GDPR – Tic Tac… Ready to Roll

GDPR. By Interstellar.

Just to let you know what is the solution the Cabal found to create loosh, eventually fine and close many website like this one.

Most of these requirement are very complicated to achieve and it is clear they want to clean the web from the Alt Media.

This will probably push many into the Dark Web unless something will change quite drastically and very very soon.

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This is an absolute joke, and probably it was planned well ahead with the popping out of Zuck, G and they CIA patrons having stolen already all they needed.

I do estimate there will be very few of the Alt Media in Europe able to fully comply with the GDPR, and not only them, probably the majority of small websites that like to share any kind of stuff, and even companies website unless they spend hundreds if not thousands! We did our best to comply, we have the page, the form, the banner and the consent and we now shall see if we’ve done enough… you can place your bet 🙂

What happen is that they stole from anyone of us a mountain if data, as soon as you connect to FB, Twitter, Google, buy and Apple device… and they now ask for the consent to do it… we do not manage or do anything with your data but we surely are the ones that will be warned and shutdown otherwise get fined, and that cannot happen…

These listed below are the requirements, FYI. I’d like to point out the identity thing in the list… what’s your opinion in disclosing it, would you do it or maybe better to stay on the safe side and shut the whole thing down after they warned you that you’re not compliant?

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The famous #IBOR Internet Bill Of Rights instead of getting closer is drifting away and tomorrow it’s detaching from the mooring line…


Enjoy the GDPR List


  • Inform your visitors in plain language about the purpose of your cookies and trackers before setting other than strictly necessary cookies (ePR)
  • Provide options for the visitor to change or withdraw a consent (GDPR/ePR)
  • Have a mechanism in place to log and prove consents (GDPR)
  • Map and document data streams performed by third parties (GDPR)
  • Configure your consent method to use explicit/active consent when processing sensitive personal data on your website (GDPR)
  • Provide the identity and contact details of the data controller in your company (GDPR)
  • Disclose that the visitor is entitled to access, correct, delete and limit processing of personal data (GDPR)
  • Disclose that the visitor is entitled to receive personal data so that they can be used by another processor (GDPR)
  • Disclose that the visitor has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (GDPR)
  • Inform about the occurrence of automatic decisions, including profiling (GDPR)

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