People ready to get busy and start really doing things not really afraid to roll up their sleeves, and we’re going to need literally millions of people to affect the restructuring, the reconstruction of planet Earth.

I mean massive employment beyond anyone’s imagination, and not only that, you’ve got, again, you’ve got to deal with the old infrastructure until it’s totally dismantled.

They’re doing that now in DC but you’ve got your town, your villages, your cities, I mean it’s just everywhere.

Projects For Humanity

I’m sure there’s a lot of people on this call that have come across certain people in their communities that they know are corrupt, they’re just sitting there waiting for the time where the transition starts happening within their own communities.

I’ve shared with people over the past 36 years that if you’re going to do a project, you start writing down these ideas in these different projects, it’s a great way to start your ledger on projects.

You’re going to pick one in your community and you’re going to work on it, and that’s going to be a measuring stick for all of the other projects that you have dreamt about doing for the human race and for your community.

The fact is that you’re going to run into situations that you don’t expect at all, you’re going to start understanding that wow, it’s going to take me a lot longer. I thought to get these things done… and at the same time I got to deal with all this corruption.

Let’s put it this way, the cards have been dealt, the forces of heaven are here, which is us, and we have selected this time to be here at this very moment.

Have we suffered? Yes!

Have we gone through a lot of challenges? Yes!

Have we had doubts? Yes!

Do we have doubts? Yes, but we’re here and we’re forging ahead.

Doesn’t it make sense that what we all collectively could be doing is putting together what we’re going to do after this deluge of wealth hits us?

Before it hits us, how are we going to handle it, how are we going to manage it, what are we going to do to protect ourselves?

All of these things are going to become crucial elements that you can do.

You heard people say… “well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” You won’t be able to do that because it’ll be there before you know it and you’ll say…” well, there’s the bridge what do we do now?

You got to think about security for your family, for yourself, you got to think about your profile in your community, you got to think about all kinds of avenues that you have to protect, that you have to take a good interest, that you have to come across, human resources you’ve got to hire, people you trust not just because they got great credentials, that doesn’t mean you trust him, you’ve got to learn how to figure out how to trust people and then you’ve got to learn who am I going to hire to manage my money.

How am I going to do this, how many companies do India, how many organizations, because we’re going to get away from companies, we’re going to go to organisations, we’re going to go to to established business organisations and hiring people out of the ying-yang.

How are you going to do that? How you going to relocate families, are you going to get the right personnel there?

There’s so much involved with just one project, just one, how many people are you going to need to hire, how many shifts you’re going to have working, you’re not going to get all those people in nine times out of ten from the local community. You’re just not going to do it unless you’re in a major metropolitan area.

How are you going to employ security measures, how are you going to keep things running efficiently and effectively, how are you going to get distribution channels up and running, how are you going to keep your quality control and quality assurance running at a high level, how are you going to do all this stuff before you even have broken ground for the project?

Global Currency Reset – Distraction

A lot of people have been consumed with the one thing, the Currency Revaluation, which the bad guys love that, because they’re trying to push their RV and so you’ve got all this stuff going on and you’ve got everybody distracted when they would be much better off concentrating on the game plan that is on the horizon.

It’s going to be coming here before we know it, it’s going to be in our laps and we aren’t prepared.

And you’re not going to do it by setting up a website and having people congregated online, you can’t do it that way, it’s not going to work, you got to have community groups getting together and talking with people and start forming your nucleus of a mastermind group within that nucleus.

I know there are some tremendous leaders on this call, that have tremendous amount of skills and abilities, that have been in all walks of life and all levels of authority that can implement and execute those things like it’s a hot knife through butter.

But it’s getting the right people, as some of you know, and the right synergy and working together and a new paradigm, because this isn’t the old way, it’s the new way.

It is having the cooperation, to have an opportunity to open up a manufacturing facility to start manufacturing Med Bed.

Just for the infrastructure and the security level is humongous, to be able to do it effectively, to make sure that you’re safe, your family state and anybody involved with the manufacturing process is safe, so it’s not just you but it’s everybody that has to be blanketed, who comes and who goes, who’s there and who’s not, what are they doing how are they doing it.

You can’t discuss it because you draw too much attention, loose lips sink ships.

The Two Global Currency Reset

The bad guys want everybody distracted, they want them concentrating on the RV, they want them living on the edge with it all the time and be preoccupied with it so that they can come in behind and do their thing.

You got to understand that there are two RVs, there’s two of them, and it becomes very confusing to a lot of people who don’t know that.

There are the bad guys RV and Global Currency Reset, they have an infrastructure they’ve been working on it for quite some time, than you have the good guys RV and Global Currency Reset.

There’s two big huge differences, they’re the bad guys, is just a repackaged, same thing but it’s repackaged so how do we get ourselves out of this mess?

Well, we reset everything and we just create another currency but it’ll be, this time, it’ll be a digital currency that we could eventually control and shut on and off whenever we want, we got them up, we got them by the short hairs, we’ve got them all controlled, now we can control all the corporations, everybody, with a flick of a switch, if we want to take their money because we don’t like how they’re operating or how they’re acting we can take their money overnight and they can’t get anything, can’t do anything about it.

Cryptocurrencies – The Fake Global Currency Reset

What I’m addressing as is the evil horn of the beast is cryptocurrency and then I tell you that they have been working on it, working on it, gradualization, and if you understand the Beast itself, if you understand how it works, it’s very easy to get people sold on it.

You’ve got your blockchain technology, you’ve got your wallet, all right, you’ve got no one controls it, the banks aren’t in control, it’s controlled by individuals, you can make millions of dollars, there’s the greed factor playing into society… man, I can get rich quick!

All of those elements that are playing in there are there, in plain sight, they know it because they’re masterminds at doing it to the public.

You get all these people say… oh I don’t have to worry about the bank, I don’t have to do this after that.

The Fed, on the dark side, have put together a Fed Coin, unbeknownst by all these people with Bitcoin and the Cerium and all these other cryptocurrencies, they have no idea that some of them do but what’s going to happen is that the bad guys are going to come out with the Fed Coin and they’re going to say: “look, all of your coins are obsolete but we will cash in your coins and trade them in for Fed coin, you’re more protected, you’ll be more secured, you’ll be guaranteed to be able to make more money… Boom boom boom, we’ve AI’d all this, the algorithms are in place, we’ve got full control, you’re in great shape blah blah blah.

So what does everybody going to do? They’re all going to cash in their cryptocurrencies for the Fed Coin.

The next thing is the Fed Coin controls everything, it’s in government’s across the planet and they control it all.

You would have no control over anything, you don’t have any tangible material, you don’t have silver, you don’t have gold, you don’t even have paper.

They want to destroy cash, currency, they want to get rid of it all and they want to enslave everybody by making them think… “oh, we’re bearing gifts, here you go, this will be great for you, it’ll be wonderful, you don’t have to worry about anything and everything will be the automatic.”

Populace is really susceptible to that and they’re following it right now as they build it up to a crescendo effect, where everybody starts getting the frenzy, that hasn’t happened yet, but once they build it to a frenzy and everybody is trying to jump on it and everybody’s trying to sell with everybody else and they’re setting up shop everywhere, and all this stuff’s going on, it’ll get out of hand.

What will happen is, everybody on this call knows, they’ll come in on a on a white horse saying… “we’re going to save y’all okay this has obviously gotten out of hand.”

“We put together a Fed coin cryptocurrency that will save all of your cash in all your currencies, you won’t lose anything blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, just use the Fed coin, it’ll be worldwide accepted”…  and that’s their game, that’s their game plan, that is their RV, that’s their Global Currency Reset over to cryptocurrency.

And there’s a lot of people fooled because of the greed… because…  “man I can make 30 grand, boy would that help me, if I could do this that would really help me out“.

They play the greed factor and they play desperation factor because they know the populace is in trouble because they’ve created the trouble and they’ve created the problems, so they know.

The Real Global Currency Reset

Now the good guys, okay let’s flip the coin, the good guys have an RV and a Global Currency Reset, that’s the BRICS, that’s all the different currencies that are regionalizing as we speak across the planet the Deutsche Mark the Franc, all the rest of them that are coming regionalised.

I would recommend, I will say this to everybody, if you want, once you have your wealth, before you have your wealth, I’ll put it that way, make sure that you find credit unions that are not owned by the dark agenda and put your money in those credit unions until you have a better feeling for the pulse of the atmosphere out there on transparent banks that you’ll see a rise out of the ashes.

You have to find state chartered credit unions, truly truly state chartered, not the false ones but the truly state chartered credit unions and they operate totally differently, they aren’t owned by the bad guys, period.

Your money is a lot safer, you have the reach that you normally would, not maybe with your card, they’d still be accepted though, is acceptable, but people, if they’re smart, will start planning to be with credit unions, not the banks, not the big five, they’re all corrupt guys, they’re corrupt to the bone every one of them, they’ve all got toxic derivatives and by the time that’s all exposed on disclosure they’ll all be out of business, period.

BRICS for Gold Supported Currencies

BRICS for Gold Supported Currencies

Global Currency Reset

And we’ve got debt forgiveness coming up here, the announcement it’s not far away for the whole entire planet to be debt-free.

Every government will be debt-free, everybody who owes everybody will be debt-free nobody will owe anybody anything and everybody will be compensated for that as well.

It’s not about the money, it is about what you are prepared to commit yourself to, nobody else, you, not peer pressure or anything but what you decide looking in the mirror, what you are committing yourself to.

When you go from basically zero to thousands of trillions of dollars your life as you know it is over, it’s over, it’s never going to get back to the way it was!

Is like these people that have shoeboxes full of Zim, why? Why? Crazy, absolutely nuts! That also dictates and then states that this person is greedy.

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